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Bigg Boss 15 25th October 2021

Day 23
1:45 PM
Vishal tells Shamita that I was possessive about Tejasswi so I got angry when she started ignoring me. It’s my problem that I get angry on people who matter to me. Shamita says you said that she wants to be seen with you so she can give content. Vishal says I talked about Tejasswi being with Karan so she can be seen. Shamita says you should clarify things with Tejasswi if she matters to you. Vishal says she never talked to me, she held a grudge. Shamita says everyone has a way to deal with things. Vishal says I don’t like her way. Shamita asks him to stop talking about himself all the time and don’t take credit for everything. Vishal says I don’t do that.

2 PM
The blinds go up and the inmates see the jungle has been changed to the garden area. All guys are excited to see a gym area. They find a cave area also. Nishant says I love this area.

2:30 PM
Nishant tells Tejasswi that I don’t trust Vishal, I have the best equation with Pratik. I know he always have my back. I gel with you, Jay and Karan. I know Karan is my friend. I care for Shamita but she can go against me in the game. We are like this from day one. Jay says I have gained trust on Miesha-Ishaan after yesterday but I don’t trust Umar much. Tejasswi says they do follow Karan. Nishant says I don’t know how Ishaan-Umar will react to that. Tejasswi says they won’t play an individual game.

4 PM
Shamita asks where is my gluten-free desert? Who ate it? She asks who is eating my yogurt? It is lactose-free so don’t use it. Simba says I used it for food. Shamita says it’s my food so don’t use it, it’s making me angry. She asks who ate my desert? Nishant says I don’t know. Karan says the boys are laughing so they must have eaten it. Umar whispers to Nishant that Ishaan must have eaten it. Shamita says people don’t have any sense here, I will have to hide it now. I keep my food items saved so I can eat them later on. Simba used my yogurt without even asking me.

1:15 AM
Akasa asks Karan if there is something going on between him and Tejasswi? Karan says I have a crush on her. Akasa says really? When did you know? Karan says she is a comedy in life so I like that, it’s not that serious. Akasa says I thought the crush was from Tejasswi’s side. Karan says I don’t think there is anything from her side, she doesn’t have a crush on me. Akasa says she hasn’t told me anything but I feel she has a crush on you, do you want to take it further with her? Karan nods.

Day 24
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song London thumakda. They all dance.

8:45 AM
Akasa looks inside the fridge and it’s all empty. Akasa looks in the cabinets and everything is gone. She tells everyone that there is no food item left in the kitchen. Umar says they took away everything. Tejasswi laughs. Karan says this is a new week’s start. Umar says they took away fruits and spices also. Tejasswi says I knew something like this would happen. Jay says I am hungry. What have we done? Tejasswi says we must have done a mistake. Nishant says I think they will send new grocery items.

9 AM
Vishal tells Tejasswi that Shamita asked me to clarify things with you. I don’t care about others but I get angry when you say things for me. I have never spoken behind your back. I got possessive about you that’s why I said that you are with Karan so you can be seen more. I am sorry for saying that. Tejasswi says your behavior with me has changed a lot. I don’t know what’s the deal with Shamita but since we entered the house, I have never been possessive about you and I like your friendship with Shamita. I just want to say that you don’t care about anyone in this house and just care about Shamita. I will see how you carry this single relationship in the house. Vishal says Shamita started this bond between us, I did not approach her. Tejasswi tells Vishal that you can’t manipulate me as you do with Shamita. Vishal says why are you hating me? Tejasswi says it’s not hate, I am just hurt so I need some time. Vishal says I am sorry for hurting you. He hugs her and says you really affect me. Tejasswi says don’t be silly.

10:15 AM
Nishant tells Pratik that they pressurized me too much in my captaincy. Pratik says I can be destructive again. Nishant says I need new people in the house. Pratik says Karan was plotting to throw me out of the house. I ended that tackling the issue with him but I know he is playing a game. Nishant says he is not playing a game with me. Pratik says you don’t question him as I do.

