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Bigg Boss 15 4th January 2022

Day 93
Devo goes into the washroom and starts breaking things inside. Shamita and Pratik ask her to come out. Devo comes out and leaves. Rakhi says she broke the bucket. How will take a shower now? Shamita asks Devo to calm down. She asks her to stay away from him. Your friendship is not working with him. Tejasswi says you shouldn’t have gone to him when he was talking to Pratik. Devo says he started taunting me. Shamita says you both entertain him all the time. Tejasswi says you let him get away with things but then he says something wrong and you get hyper. Devo says he has gone on my parents for the first time and I won’t let him get away. Pratik asks her to calm down. Shamita asks her to just890 focus on the task.

1:45 AM
Tejasswi tells Karan that you kept supporting Shamita in the task. Karan says I saw you hugging someone else, I saw everything you did, you were sitting with Nishant all the time. Tejasswi says I was just talking to him.

2 AM
In the secret room, the new inmates fake another task. The director says the task is that you have to sit on a pole and others will distract you. Akanksha stands on the pole. The others ask her to get down, Akanksha says I am winning the task. She gets down from the pole. Surbhi stands on the pole next and says I am winning. Surbhi says I am challenging Rashami and Devo to do this task.

In the main house, Karan reads the task for Devo and Rashami. He reads that they have to stand on the pole. They will stand on the steps on the pole. When one of them gets down then that person will lose the task. The others can support or go against them but they can’t force them to get down. Rakhi and Karan will be the referees of the task. Surbhi won the task from the secret room.

2:15 AM
The task starts, Devo and Rashami stand on the pole. Umar sprays around Devo. Rakhi says don’t spray on her face. Rashami and Devo keep standing on the pole. Pratik is applying lotion around Rashami’s hands. He applies soap on her hands too but Umar washes her hands. Pratik applies oil to her hands. Umar throws water at Devo. Umar tells Rashami to be mentally strong. Shamita puts shampoo on Devo’s hands. Pratik throws water at Rashami. Umar cheers up for Rashami.

2:30 AM
Bigg Boss says the task will go on without a break but it’s goodnight so have a sound night. The task will keep going on. Pratik applies more lotion on Rashami’s hands. Umar applies oil on Devo’s hands. Pratik ties Rashami’s shoelaces.

4 AM
Tejasswi cries and tells Pratik that they won’t let me go to the finale. Nishant asks what happened? Tejasswi says there is no one here for me, my own people don’t play for me. Pratik says you are playing for yourself. Umar asks if she wants tea? Tejasswi says I am fine. Nishant consoles her. Tejasswi says I don’t understand anything, I had one chance to win the ticket to the finale but I lost it. Nishant says we all lost it. Rakhi asks Karan to console her. Karan says she is doing drama, she is hugging Nishant so she doesn’t need me.

4:15 AM
Tejasswi tells Nishant that Karan was angry with me because I told Rakhi that I will be fair and won’t prioritize Karan but he is doing the same thing, he did what was fair and didn’t support me in the task. She says these fights are happening daily. Tejasswi says I was supporting Pratik today but I knew Karan would never make him a winner, he was supporting Shamita. Nishant says Karan really has issues in life.

Pratik wipes Devo’s face and puts a jacket on her while she is standing on the pole. Rakhi says love is happening here. Umar brings a blanket for Rashami.

7 AM
Karan is sleeping in the garden as he is a referee. Tejasswi comes there and asks if he is fine? He says yes. Tejasswi hugs him. Karan says I have a headache so leave. Tejasswi says I came here because you are not feeling well. Karan says let me sleep. Tejasswi says fine.

7:15 AM
Rakhi is awake for the task and says I need to sleep. I can’t stay awake anymore. She tells Devo and Rashami that I am tired of just looking at you both. I am going to sleep. Devo laughs. Rakhi says I might die because of being a referee. Karan says you can’t sleep.

8:15 AM
Devo tells Pratik I need to pee so you have to throw water at me. Pratik splashes water at her so she is drenched. Pratik asks her to just pee. Umar says these girls are powerful, they can do anything for the task.

Day 94
11:45 AM
The song badal pe paon plays. They all dance. Rashami and Devo are still standing in the pool. Shamita comes there and says you both are superb.

12 PM
Shamita asks Karan why didn’t you throw water at us in the task? If you had thrown water at Pratik then I would have won. Karan says they were blaming us for being biased so I didn’t do anything.

12:15 PM
Shamita asks Tejasswi what were you telling Nishant last night? Tejasswi says I don’t think they (Karan and Umar) wanted Pratik to win. Shamita says why? She says because he is a tougher competition. Shamita says but I was doing hard work and you insinuated that they were favoring me. Nishant says they were not biased towards Shamita. Shamita tells Tejasswi that it’s not nice when you do these childish things. Karan says Tejasswi wanted Pratik to win so don’t say that he is a tough competition for us. Shamita says her words are not nice. Karan says we were not playing against Pratik. Tejasswi tells Karan that if I was fair in my task then I was wrong but if you are fair then you are right. Karan asks her to shut up, you people are cowards. Don’t say rubbish things. Tejasswi says you were attacking Pratik in the task. Karan says go to your friend Pratik and cry to him, get lost. Karan leaves. Shamita shouts that she keeps taunting me from a corner. Tejasswi says I knew you people would favor Shamita that’s why I said it. Karan asks her to shut up, look at your face. He leaves.

