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Bigg Boss 15 30th November 2021

Day 59
6:45 PM
Rakhi shows the bathroom area to Abhijeet. Abhijeet says I just go to the toilet once a day only. Rakhi says why? Do you find it boring? Abhijeet says I don’t eat much.

7:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Nishant that we will steal items from the VIP room and then eat them when others are fighting. Nishant says let’s just hide it first, he asks if she won’t rat him out? Tejasswi says I won’t.

8 PM
Abhijeet starts singing, Ritesh says you sing well. Rakhi asks him to go to sleep now.

10:30 PM
Pratik asks Nishant what are you planning with Tejasswi? Nishant says you are my friend so I won’t get you involved as I don’t want you to be blamed. Pratik says just tell me. Nishant says it’s a master plan, just wait for it.

10:45 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that I listen to Salman Khan. Tejasswi says what you meant when you said you feel connected with Umar. Karan says you don’t talk to me much, you are always discussing things with Nishant. Tejasswi says I am sitting with you, I suggested that let’s steal things from the VIP room. Once they know it then we will eat them in front of them.

11:15 AM
Tejasswi tells Nishant that we can talk in English deliberately also. Nishant looks at Karan and leaves. Tejasswi asks Karan why are you upset? he says nothing. Tejasswi goes into the VIP room and steals some items. She laughs and hides them in the jungle. She shows the drinks to Karan. Karan says to do something that will irritate them. We will empty their room tonight.

11:30 PM
Karan and Nishant go into the VIP room and steal more items.

1 AM
Nishant tells Tejasswi that you can make lunch. Tejasswi says we will give fruits to Abhijeet. Nishant says we can make veg food for everyone. Pratik says don’t assume everyone will eat it. You can make eggs for others and make veg food for Abhijeet. Nishant says don’t argue all the time. I will make it what I want. I will make food as per my convenience. Pratik says fine then, I will make food for Abhijeet. You can cook for everyone. Tejasswi says Pratik is showing that Nishant doesn’t want to cook. Pratik says if he doesn’t want to cook then I will make it for others. Pratik says Nishant is taking it on his ego.

Day 60
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song hair baazi. They all dance. Tejasswi dances with Rakhi.

8:30 AM
Rakhi tells Rajiv that Ritesh doesn’t get touchy touchy with me at all. Rakhi says he says that his parents are watching. Rajiv laughs at them. Ritesh says my love is in my heart. Rakhi says bring it out a little bit. Rajiv hugs Rakhi and says sleep like this with her. Rakhi says he doesn’t even touch me. Rajiv laughs and says I can’t be angry with Rakhi.

8:45 AM
Pratik tells Shamita that I gave food to Abhijeet. Shamita says we don’t make fresh food for everyone every day. It’s senseless to me that we are making separate food for him. Pratik says I just asked Nishant to make separate food for Abhijeet as he was making eggs but Nishant took it on his ego.

Rakhi tells Abhijeet that Ritesh doesn’t cuddle me at night.

Shamita tells Nishant that we are wasting food. Pratik used 5 potatoes for Abhijeet, he is trying to butter them so much. This is not Pratik. He is being stupid. Tejasswi comes there. Shamita says let’s not encourage him. Tejasswi says it was Abhijeet’s birthday that’s why Pratik felt like making something for him. Shamita says Pratik is being senseless.

Rakhi asks for food. Pratik says we have to do rationing. Nishant tells Rakhi to leave the cooking to us, it’s not a hotel that you keep asking for special food items. Tejasswi says if you are eating eggs then we can’t give you sandwiches. Rakhi says one sandwich won’t end your ration. Nishant says we have to be careful about food rationing. Pratik says I am making a sandwich for Rakhi, it’s fine. Nishant says I have been working in the kitchen but this Pratik doesn’t know how it works. Pratik asks him to stop shouting, it’s fine I will make a sandwich for her. Nishant says it’s not a restaurant, they have to eat what has been cooked. We can’t keep catering to their wishes. Pratik asks him to stop shouting. Nishant says you are not making sense. Rakhi says Nishant is lazy. Shamita says don’t say that, we are all eating the same thing. Nishant tells Pratik that I will tell you how it works now. Nishant says Shamita compromises if she can’t eat the cooked food. Devo says everyone is different, if Pratik is making it then why are you shouting? Nishant says if we are making separate food for a person then we should all make separate food for everyone. Nishant says I won’t work in the kitchen now. Pratik says his ego is getting hurt. Nishant says I have been cooking for weeks now. Pratik says this is your ego. Nishant says I can’t keep asking for menus here. Pratik says if I am making some food for a person then what’s the issue? Rakhi tells Abhijeet that I asked for some food but they made a scene. Abhijeet says you should have asked me, I don’t eat much so you can take my food plate.

10 AM
Rashami tells Devo that I felt Pratik was wrong in this issue. Devo says Nishant’s ego is hurt because Pratik is making food if Nishant denies it.

