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Bigg Boss 15 31st October

Elimination Day
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says diwali celebrations will go on today also. He connects the call to the house and they are all dressed up. Salman says you all are looking nice. He says there will be two teams Afsana-Vishal, Tejasswi-Nishant. They will sing for other inmates. Vishal and Afsana taunt Umar for being in the show because of his brother. Tejasswi jokes about Jay losing all the money. Afsana jokes about Miesha and Ishaan being married. Nishant jokes about Vishal doing commentary in the house. Afsana jokes about Tejasswi making tasteless food. Vishal jokes about Nishant being a gossip queen. Afsana says Shamita is crying so call Raqesh. Salman claps for them.

Salman says Tejasswi argued with Pratik about mathematics. Salman says we will take your GK test. Afsana says I failed math. Salman asks how many bones does a human has? Afsana says I don’t know. Shamita says I can’t guess also. Salman jokes that even Umar doesn’t know that. All laugh. Umar says the human body has 106 bones. Pratik laughs and says he is wrong. Salman says the answer is 206. Salman asks Miesha a math question but she guesses it wrong. He asks Tejasswi about seconds in a year but she can’t guess it. Salman asks a riddle to Jay but he can’t guess it. He asks Rajiv and he guesses it right.

Salman says we will ask you about each other. You have to tell who is a liar, selfish, etc.
Nishant-Vishal: Vishal says Nishant is entertaining, he is double-faced, he says big words. He changes colors as per the situation. He thinks he is smart but he is not. He has a superiority complex. Nishant says Vishal is all about himself, he is entertaining, he says big words. He is not smart, he can be boring, he is confident also.
Karan-Jay: Karan says Jay has a clean heart, he is competitive, he became a victim of Vishal’s smartness. He is an emotional person, he is smart, he is a little bit boring also. Jay says he is a lover boy, he is competitive, he is smart, he is entertaining, he can be boring and he seeks attention.
Shamita-Umar: Shamita says he is competitive, he is entertaining, he is ill-mannered, he is confident, he talks without any action, he has a clean heart. Umar says she has a superiority complex, she can be boring, she is a loving person, she is smart, she is competitive, she is entertaining. Salman asks Shamita if she agrees? Shamita says I praised him so much but he thinks wrong about me all the time. I have no superiority complex, I agree that I am a loving person. I think he has made a perception about me. Salman asks Umar why he thinks like that about her? Umar says she has a barrier with others. Shamita says I don’t feel comfortable talking to him. Umar says she just talks to Vishal. Shamita says I talk to everyone in the house. Umar says I felt bad when she stopped me from eating. Shamita says you should know that I need gluten-free food. Salman tells Umar that she has been allowed by Bigg Boss to have gluten-free food. It’s her way of talking, she was not putting you down. Umar says I just felt bad as I felt like I was begging her for food. Shamita says you can come to my house after the show and I will serve you everything but we have limited food here. Umar says I don’t like fighting for food. Shamita says I sincerely feel he has made a perception about me and I can’t change it. I have been honest since day one. Salman ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes singer Badshah on the stage. Badshah sings his new song. Salman hugs him and says this song is amazing. Badshah says thank you for praising it. Salman says this song is breaking records already. Badshah says I want you to do the song’s hook step with him. They both do it. Salman says I know you watch the show, are you liking the season? Badshah says yes, I am following this season. I know Karan from before and the show is entertaining this time. Badshah says you have done a lot of things in life but I have never seen you rap so let’s do it today. Salman says I will follow you. They both rap together. Badshah enacts Salman’s dialogues. Badshah says your aura is mesmerizing. They both dance on jag ghoomiyan song. Salman says let’s have some fun with the inmates also. He sends Badshah into the house.