12:30 PM
Tejasswi cries and tells Nishant that I was supporting Pratik in the task. I wanted Pratik to win that’s why I kept saying that they would be biased so they couldn’t do anything wrong. Shamita calls herself Pratik’s friend but she was telling Karan that he should have thrown water Pratik because he has a breathing problem. Karan’s issue is that I am sitting with you. If he can’t defend me then at least he shouldn’t insult me. I am so done with him, she cries and says they won’t let me reach the finale. They took away my chance too.

Karan tells Umar that Tejasswi was cursing Pratik two days ago and now he is her best friend?

12:45 PM
Pratik asks Karan when did I tell you that Nishant curses behind your back? Karan says you said Nishant curses me all the time. Pratik says Nishant curses everyone in anger, everyone does it. Karan tells Nishant that I supported Pratik. Rakhi was ready to announce Shamita as a winner but I supported Pratik. Pratik says I know you were fair. Tejasswi says I just wanted you all to be fair that’s why I said all those. Karan says don’t play behind others’ backs, you are a coward. Tejasswi asks him to get lost. Karan says I can see what you are doing. Tejasswi says if I sit with anyone then you people think I am plotting with them. I don’t do any planning, I support anyone I want. Pratik didn’t ask for my support. Karan says Pratik always said that he wants to eliminate me from the show but you support him? Tejasswi says you were planning against him, he never planned against you. Karan asks her to jump in the pool and cry. Tejasswi cries and leaves.

3 PM
Nishant pours water at Devo. Pratik says at least show some humanity, leave her alone. Nishant says I am doing my task. Pratik says you are doing your task now? Nishant says I will do my task when I want to. Karan and Umar splash water at Devo again. Pratik says just be careful, she has breathing issues so don’t throw water at her face. Nishant says she can get down if she has an issue. Shamita says they have a choice to leave the task if they can’t take it. Pratik and Nishant throw water Rashami. Rakhi pours water at her too.

Bigg Boss tells Rashami and Devo that they have been doing the task for 13 hours. All clap for them. Bigg Boss says you should be careful about your health, take a decision which is in favor of your health. They both nod.

3:30 PM
Umar applies lotion on Devo’s hands. She tries to push him away. Rakhi brings Umar’s shorts and says I will use them. Rakhi gives a shirt to Devo so she can hold on.

3:45 PM
Devo is holding the pole with a shirt. Umar tries to cut it, she says don’t do it. Rakhi says his humanity has died. Devo says you will cut my finger. Rakhi says her finger is bleeding. Umar says I didn’t do anything. Umar throws water at Pratik as he is trying to attack Rashami. Pratik throws water at Umar in return. Umar charges at him. He pins him down. Pratik says you threw water at me first. Karan pulls Umar back. Umar says I was throwing water at Rashami but he attacked me. Pratik says I will hit you. Umar asks him to get lost.

4 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Rashami-Devo have been doing the task for quite some time and they both don’t seem to give up so we will increase the difficulty level. They can’t use a cloth or rope to hold the pole. They have to hold the pole using their hands only. Karan takes away shirts from them.

4:15 PM
Rashami tells Pratik that I am proud of you for doing the task constantly. Umar says I am doing task for you, I am getting in fights because of you but you are proud of him? Wow. Be proud of Pratik, I won’t play anymore. He goes into the house. Rashami tells Karan that I just it normally but Umar got angry.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that violence is not allowed in this house. There were a lot of incidents where violence was used and we warned you many times. We told you that you could get eliminated because of that, we didn’t take an action as those incidents happened in the tasks or because of provocation. The inmate who was warned the most is Umar. He was warned many times and we told him that he will have to pay for it. Umar says I am sorry Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says Umar is taking our warnings lightly. Bigg Boss says Umar broke two rules today, he threw water at the mic and then he got violent with Pratik without any provocation. We can’t keep ignoring his mistakes. We have to take a decision now. We have to stop this behavior. Umar says I am sorry Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says we don’t want to take an action at this stage for him. We are leaving the decision with the audience, they will decide on the weekend episode if Umar’s actions are right or wrong. Umar looks on.

6:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Rashami-Devo are still on the task so we are increasing their difficulty level more. No one can help them now. They have to take their shoes and stand on the pole without shoes. Rashami and Devo start taking off their shoes. Umar says we can’t help them now.

7 PM
Nishant and Shamita start attacking Devo. Karan throws water at her. Devo shouts that you want to kill me? I can’t breathe. Nishant says then you can get down, nobody is here to die. Shamita gives her chili smoke. Pratik throws water at Rashami. Nishant splashes water at Devo and she falls down from the pole. Karan rushes to her as she cries in pain. Rakhi says Rashami won the task. Nishant brings Rashami down and massages her legs.

7:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time to know who did better than in the tasks. The main house’s inmates or secret house’s inmates. Bigg Boss says Vishal, Munmun, Akanksha and Surbhi came in the house for this task only, they never had a chance to win the ticket to the finale. You people were not doing the tasks that’s why we had to fool you. Bigg Boss thanks secret housemates for coming. Bigg Boss says the main house inmates did hard work in the tasks. Bigg Boss says Karan, Umar and Rashami have won the finale week ticket along with Rakhi. All clap for them.

8 PM
Umar tells Rashami that I got angry because I was doing all that for you but you were being nice to Pratik. Nishant is being mean to you but you still talk to him, I don’t like that. Rashami says you got so angry. Umar says you don’t know me. I get emotional, I was doing so much for you but you were proud of him? Rashami says I am trying to clarify but you are not listening. Umar leaves from there.

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