Nishant tells Shamita that these VIPs are powerful right now but we can take it away. Shamita says then we should all make a decision together, Pratik won’t agree as he has to be neutral as per his convenience.

10:45 AM
Nishant tells everyone that I won’t work in the kitchen anymore. Rashami says you can’t do that. Nishant says I don’t like it, if I am cooking then I will do it as per my convenience but everyone has different choices. They keep saying it’s about my ego so I have taken it on my ego. Rashami tells Nishant that you are not giving a valid reason. If there are non-veg eaters then they can cook their food. Nishant says if I am cooking then I will decide all the food items as per my convenience. Devo says there are 3 people in the kitchen and you all agreed to it. If you are making lunch then no one will interfere. Nishant says then tell us what to cook. Rashami says it’s your duty, you all wanted to help each other. Nishant says I didn’t know people would order food like it’s a restaurant. I won’t allow it. Pratik says he doesn’t want to ask what people want to eat. Rashami tells Nishant that if you people are taking help from each other then it’s not our fault. Nishant says I am not here to start a restaurant. Rashami says why did you allow it? Nishant says I can’t work with this attitude. I will not work in the kitchen. Rashami says you sort it out with your team. Nishant says it’s your duty to decide for household chores. Rashami asks Abhijeet if he asked for any specific food item? Abhijeet says I had a fast but Pratik took a decision about what to make for me. Rashami tells Pratik that he didn’t even want to eat what you made.
Rashami tells Nishant that you three take help from each other. You all have to divide your duties with Tejasswi and Pratik. Nishant says we can’t work like that. Rashami starts shouting at them. Tejasswi says they are not even listening to us. Rashami says breakfast’s duty is of Tejasswi. She should decide what to make for everyone. Nishant says it’s not like that, I help Tejasswi with breakfast and she helps me at dinnertime. Rashami says don’t tell me how to divide duties. Nishant says you get food on time so don’t tell us about our duties. Rashami shouts at him and says if dinner duty is yours then you make dinner, Tejasswi won’t help you. Nishant shouts at her and says don’t teach me. Rashami shouts at him and says you are wrong. Tejasswi tells Rashami that you are targeting Nishant wrongly. Rashami says I am not. Nishant says it’s our work how we want to divide kitchen duties, Rashami is no one to tell me how to work in the kitchen. Rashami says I am here to give you duties. Nishant says I will work how I want. Umar asks Rashami to relax and takes her from there.

11:30 AM
Nishant tells Devo that how we make lunch and dinner is not your issue. Devo says you people started making an issue, you said you don’t want to cook anymore. Nishant says if I say something then there is a reason. Pratik says he thinks only he can cook here.

Rashami tells Abhijeet that Nishant doesn’t have the guts to take responsibility. He is a coward.

Devo tells Nishant that we gave duties equally to you 3 but you all started helping each other out. You all were mutually dividing duties between Tejasswi, Pratik and Nishant. If Pratik is making something extra then Tejasswi should stop him as the breakfast duty is of her.

Tejasswi tells Shamita that Rajiv said he can take the kitchen duty back. Shamita asks Rajiv to not create confusion. Rajiv says they were all fighting so I offered if they want me back in the kitchen. Shamita says you said you are embarrassed then why are you offering to come back to the kitchen? Umar asks Tejasswi if you are trying to embarrass Rajiv by saying he wants the kitchen duty back? I know what you are doing. Tejasswi says Rajiv offered to come back to the kitchen. Shamita asks Rakhi why Rajiv wants to come back to the kitchen if he has self-respect. Rakhi says he doesn’t have it. Shamita goes to Tejasswi and says you know the common factor in all these fights is Pratik. She asks how? Shamita says Pratik started the fight with Rajiv then he started the fight with Nishant. Tejasswi says I agree.

Devo tells Rakhi that Rajiv thought we would beg him to come back to the kitchen. Pratik comes there so Devo says they can’t believe that Pratik is making the food. It’s all on their ego. Pratik says I don’t mind Rajiv taking the duty but they are taking all this on their ego.

1:15 PM
Ritesh tries to talk to Rashami but she doesn’t listen. Rakhi asks Rashami to hear him out. Ritesh tells Rakhi to not be over-protective, I am asking you to shut up. I can manage on my own. Rakhi says no one will let you talk like this. Ritesh says it’s my fault then, don’t irritate me. I am not a kid.

1:45 PM
Abhijeet tells Devo that these fights are happening because of my food.

Pratik tells Shamita that I am not doing all this to be in someone’s good books. Shamita says if we all eat stale food then why did you feel bad if Abhijeet ate stale food? Pratik says you think I want to be in his good books just because I made for Abhijeet? Shamita tells Pratik that I don’t accept your attitude. Pratik says don’t assume things. Devo tells Abhijeet that they are all behind Pratik, he is a nice man. We are supporting Pratik so they don’t like that. Pratik says I am not doing all this just to be in the good books of VIPs. Nishant says you have gone crazy. Pratik says you shut up, you have gone crazy, just do your work silently. Shamita says if Nishant wants to talk then he will talk, you don’t tell him to be silent. Pratik says they have gone crazy.