11 AM
Ishaan, Miesha, Vishal and others are sleeping in the house so the alarm plays. The garden area blind goes up and the inmates see big pumpkins there. Bigg Boss says you all know there is no grocery in the house and the reason is your laziness. You people keep sleeping throughout the day. If you people show some passion then you will get your grocery back. He says your grocery is in 3 pumpkins out of 4. You will get a little time to get groceries out of them. The buzzer plays and they all rush to get items from the pumpkins. Bigg Boss says open pumpkins one by one only. They all rush to get items. Nishant asks them to be careful. The 4th pumpkin opens and Rajiv Adatia is inside. Shamita runs and hugs him. Rajiv hugs Karan, Pratik, Nishant and others. Shamita says he is my raakhi brother. She introduces Vishal to him. Rajiv tells Shamita that you are doing so well. Rajiv hugs her again on Raqesh’s behalf. Bigg Boss says we welcome Rajiv in the house as a wild card. Rajiv says I have got English breakfast for you all. They all get excited to see breakfast. Rajiv tells Shamita that I want to tell you many things. Shamita says we will talk.

11:15 AM
Miesha asks Ishaan who is he? Ishaan says Rajiv is a close friend of mine but he didn’t talk to me. I didn’t like that he ignored me. Miesha says you never told me about him. Ishaan says he is my London friend and now he is showing attitude. Miesha says he is that friend? Ishaan says yes.
Rajiv gives a hug to Jay. Ishaan comes there and says really? Rajiv hugs him tightly and says we will talk. Ishaan goes and hugs Miesha. Miesha asks if I should know something? Ishaan says there is nothing like that with him.
All inmates sit to have breakfast. Rajiv says I am a fun person and I can fight a lot. Shamita says Rajiv can speak faster than Pratik. Miesha asks Pratik who is he? Pratik says he is a producer and wedding planner. Miesha says I don’t know him.

11:45 AM
Rajiv tells Shamita to not trust Vishal at all, he is not your brother. He told Tejasswi that he is using Shamita for the game. He has been fooling you. Shamita says have I done a mistake to observe him? Rajiv says he can be your friend but don’t take him as a brother. Your family doesn’t want you to trust him, he can never be trusted with anyone. He was fine with Karan nominating you but then he came to you and talked bad about Karan so you won’t question him. Shamita asks what other mistakes have I done? Rajiv says you were biased in the task. Stop being sisters with him.
Vishal talks to Jay and says I have never planned or plotted against you. I get affected by you the most in this house. He says I have manipulated people to move ahead in the game. He says don’t have grudges against me, I have nothing against you. Jay says our game is different. Vishal says that’s fine but we can be good friends.

12:30 PM
Shamita asks Vishal if he told Tejasswi that he is using Shamita for the game? Vishal says I never said that, I swear on my mom, I will leave the show if I said that. If I had said all those things then I would accept it. I must have said that I can manipulate as a sister but that was as a joke. Shamita says I trust Rajiv’s words, everyone has an issue with you which is that they can’t trust you so you must have done a mistake. Vishal says they don’t like when I manipulate people but I can never make you a sister just for the game. Shamita says I am a little hurt.

1 PM
Miesha asks Rajiv if he has watched all the episodes? Rajiv says yes. Miesha says listen.. Rajiv says we will talk later on, you should be scared. Miesha says what? He laughs.

Vishal says to the camera that I didn’t fake any relationship. Shamita broke our friendship just because someone said something.

Miesha asks Ishaan if there is something she should know? I think I will find something about you which will make me worry. Ishaan says don’t worry, there is nothing like that.

