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Bigg Boss 15 8th November 2021

Day 37
10:30 PM
Vishal cries and tells Tejasswi that I want to leave now. I am done. There is too much hatred here. All good people are leaving. Tejasswi says it doesn’t feel like our family, our people are leaving and new people are coming. She cries and says I feel like I don’t know anyone anymore. Vishal says I felt like we were a family in the first 2 weeks. I don’t want to talk to Shamita if I have to keep proving my friendship to her. Tejasswi says I don’t feel close to anyone. Vishal says Jay sits with them so he can look like a hero.

Jay tells Nishant that we have to play our game now. Nishant says I will tell Karan to play now, he can do his thing and I will do mine.

Vishal tells Tejasswi that I will play like crazy now. I am done making relationships here.

10:45 PM
Karan asks Tejasswi if she is angry or disappointed? She says nothing. She asks why did you think I need your charity? Karan says it was a long conversation. Tejasswi says I am not aware of your relationships so I am no one to judge it but this is what it comes across. I don’t even want to have a conversation with you, it was lovely knowing you. She leaves from there. Karan whispers where should I hide my face?

Jay asks Vishal why did you say that I drag topics? You did antics as per your own so it’s on me if I want to sort things out or keep grudges. You have done wrong so you should be sorry with me. I have been ignoring you till now but you keep pointing at me. Vishal says listen to me. Jay says if you want to fight then bring it on. Vishal says you still have a grudge. Jay says it’s on me. I keep grudges for people who hurt me. Vishal says I thought we were cordial but you are still holding onto a grudge. Jay says I am not playing a diplomatic game. Vishal says we are in the fifth week and you are still holding a grudge. I wanted you to become a captain also. Jay says I never asked you to make me a captain. Vishal says you asked me to not take out your name from the task. Jay says that’s my game. Vishal says I have never kept a grudge against you but you don’t let go at all. Jay says I am that kind of a man, I keep grudges. Let’s play openly now. Vishal says let’s see.

Karan tells Tejasswi that you are getting upset over nothing. I didn’t talk to Shamita after that. Tejasswi says I have no problem with you talking to Shamita. Don’t pass these comments.

Vishal says Jay is keeping a grudge after 5 weeks because our ideals don’t match?

Tejasswi tells Shamita that I am relating to you, Pratik and Nishant now. When you 3 came here, you were all alone but now I feel alone and you feel like at home. Shamita says we will be tested out of our comfort zone here. Tejasswi says it’s just difficult to feel alone. Things have changed completely.

11:30 PM
Vishal tells Shamita that Jay kept bringing my name up in everything. I have clarified everything with him but he still attacks me in every task. Only two people have affected me in this house, one was Jay and the other one was you. I had no gain from you both. I never wanted to hurt you both but Jay keeps holding a grudge. Shamita says maybe Jay has a problem. Vishal says he keeps saying that he keeps grudges so I can’t do anything. Jay comes there so Vishal leaves. Jay says he is giving explanations to everyone. Vishal comes there and says don’t tell me what to say. I am not fighting with you again. Jay says you keep saying things behind the backs of everyone. Don’t do drama of being nice again. Jay tells Shamita that he said he was not happy to see OTT members, he said that Bigg Boss is unfair with him as he is favoring Shamita. Vishal says I don’t talk like this. This is your reality. Jay shouts at him and says I am like since day one. Vishal says you are filled with dirt. Jay says you talk bad about Devoleena and Farah, you don’t even respect guests. Get lost. Vishal says I will spit on you, your character stinks. Jay says people are spitting on you, every celebrity is saying bad words for you.