2:30 PM
Abhijeet sings a song for Shamita. Nishant asks him to sing for them also. Abhijeet ignores them. Abhijeet says I will make a song with Shamita as she has been out of work for 15 years. Rashami laughs. Shamita says I released a movie last year only. It was a web series. Abhijeet laughs. Abhijeet says Shilpa is very pretty from the heart. Shamita says I am not? Abhijeet laughs.

4 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that there are 5 VIPs in the house now. They can’t be nominated and fully safe. The nominated inmates are the remaining housemates. The nominated inmates are Karan, Tejasswi, Shamita, Pratik, Umar, Nishant and Rajiv. Bigg Boss says we told you that VIPs have the prize money of 50 lacs. The TV shows BB vault room where there are 2 briefcases. One briefcase has 50 lacs which VIPs own and another one is empty. Bigg Boss says we will give you tasks to earn this money. The other housemates have to make sure that they get more money in their briefcase than VIPs’ briefcase. If they win it then they will get many privileges. The money will remain in the BB vault. Bigg Boss says we are giving the first chance to win money today.

Karan reads the task ‘BB games’. There will be two teams. VIPs vs. housemates will play the task. Devo will be the captain of her team and Shamita will be the captain of her team. They will be referees and won’t take part in the tasks. They will get games from time to time. The winners will earn money in each game, at the end of the task, the winning amount will be transferred to the housemates’ briefcase. The housemates will try to win as many games as they can while VIPs will try to make them lose. The games will start with the announcement. When the buzzer plays, a new game will start. At the end of each game, the captains will announce the winners. They will write their winning amount on the board also.

4:15 PM
Abhijeet gives the torch to Shamita-Devo as an announcement of the games. The torch lights up which shows the game is starting.

Devo tells Abhijeet that they get physical and they steal in the tasks. Abhijeet says if they get physical then just disqualify them.

Karan tells Umar that we have to win the games at any cost.

4:30 PM
Tejasswi reads the first game. The winning amount is 5 lacs. One member from each team will be in the swimming pool. There are coins in the swimming pool, they have to collect them and give them to their team member. The other team member will put their coins in the boxes that are beside the pool, they can’t remove the boxes from there. They have to protect their boxes. Shamita and Devo will follow these rules only. Bigg Boss asks them to announce who will take part in this game. Devo says Rashami will go in the pool and Ritesh will be by the pool. Shamita says Tejasswi will go in the pool and Umar will be by the pool from our side.

5 PM
The buzzer plays, Rashami and Tejasswi enter the pool. They both go into the pool to collect coins. Tejasswi start giving coins to Umar. Devo says Umar can’t put coins in his pocket. Karan says he has to put the coins in the box when the buzzer plays. Umar puts the coins in the box. Devo says I will not allow this, he hid the coins in his pocket. Ritesh tries to attack him. Pratik asks him to calm down. Ritesh says I will throw him away. Umar tells Rakhi that I didn’t cheat. Devo says I will disqualify Umar. Shamita says you can’t do that. Tejasswi says we will win even if we have to collect coins again. She asks Umar to trust her. We will do it again. Shamita asks Umar to throw the coins in the pool again. Devo says you can’t reuse these coins. Tejasswi starts giving coins to Umar. Umar steals coins from Ritesh’s box. He pushes him away and takes his coins back. Devo says I will disqualify Umar, he is getting physical in the game. Shamita says he can steal as Ritesh was not playing fairly. Devo says I will disqualify Umar. Nishant asks why? We don’t agree. Ritesh says Umar started getting physical in the game. Shamita says it’s allowed in the game. Rajiv shouts at Devo that you can’t disqualify him like that. Devo asks him to shut up. Rajiv asks Devo who do you think you are. Devo says I won’t allow all this. Ritesh tries to steal coins from Umar. Umar attacks him. Pratik asks them to calm down. Bigg Boss asks them to not lose their senses. Rakhi tries to take the box from Umar but he doesn’t let her. Devo says Umar started physical fights, I will disqualify him. Karan says he was just protecting his coins. Devo says Umar started this. Karan says it’s allowed to steal in the game. Pratik asks Devo to read the file. Devo says it’s not written to fight with each other. Pratik asks Devo to read that they have to protect their coins which means they can steal from each other. Umar asks Ritesh to give his box to him. Ritesh says give my coins back. Umar tells Devo that you are being unfair. Umar attacks Ritesh, they both get physical. Pratik tries to stop them. Rakhi asks Pratik to not stop Ritesh. Pratik says I was protecting Ritesh. Rakhi says don’t lock him. Devo says I am rejecting this task. These are all fools, they get physical in the game. They are all ill-mannered.

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