1:30 PM
Rajiv sits with Ishaan. Ishaan asks why are you behaving like this? Rajiv says you came here for a reason but you flipped in the house. You are not focusing on the game, you are just focusing on a love story. Everyone has been taunting you. Even Salman and Farah taunted you that you look vulgar so just be careful. You are talking about people also who are not part of the show. It’s not fair that you are talking about people who are not here. It’s fine if you are with Miesha but you are in a show so play your game. You are not following a good path. Ishaan says I wouldn’t be able to sustain here without Miesha. Rajiv says but you should think about your game. You even nominated yourself for Donal, why? There was no need. Then you saved Miesha and nominated yourself? Did you fall in love in 4 days? Ishaan says I feel a connection with her that I never felt before. Rajiv says you can have a relationship with her but have you thought about your mother and sister’s approval? They don’t like her at all. I think Miesha is using you, she wanted to try an angle with Pratik and Umar but it didn’t work so she made you her puppy. She makes you follow her like a puppy. Ishaan says it’s not like that. Ishaan asks him to hug, Rajiv hugs him.

2 PM
Tejasswi tells Shamita that I don’t remember Vishal’s words but he told me in the task that you will be good support for him in the game but he is genuine with you. Shamita says if I am doubting my relationship with him then it’s not right. Tejasswi says nobody can be your brother in 21 days. You can’t call Rajiv your brother and then also call Vishal your brother. Shamita says I got that feeling from Vishal. Tejasswi says I can’t give this title of a brother to someone in such a short period like you did with Vishal. Shamita says yes, it was my fault.

4 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Nishant’s time for the captaincy has ended. It’s time for the nominations. Rajiv is safe this week. Bigg Boss asks Tejasswi to come into the confession room.
1. Tejasswi: She comes to the confession room. Bigg Boss says you always want to talk so? Tejasswi says we have an affair going on. You are my baby and everyone makes fun of me when you punish us. I just wanted to talk to you. Bigg Boss says that’s why we called you first here. Tejasswi says I didn’t even do makeup today and you called me. Bigg Boss says you have to give 2 names who you want to nominate and with a reason. She says some people talk behind my back but he said sorry. I should give him a chance. She takes Akasa’s name for not being involved. She takes Simba’s name for having less contribution.
2. Nishant: He nominates Akasa for a weak player. He nominates Vishal as he is a competitor and his way of playing is not nice, he is not trustworthy.
Rajiv: He nominates Vishal for being two-faced with Shamita. He nominates Miesha because I don’t like how she questions Ishaan about these sensitive matters.
3. Jay: He nominates Pratik as I don’t get along with him. He nominates Vishal for trying to take credit for others.
Vishal: He nominates Akasa as she doesn’t have a strong game. He nominates Simba as I want him to open up more.
Umar: He nominates Simba and Ishaan. He says Miesha influences Ishaan as he doesn’t understand the game.
Miesha: She nominates Vishal for playing an unfair game. She nominates Umar as he wanted to nominate her before.
Pratik: He nominates Jay as he doesn’t have clarity of thoughts. He nominates Ishaan as he doesn’t have his own stand.
Shamita: She nominates Ishaan as he is not showing his real self. She nominates Vishal and says I am hurt by him. He has said things behind my back but then he calls himself my brother.
Akasa: She nominates Vishal for not being fair with others. She takes Afsana’s name as she doesn’t value relationships.
Simba: He takes Ishaan’s name for following others. He should think about other matters and not just his love story with Miesha. He nominates Afsana as she is selfish and doesn’t care about others.
Karan: He nominates Vishal for talking behind his back. He nominates Miesha as I am unable to trust her, Ishaan has the potential to be a good player but she is keeping him tangled up in her issues.
Afsana: She nominates Akasa for not doing much in the show. She nominates Simba for not putting in the effort.
Ishaan: He nominates Akasa for not giving much to the show. He nominates Simba and says he is my friend but he is not active in the game.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates who are nominated are Vishal, Simba and Akasa. Pratik says that’s it?