12 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that I wouldn’t do any charity for you. Tejasswi says I don’t know about your conversations with Shamita, you just said that you were vulnerable with her. I don’t care as I am not your girlfriend. Since we have started talking, people are saying that your game has weakened so don’t do all this. Karan says I didn’t mean it. Tejasswi says you are making things worst. Karan says it was not a conversation like that, I never told Shamita that I am doing charity for you. I was taking a stand for myself, I just wanted you to know that I have feelings for you. My conversation with Shamita was about my feelings for you. I openly confessed it to everyone so I was vulnerable. Vishal tells Tejasswi to understand his point also. Tejasswi says I am moving away from him for my sanity. Karan can move away from me and he has other people to go to but I have no one. I feel alone in this house now. I don’t want to be dependent on Karan anymore, I will play alone. Vishal says it’s not like that. Tejasswi says you all have people around you but I don’t have anyone with me. Vishal says I am with you Tejasswi. We care for you. Tejasswi says I don’t need sympathy. Vishal says it’s care. Tejasswi says people would sympathize with me because I am crying? Vishal says we are standing with you. Tejasswi says there is no one for me.

12:15 AM
Nishant tells Jay that you, Pratik and me are enough for the game. Jay asks if Vishal will double-cross Shamita? Nishant says I will talk to Shamita. We don’t have to say anything, Shamita will talk to Vishal. Jay says Rajiv is not useful.

12:30 AM
Jay asks Shamita to talk to Vishal about the game. We need him in the group. Shamita says okay. Jay says he will listen to you only, if it’s a number game then we need him on our side. Shamita says you have to make nice with Vishal. Jay says you are nice to him already. Shamita says I am nice to him because I like him but not because I need him in a group. Jay says he won’t play solo.

12:45 AM
Karan tells Raqesh that I have been calm but Tejasswi doesn’t see who is around. I have no ego but for how long? I don’t care about the game. I just want her to see that I have her back, she knows that I like her and I am sensitive. I try to talk to her but she is on a different tangent. It’s hurting me. Raqesh says you should strongly tell her what you don’t like. She needs to understand your perspective also. Don’t ignore things. It will add to complications only.

2:15 AM
Neha is sitting with Nishant. She calls Pratik and says talk to me. I am calling you with love. Pratik comes to her bed. Neha says I won’t eat you up. Simba is on their bed also. Neha gives her hand to him but he doesn’t take it. Neha says it’s your last chance. Pratik says it’s your last chance. He shakes her hand. Neha says don’t misbehave with me again.

2:45 AM
Tejasswi tells Karan that it’s annoying, I try to get to know you better but things keep pulling us apart. Karan says I know who I am. Tejasswi says why did you talk to Shamita about it? Karan says you should know that I care about you. Tejasswi says why do you pass comments on me to others that I need your charity and all that? Karan says you are young, you don’t understand some things. Tejasswi says then be with someone older than you. Karan says it’s easier to have a conversation with Shamita because I am not trying to impress her. I have expectations from you, I hold myself back so my impression doesn’t go down. Tejasswi says why are you trying to make an impression? You are lucky that it’s you, if it was someone else then I wouldn’t look back twice. Karan says don’t ever doubt my intentions with you ever. Don’t talk about backing off. Tejasswi says I don’t enjoy being in these messy situations. Karan says you have talked to me so rudely. I don’t demean people so you talk to me like that? Do you know who I am? You said you are alone, can’t you see that I am always with you. Why do you get angry with me after everything? Tejasswi says I don’t like anybody here. Karan says do you like me? She says yes. Karan says then don’t push me away. Tejasswi holds his hand and says I didn’t like your comments. Karan says there will be more. He lies in bed with her. Tejasswi says I have become dependent on you in this show. Karan says we are different people, we have different expectations but we will learn, I don’t repeat mistakes. This happened but it won’t happen again.

Day 38
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song breakup song. They all dance. Raqesh hugs Shamita. Neha dances with Tejasswi. They hug each other.

8:30 AM
The alarm rings and the ration arrives in the storeroom. Pratik brings it. He looks through the cabinets and says they have taken all the items again. Vishal says they took all the items from the fridge also.

9:15 AM
The inmates are sleeping so the alarm goes off. Simba, Raqesh and Afsana are sleeping. Umar asks them to wake up.

9:30 AM
Vishal tells Shamita that if you keep doubting our friendship then it’s not genuine. I feel alone in this house. Shamita says I don’t want you to feel alone. Vishal says I don’t care, I am enough alone. Shamita says you should be nice to everyone. Vishal says I tried that and it didn’t work. Shamita asks him to make an effort with Raqesh and Neha. Vishal says I will do it, I like them. I can’t make an effort with Jay, I don’t like him.