In the House:
Badshah enters the house. All inmates are excited to see him. Badshah says you all look nice. He says I am promoting my song, let’s do the hook step. They all follow him and do the hook step. Badshah says let’s celebrate diwali. He says my family likes Pratik so I will say some lines for him praising his stubbornness. He jokes about Ishaan-Miesha’s fast love story and Rajiv being sick of it. Badshah says Simba is like a panda and he just cares about food and sleeping. Badshah says this house has 24 abs.. make some noise for the biscuit boys. All laugh. He says Afsana has a good voice and is fun. Badshah says Vishal’s morning news change my views, Shamita might be missing Raqesh Bapat. Badshah says the smooth operator is Karan, Tejasswi should make him happy. Tejasswi laughs.
Badshah says I have brought gifts for you all but I want you to give gifts to each other one by one.
Simba: He gifts the dumbbell to Umar as he doesn’t use his mind and uses his strength in the tasks.
Shamita: She gifts magnifying glass to Miesha as she should focus on the game more. Badshah says you had a love story too. Shamita says but we focused on the game also. Badshah says maybe Shamita is jealous of them. Shamita says I miss my Raqesh but I am not jealous.
Afsana: She gifts a lock-key set to Simba as he should open his mouth more. He should wake up. Badshah asks what should he talk about? Afsana says meow. He is a good-looking man so he should talk more. Vishal says she gave kisses to Simba. All laugh.
Nishant: He gifts the mirror to Karan as I know him from before but in the house, I am feeling off vibes from Karan. He is a smooth player but his game is opening up to me. We will see about our friendship. Karan says Nishant has said a lot but I don’t care. Nishant says lovely. Karan says Nishant is filled with hatred against me but I am not planning or plotting against him. He should be careful if I start plotting against him.
Akasa: She gifts an empty book to Umar as he keeps crying about not having a love story. Umar says guys brag about kisses here but I don’t have a girl to give me kisses.
Pratik: He gifts a statue to Ishaan as he doesn’t have any opinion, he just follows others. Ishaan says I don’t care about what he says. He says Simba might not talk much but he takes the right stand and he is opinionated.
Miesha: She gifts deodorant to Pratik as he has a stinky personality. Pratik says such a useless opinion. Miesha says he is playing a game in which he wants to look like a lone warrior, he does this in every show so we are all bored. Pratik says she was supporting me in the last show. Your problem is that I called Ishaan a showpiece. Ishaan says you are a mosquito for me. Pratik and Ishaan get angry at each other. Ishaan charges at him, Pratik sprays deodorant on his back and Ishaan hits him with the statue. Pratik sprays deodorant on his face. Karan pulls Ishaan back. Nishant says there is a guest here so calm down. Ishaan shouts at Pratik that I wouldn’t spare you if you were outside. Pratik says you hit me with your statue. Shamita tells Ishaan to not touch him. Ishaan says he started it. Nishant asks them to calm down. Ishaan says he started spraying on me. Karan takes Ishaan aside. Ishaan says he is a donkey. Ishaan says sorry to Badshah. Pratik says I just sprayed on him so what’s wrong? Badshah asks them to calm down but they don’t listen. He asks Karan to control them. Badshah says I saw Pratik spraying him first. Pratik says sorry. Shamita says sorry to Ishaan for blaming him.
Tejasswi: She gifts remote control to Miesha as she controls Ishaan’s moods. Badshah jokes that she is being controlled also. Miesha says I think Tejasswi is controlling Karan’s moods these days. Badshah asks if Miesha agrees? Ishaan says when I get stressed then she can calm me down. I wouldn’t have spared Pratik if not for Miesha stopping me today.
Ishaan: He gifts glue to Miesha as she is very clingy. I want her like this always. Badshah says Miesha is controlling him, she is clingy and she has no focus on the game. Miesha has got 3 gifts already.
Umar: He gifts the air slippers to Tejasswi as she is on cloud nine today and needs to come down to earth but overall Pratik thinks he is against 13 people and flying in the air. He gives one slipper to Tejasswi and one to Pratik.
Karan: He gifts a heart-shaped pillow to Tejasswi. He says I kept hiding it for 3 weeks but not now. Tejasswi blushes. Karan says Tejasswi has been consistent, she is endearing and I like those kinds of people. She has all the qualities that I like, she is very cute also. Tejasswi says I will hit you. Badshah asks Tejasswi what she wants to say? Tejasswi says I have a slipper, she hits him in a cute way. She says I will give a heart back to him also. She asks him to tell them we are friends only. Karan says I can give hearts to friends.
Vishal: He gifts a monkey toy to Prati-Akasa. Vishal says Akasa is a monkey and Pratik is her master as she dances to his tunes.
Rajiv: He gifts a fan to Afsana and says I am her fan. I like her. Afsana thanks him.
Jay: He gifts a water-filled bowl to Vishal as he should drown in the bowl because of their antics. He says I didn’t like the way he stabbed his friends. Vishal says opinions will change about me, I am surprised to see Jay’s behavior with me.