6:15 PM
Miesha tells Ishaan that your friend is not happy with me so I don’t feel good. Ishaan says we are looking vulgar with all this we are doing. Rajiv also said that I am not playing my game, I am playing for Miesha only. Rajiv has helped me in my worst period of life but he is upset with me. He wants me to play my own game. I can play a good game but we just need to know where to stop. You have to have trust in me. Miesha nods.

7 PM
Vishal asks Shamita to have their siblings show. That will never change. Shamita goes to the camera with him. Shamita says I am very angry with Vishal but if I am important to him then I want to see changes in him. Vishal says if I am important to her then I will change things around. We will always be brother and sister. Shamita smiles.

10:30 PM
Jay tells Nishant that I trust you so when you think I am going low then tell me. He asks if you have to choose between me and Pratik then what will you do? Nishant says I will answer this in some time. I am just doing my own thing now. I am not protecting Pratik anymore.

Rajiv jokes with Ishaan when he is doing the marriage? Ishaan laughs and says don’t say that. Rajiv says I was so angry when I saw your face today. I wanted to kill you. Ishaan says I know that, I read your face.

11:15 PM
Ishaan tells Miesha that I keep giving you explanations but you don’t trust me. Miesha says I was crying but you were not there for me. Ishaan says you were crying on Pratik’s shoulder. Miesha says I am alone here but you have Rajiv and others here. I don’t have a bond with anyone else. Ishaan says you have a bond with Simba and Umar. Miesha says I sound stupid. Ishaan says I don’t think you will be happy with me like this. Karan comes there and asks if he can sit with them? Miesha says I will go for a smoke. Ishaan says you could have talked to him Miesha. Karan says it’s okay. Miesha starts crying.

11:45 PM
Tejasswi tells Pratik that Miesha told Ishaan that you are there for her but he is not. Pratik says I saw Miesha crying so I consoled her, I don’t care about them. Tejasswi says I know it’s not your fault that they are fighting. Pratik says I am a very possessive person so I will never do something like this. I never want to come between Ishaan and Miesha. It’s not my fault if Ishaan is not there for her.

12:15 AM
Vishal and Tejasswi talk to the camera. Tejasswi says I am still miffed with Vishal but we are trying again. We have a new wild card entry. Vishal says Rajiv looked like a pumpkin sitting in a pumpkin. Vishal tells Tejasswi that humans are likable so keep trying. I am trying also.

12:45 AM
Ishaan tells Akasa that I saw Miesha hugging Pratik in the morning but she got angry on me for not being there for her. She is seen with Simba too so what’s my fault? Akasa says there is no fault of yours.

Miesha tells Rajiv that I got a vibe from you that you don’t like me. Rajiv says I am telling you from a good place that it doesn’t look natural when you propose each other in 4 days. I am nobody to comment on your relationship but just have some fun.

1 AM
Tejasswi asks Karan what kind of girl he likes? He asks her to guess. Tejasswi says I think you like hot girls. Karan says no, I like a simple girl. Tejasswi says I think you like to have the hottest girl in the block. Karan says I have grown up from that. Tejasswi says I have seen that you like attention. Karan says I also need my alone time. Tejasswi says if you are sitting alone and I come to you then you will be annoyed? Karan says I want to spend more time with you but you don’t give me time. You are so popular in the house as everyone keeps calling for you.

2:30 AM
Nishant tells Karan that if Simba blasts then it would be fun as he doesn’t give a flying f*ck about anything. Nishant says Vishal is fake, Afsana is real as she is not faking. I like Tejasswi, Umar is okay, Miesha is okay. Jay is okay, Pratik is good. Karan asks about Akasa? Nishant says too nice for the show, she is what anyone would be at her age. Karan says she doesn’t have malice. Nishant says you are a *****. Karan says I am a *****, my reputation is a dip here, I won’t get work after this. I have trust issues, I also forgot how much work I have done to be here. Nishant says don’t trust anyone here, even Pratik can flip here. Karan agrees.

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