Bigg Boss 15 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 15 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 15 31st December 2021

New year special
Bhari and her husband come and say happy new year sir to Salman. He says come and let’s start he show. Bharti says I did another performance. Salman performs on kia ho gaya. Salman welcomes everyone to the new year special. The inmates perform on nachlay. Rakhi enters and dances on jumme ki raat. Salman says ready to welcome 2022? The inmates say yes. Salman says we are all waiting for the finale after two weeks. Are you ready to welcome 2022? The inmates say yes. Salman ask what would you do that you didn’t in last year? SAlman asks Rakhi. She says I have many dreams after going out of this show winning. Have to meet mom and get her blessings. Have to patch up with the husband. I will do a lot of work. salman says let’s do cheers for 2022.

They all pop the champagne together and scream happy new year. Salman says this is for good bye 2021. They all say cheers. Salman asks Nishant what’s the vibe? He says with new year we will burn the journey so far and have a new vibe. Bye bye 2021. Nishant says is yours real or same? Salman says same fruit one. They laugh. Salman says how clear are you new years resolution? Rakhi says 4K. Salman says you will tell new years resolution for each other. What should it be for the choice A contestant for you and put a sticky note on their face.

Shamita comes. She says for abhijit. He says Shamita is after me Shamita says his resolution should be to talk less about himself. Do more and speak less. Salman says correct. Rashmi comes next and says abhijit. She says the way you manipulate your friends and get your work done. I hope you become self sufficient. Karan comes next. Karan says this is for devolina. Keep your opinions to yourself. It gets hurtful. If someone doesn’t come and tell you everything doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Umar comes next and says it’s for Tejaswi. You should know reality of your friends. People try to manipulate friendships and break their other bonds. Like this week’s decision to get Rashmi out, think before you decide. Tejaswi says are we friends?? He says yes. abhijit comes and says Devo.. She says he will make me wash the clothes. He says don’t abuse. She says my heart is clear. Rakhi says I will call Tejaswi. Cook well in 2022. Don’t burn food. And let Karan come to us too, you’re always sticking to him.

Tejaswi says take him. Karan says I was always yours Rakhi. Tejaswi says I will call Karan. She says I want your 2022 resolution to be on me. You focus on work and give me a lot of attention and voice out what you believe in. Devolina says I will give this one to Pratik. Life is too beautiful. Accept your emotions. Don’t go in denial. Pratik says I would give it to Rakhi. I know you want this show to succeed but for that don’t hurt people close to you. Like you said to me. I really like and love you. Rakhi says I won’t change. Nishant gives it to Pratik. He says you’re too wise but others too. Try to listen to others too. Salman says this proves Devolina is a drinker. She says no sir. She laughs. Salman says so abhijit, Tejaswi, and Pratik need to have a lot of resolutions. There will be a video call for you all.

Shilpa Shetty comes on call. Shamita says is this live? She says eys. Shamita is very happy. She gets teary. Shilpa says my darling. I love you. Salman says all crying in hindi. She says I won’t cry. Shamita says how are you? Shilpa says I am shocked listening your hindi. We’ve never been this apart for this long. Salman says when you were on bigg borther and out for shoots, it happens. Shamita cries. Shilpa says I don’t want you to cry. Don’t be weak. We are each other’s strength. I am very proud to be your sister. I love you. Play as you are. A lot of love to all of you. Shamita is a winner for me. It’s been very difficult for her. She asks Shamita is going? Shamita says it’s getting better. It still hurts. She cries. Salman says I thought Shilpa is a cry baby. Shilpa says she has a lot of determination. She’s my sister. Salman says as if you raised her. Shamita says she’s my second mom. Salman says that’s why you never grew up. Shilpa says I have always prayed for her to come back fast whenever she was away. It’s been 5 months but I want her to win. Shilpa asys all of you have good and bad days. You all are like family to her. Thank you and happy new year. She says Nishant you are playing very well. Rakhi you’re my sister. Shilpa’s son comes and mom come. Shamita is very happy to see them. They say happy new year. Shamita’s mom says I am proud of you. Shilpa says your christmas present is under the tree. Doesn’t matter if anyone gives it to you or not. We always maintain it. I can’t give it to you in person this time. Her mom says no crying. Salman says no crying, learn from your mom. They see off.