Badshah tells the inmates that he watches the show and I know you all are smart. I want to know about your thoughts. He says we will send Ishaan, Miesha and Rajiv to play the thoughts game. Badshah says I will ask questions to Ishaan and he has to choose between Miesha-Rajiv, then he will spray foam on their face. Badshah asks who can go against him? Ishaan says Rajiv and sprays on his face. Badshah asks who will you not be friends with outside the house? Ishaan says I can’t choose. He sprays on Miesha as he will love her and not her friend. Badshah asks who you don’t want to see in the house more? He sprays on Ishaan.
Badshah says the next pair is Vishal-Karan-Shamita. Badshah asks Shamita who she can’t trust between them? Shamita says I take Vishal as my brother, she sprays on Karan’s face. Badshah asks who will get eliminated first? She sprays on Vishal’s face and says Karan has more fan-following. Badshah asks who uses people between them? Shamita sprays on Vishal as he used people to play his game.
Badshah says the next pair is Karan-Shamita-Tejasswi. Badshah aks Karan whose fashion sense is bad? Karan sprays on Tejasswi and says I don’t like her stylist. Badshah asks Karan who doesn’t take the right stand? Karan says sometimes Shamita doesn’t know the reality of things. He sprays on her. Badshah asks Karan who is less sorted between them? Karan says Shamita becomes sentimental and her emotions take over her. He sprays on Shamita. Badshah asks Karan who has less winning quality? Karan says Shamita and sprays on her face.
The next pair is Karan-Nishant-Jay. Badshah asks Nishant who has a weak game? Nishant sprays on Karan and says people have a strong opinion against Karan. Badshah asks whose friendship he can’t trust? Nishant sprays on Karan’s face as Jay is clear with me but Karna is not. Badshah asks who can cheat him when the time comes? Nishant sprays on Jay and says they both are competitive, I think Jay will play for himself when the time comes. Badshah asks who will get eliminated first between them? Nishant sprays on Jay and says they are both strong but Jay is emotional and can mess up. Tejasswi cleans Karan’s face.

Badshah wishes them luck and leaves the house.

Karan tells Ishaan that you shouldn’t have hit Pratik with the statue, don’t give him importance. Miesha says he loves to instigate so don’t react. Karan says he made me mess up, that’s his game. Just don’t react physically.

Pratik tells Akasa that why did Miesha call me stinky? Karan comes to Pratik and asks why are you instigating Ishaan? Pratik says he keeps calling me names. Karan says but you shouldn’t have sprayed him for no reason. Pratik tells sorry to Ishaan for spraying in his eyes but you shouldn’t have hit me. Ishaan says you started it. Pratik says you called me a mosquito. Akasa says both of you are stupid but Ishaan called him a mosquito first.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says Badshah brought interesting gifts. He asks Pratik if he liked when it was said that his personality stinks. Pratik says Miesha personally attacks me, she says mean things. I was about to react to her but Ishaan called me a mosquito so I sprayed on him for which I apologize. It was not my intention. Salman asks him to control his anger. He asks Miesha if she is happy to get so many gifts? Miesha says they gave me the remote to play safely. I think Karan should get the remote control as I think he becomes the leader in the game and people follow him. He can control people. Salman asks why do you people sugarcoat things? Salman tells Miesha that you talked about Ishaan’s topic first (his gay affair) and it was not Rajiv. If you think his image is going down then you need to be careful. Rajiv was just being a friend but you kept forcing Ishaan to tell you about the man who is not part of the show. Just be careful. He tells Ishaan that Rajiv is not responsible for destroying your image. Ishaan says I know Rajiv doesn’t have a bad intention but he said too many things. Salman says Miesha started this topic, she shouldn’t have talked about outside matters. Ishaan says I request them both to not question me about things that I can’t clarify here. Salman says just focus on the game. He asks them to play individually also. Rajiv starts crying so Salman asks what happened? Rajiv says when I came in the house.. he sobs and says I know you are going to scold me as I said I will make people cry in the house but it’s just me crying since I entered the house. Karan and Jay laugh at him. Rajiv says I have been crying since day one here. Rajiv says I didn’t come here to defame anyone or destroy someone’s character, thank you for clarifying. He says Salman sir was right, this house has made me cry so much in 5 days. All laugh. Rajiv asks if people can understand his language? Salmans ays we can understand Pratik talking fast so we can understand you easily, all laugh.

