Bigg Boss 15 28th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 15 28th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 15 28th January 2022

Day 118
4:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that a guest will enter the house who have lived here before. He welcomes Sidharth Dey in the house. Sid enters there and talks to everyone. Rashami says good to see you. Sid says the countdown has begun. Sid says we will do an event, I will talk to you all.

4:30 PM
Shamita tells Sid that I am exhausted, I had struggles in my life also.
Pratik tells Sid that I am socially awkward so I had difficulties in making friends here. Sid says you are like a lover boy? Pratik says I just emotionally connect with people.

5:30 PM
Rashami tells Sid that you are a fighter, it’s in your fate to fight even with important people in your life.

6 PM
Sid asks Tejasswi who disappointed you here? Tejasswi says Rashami, she didn’t support me when she came in the house.

6:30 PM
Sid asks Karan if he will compete against Tejasswi for the trophy? Karan says yes I will. Sid asks who can backbite him between Nishant and Pratik? Karan says Nishant.

8 PM
Sid asks Nishant if you had good friends who ditched you? Nishant says it’s Karan. We were just against each other but he emotionally supported me.

12 AM
The show in the house starts. Harsh and Bharti enter the show also. Sid hosts the show and says Harsh, Bharti and I will be the judges. You all have to perform one by one.
Karan: Sid says Karan can’t take a stand. He welcomes on the stage. His journey clip plays. His fights with Nishant and Pratik is shown. His diplomatic approach is shown. How he couldn’t support Tejasswi against others. His love story with Tejasswi is shown and how they used to fight. How he was scolded by Salman many times for not taking a stand. His passion in the tasks is shown. All inmates watch his journey. The clip ends. Karan goes on the stage and dances on main aisa kyun hoon. All people cheer for him. Bharti says he can’t be cast for Jhalak because of his dance. Sid asks Karan to talk about his journey. Karan says I got scolded by Salman so much but it’s expensive. Karan says I have made relationships but I never took a stand so I am unique. Karan says Tejasswi is a lazy person, she doesn’t even give me a kiss. Sid thanks him. Harsh says he gave a good performance.

Nishant: Sid says he has been in the finale of many shows but he came here to entertain people. His journey clip plays, how he entertained in the show. How he always supported his friends. How he was disappointed by Pratik and Shamita. Their arguments are shown. The clip shows how he performed well in each task. The clip ends. All clap for him. Nishant goes on the stage and dances on I am the best. Bharti says he danced so well. Harsh asks Nishant to judge the inmates. Nishant says I want to salute Shamita for showing her talents. Nishant asks Tejasswi why she always acts like a rehearsed actor.

Rashami: Sid says she is a fighter. Her journey clips plays. How she entered in S13 and then fell in love with Arhaan but he lied to her. Then she entered S15 with a newfound passion. She started liking Umar. How she fought with Devo. She was passionate about the tasks. The clip ends. Rashami goes on the stage and dances on dhakar song. She dances with Umar’s picture. Bharti says Rashami is a great dancer. Harsh says I want to do a daily soap scene with her. Sid says all inmates are part of the soap. Harsh acts like her dead husband, Rashami does over-acting.

Shamita: Sid says she eats fancy chickens and her maid is from the USA also. Sid says she has earned everything on her own. The clip plays and shows Shamita’s entry into the house. Her high-maintenance attitude. She was judged by Afsana and others. Her fights with the inmates. Her arguments with Tejasswi and Devo. Shamita showed a strong attitude, her fights with Abhijeet. Her relationship with the inmates is shown. She supported her friends like Vishal, Rajiv, Nishant and Pratik. The clip ends. Shamita goes on the stage and dances to the heroine song. All clap for her. Harsh loudly claps for her and says she was amazing so I am going to hug her. He gives her a hug. Bharti says Karan was trying not to react. Sid asks Tejasswi to rate her. Tejasswi says I will give her 20 out of 10, she was amazing. Sid asks Shamita who is still wearing a mask in this house? And who is real here? Shamita says I think I have not seen a real Tejasswi here. She says the most real person is Pratik, she gives a kiss on his cheek and says I like his honesty. Sid asks who is deserving to win if not you? Shamita says I can’t share the trophy.

Tejasswi: Sid says Tejasswi is possessive about her loved ones. Her journey clip plays. She always supported her friends. Her fights with Pratik are shown. She was always opinionated and had a strong personality. She broke down at some points and she was blamed for using a woman’s card. The clip shows how she won the VIP ticket. Her love story with Karan is shown. (Tejasswi laughs seeing that). The clip shows Karan fighting with her, their arguments because of possessiveness. The clip ends. Tejasswi gets emotional and says I will miss all this. She says I am thankful for getting this opportunity. Bharti says Pratik is a villain in every video. Tejasswi goes on the stage and dances on tareefan. She goes and gives a kiss to Karan on the cheek. He dances with her. Harsh says Bharti will pretend like her Punjabi mother-in-law. Bharti says this dress is so short, she will cook every day. Tejasswi says I can make parathas.

Pratik: Sid says any girl he liked was eliminated. The journey clip plays, his flirting nature with other girls is shown. His friendship with Akasa is shown. Then Neha entered the house again and they couldn’t mend their relationship. Then his friendship with Devo is shown. (Pratik laughs watching that). The clip ends. Pratik goes on the stage and dances without a shirt. Harsh says there was no dance in his performance. Bharti says he has too much love to give.

Bharti tells the inmates that you all are winners with all the efforts you put in. Harsh says you all should clap for yourselves. Bigg Boss thanks Bharti, Harsh and Sid for coming. Bigg Boss says we have closed the voting lines and just need to wait for the results. Harsh, Bharti and Sid leave the house.

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