Salman says to abhijit Sheykhar is here for you all. Sheykhar performs on the stage. He sings laga re jiya. He sings ghungroo. Everyone dances on it. Salman dances with him. Salman welcomes him. He says this is Sheykhar. Sheykhar wishes everyone happy new year. Salman says people in this house appreciate music. There is a big singer in the house too. Sheykhar is here to meet you. Sing his new song Rang. Abhijit sings. Salman says sit down please. Salman says we can turn off the TV if this was another channel but colors TRP would go down. We will give you a T-shirt I survived Bichukle. They all laugh. Salman says to Sheykhar you’ve given big hits. You act too. How many things would you do. He says we learn from you only. You did a fantastic job with singing too. Salman says then his technician spent hours on fixing it. Salman says there are two dancers in this house. US president saw them in his dream and got fired. This is Karan and Bichukle. And Umar. Salman says in last moments, give us a feel of slow motion. Karan and Umar dance in slow motion.

Salmna says Shamita and Rakhi will dance on the move of doing dishes. They dance on dil pe pathar rakh ke. Salman calls the next guest. He says you all must know Cindrella story. Let’s welcome Palak Tiwari. Palak enters the stage dancing. Salman says amazing. Welcome. He says this is Palak, Her mom Shewta Tiwari won a season of Bigg Boss. We saw her when she was 8. And she cried leaving her mom inside. She’s back with a song Chindrella. She’s very hard working. Salman asks her the views. She says 160 million. Salman says it’s very good. I saw you dancing with Shweta. He does the hook step with her. All the inmates do it. She says Andaz apna apna is my all time favorite movie. Can you please say oi maa once. Salman says it.

Salman welcomes Anu Malik. Anu dedicates his son got Salman. Salman welcomes him. He says still the same. Salman says Sheykhar and palak are here. He says hi to all inmates. He says Karan is such a player. Anu says Palak you have released a very good son. You’re fabulous. He says Sheykhar you’re moon. He says Rakhi dhamal, we all bigg boss. Salman says you will sing Shyekhar’s songs and Sheykhar will sing yours. Anu sings baby to bass pasand hai. Sheykhar dances. He sings bura haal.

Salman asks inmates are you all enjoying? They say yes. Salman says the Walla walla couple are also coming here. Jannat Zubari and Siddharth Nigam. They come on the stage dancing on walla walla. Salman welcomes them. He says he’s a very good gymnastics. He’s doing music now. He says sir I learned dancing from you, you motivated me. Salman asks Jannat do you recognize them? She says yes all of them. And Rakhi is my favorite. I really hope she wins it. Salman says who’s the singer of this song? They say Ishan. Ishan comes on the stage singing. Salman says very good song. Siddharth says we want you to do the hook steps. Salman dances with them. Siddharth says you’re the real trend setter. We want to do your trending song, yaar naa mile. They do the steps with them.

Salman says let’s welcome Walusha Desousa. Walusha comes on the stage dancing. She says I am very thankful for you to give me this chance. People are loving this song. Salman says Walusha these are our inmates. He introduces her to the guests. Salman says they all made me do a trend. He says all of you come here and let’s do bollywood wala dance hook step. They all dance with her. Rakhi dances with her. Salman says ready to welcome 2022? There’s a cake in store room.

Nishant brings the cake. SAlman countsdown. 3… 2.. 1.. The cake opens. Fire works happen. Tejaswai hugs Karan. Salman says happy new year. I will see you all tomorrow. Salman says hope this new year will filfill all your wishes. Tomorrow we will have Dharam ji with you.

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