Salman asks the inmates who are the 2 most active females in the house? They all agree on Tejasswi-Shamita’s names. Salman tells the inmates who they can trust between Tejasswi and Shamita, whose help they will take. And who you would avoid if you are in trouble? He says let’s start with Umar.
Umar: He says I will take Tejasswi’s help as she is fun-loving and will avoid Shamita. Salman says Tejasswi is fun-loving so you will take her help? Tejasswi questions Salman why can’t Umar come to me for help? Why do you keep insisting that he can’t come to me? Salman scolds her and says don’t talk to me in this tone. I am explaining the task to Umar. Umar says I have a strong bond with Tejasswi. Salman asks Tejasswi why she was questioning him? Did she insinuate that he wanted Umar to choose Shamita? Tejasswi says I am sorry if I sounded a little rude.
Ishaan: He says Tejasswi is my good friend but Shamita gives me sane advice so I will take her help.
Miesha: She says I talk to Tejasswi more but I will take Shamita’s advice when I need help. She can calm people down and she is very mature.
Vishal: He says I have a complaint against Tejasswi, she never talked to me. I will trust my sister Shamita.
Afsana: She says I have changed my behavior after Salman scolded me. I just one thing in my heart, when I was crying then Shamita-Vishal told Donal to not console me as she would look bad also with me. I don’t want their help but I will avoid Shamita’s help.
Simba: He says if I need help then I will take Shamita’s help as she is a very mature and very wise person. I will avoid Tejasswi. He says love you Tejasswi.
Pratik: He says I have a bond with Shamita from OTT, we can difference but we both know we are genuine to each other. I will take her advice over Tejasswi any day. I will avoid Tejasswi.
Akasa: She says Tejasswi is my favorite but Shamita helped me even when I didn’t ask for it. I will choose Shamita for help and will avoid Tejasswi.
Karan: He says I always go to Shamita when I am in trouble, she always gives sane advice. I want Tejasswi to talk to me more. I will avoid Shamita as I want Tejasswi to communicate with me and help me.
Jay: He says Shamita has calmed me down a lot. I have spent more time with Tejasswi and she has always helped me. I will avoid Shamita and take Tejasswi’s advice.
Rajiv: He says Shamita is my sister and she has always helped me. I am sorry Tejasswi. She says it’s okay.
Nishant: He says if I am in a trouble then I will go to Shamita. My journey is difficult but I always go to Shamita and she makes my days easier. I will always go to her for advice and will avoid Tejasswi.

Salman says so Shamita is more trustworthy when it comes to advise. 8 people would avoid Tejasswi’s help and 4 people would avoid Shamita’s advice.

Salman tells the inmates that let’s talk about the elimination. Vishal, Akasa and Simba are nominated. He asks Simba what he thinks? Simba says I have mixed feelings. Salman says Simba is safe. Salman says AKASA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Pratik says no, he must be joking. Salman says wish you all the best. Akasa is out. Salman asks Tejasswi to not do comedy all the time. Tejasswi says thank you for making me realize it. Salman says to have a strong personality and don’t do comedy all the time. Tejasswi says yes. He ends the call. Akasa hugs everyone. Pratik is sad, Akasa asks him to take care and leaves the house. All are sad. Pratik tells Karan that I am feeling weird. It’s not hitting me. Karan says I will take care of you, I can’t take care of you like Akasa as I am a man but I love you. Pratik hugs him.

Shamita tells Jay that I didn’t like the way Karan played the foam game. I know he has an equation with Tejasswi but if he talks about Tejasswi’s consistency then why didn’t he question her behavior when she gave the remote control to Miesha? Karan says she is honest but she played diplomatically today. Shamita says I was crying yesterday, Karan saw me and he came to me. He said that I don’t talk to people as I am an emotional person but today he said that I can’t win the game because I am an emotional person? He wants me to trust him but then he says he is playing a game? I am irritated with Karan.

Nishant tells Pratik and Shamita that I kept believing Karan and how he kept using our friendship but now I am irritated. I don’t want to say anything to him which will hurt him. Karan is still a closer friend than Jay but I don’t want to talk to him now. Shamita says you should wait and see for some days. Nishant says I got angry with him when he blamed us all but he never talked to me, he never clarified it with me. Shamita says it will get ugly now, you will have to face it.
Karan tells Tejasswi and Jay that Nishant is way more complicated than he seems. Nishant calculates everything but his calculations are not strong. Jay says I don’t care what Tejasswi will do in the game, she is my friend so I can suggest things to her but I can’t control her. Tejasswi says Nishant is always protecting Pratik, it’s a different kind of loyalty. Karan says there is no loyalty, I think Nishant has made a plan against Pratik and Pratik doesn’t know about it.

Salman signs off from the episode.

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