Rajiv laughs and says we don’t have anything in the kitchen.

10:30 AM
Tejasswi jokes with Nishant to not do things to be seen. Nishant says you don’t tell me, I have nothing to show so I have to force it all out. All laugh. Nishant says I will get content from Rajiv only. Afsana’s content is gone so I am sucking content from others now. All laugh. Tejasswi says this is quite below the belt. Rajiv says this was a cheap comment. He leaves from there.

10:45 AM
Karan tells Nishant that I have a connection with you, Tejasswi and Umar only. Don’t doubt my intentions with you. I will never go against you that way. If that’s the case then I will tell you. Nishant says I want an asurity that you will stand by me. Pratik is my friend, you don’t mind me, you mind that I am always standing up for Pratik. Karan says I don’t want to feel alone here, you are my strength here on a personal level.

11:30 AM
Rajiv tells Tejasswi that their jokes become monotonous after a while. These are dirty jokes and they keep commenting on my character. I didn’t like Nishant’s comments. It’s not right. Tejasswi says you are uncomfortable so talk about it. Rajiv says they are destroying my reputation.

11:45 AM
Karan asks Vishal what he wants to do ahead? What’s your future? I see your concern for Shamita but if you leave the game just to be a brother then you will be out of the show soon. Vishal says people have brought me here so I don’t want to disappoint my fans. Karan says I know you have drawbacks, you want to take credit then do it but come out of it. We have to do it together. Vishal says sure and hugs him.

1:30 PM
The ration arrives in the garden. Bigg Boss asks them to stand in a line. They see food items on the carts. Rajiv says so many veggies. Pratik asks them to not cross the line. Umar says I am not touching it. Pratik says they will reject the task. Listen to Bigg Boss. Umar says I am just looking at it, I am not touching anything. Pratik says you have to go on an ego trip all the time. Umar says don’t comment when it comes to me. Pratik says we will all get punished. Umar says I am not doing anything so don’t come after me. Pratik says just listen to Bigg Boss. Umar says don’t cross your limit.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that they think they can break the rules and then will get scolded but nothing much will happen. You people think you can become a captain but don’t care about rules at all. Bigg Boss says you people have crossed the limit, it’s time to change your behavior, it’s not good to joke about everything. He says we have taken all your ration and now you have to earn your daily ration. We warned you to follow the rules but you people didn’t listen. You all will bear the punishment now. It’s time to announce who are the real culprits and break the rules most. We will call the inmates one by one and they will tell who breaks the rules the most. Then that inmate will take 3 items from the cart and put them on an empty cart which means you sacrifice those items as repentance. He asks Umar to bring all the food items that they have hidden except gluten-free food items. Umar goes to bring it. Neha asks Pratik to not argue when Bigg Boss is talking. Shamita says we shouldn’t give up basic food items like daal, rice.

1:45 PM
Shamita tells the inmates to not take daal, rice, oil. Nishant says we can give up fruits, cornflakes. Shamita says we are 13 people and we need to give 3 items per person. She says salt is considered as one item. Pratik says I don’t think so. I think all spices are one item.

The buzzer plays and Bigg Boss calls Shamita first. He asks her to take the names of 3 inmates who break the rules most. Shamita says Afsana, Simba as they keep sleeping and me as I talk in English. Bigg Boss says you have to take some other name. She takes Rajiv’s name for talking in English. Bigg Boss says she can choose 3 items to pick and 3 items to sacrifice. Bigg Boss says one tray is one item. Pratik says I was talking about that only. Shamita says don’t be rude. She takes the rice, oil. She sacrifices fruits.

Tejasswi says everyone is commenting when they don’t know what goes in the kitchen. Nishant says let us make the decision, it’s becoming confusing. Pratik asks Tejasswi to calm down, nobody is a fool here. Nishant tells Tejasswi that we need eggs, tea. Pratik says I don’t eat eggs, I want cornflakes. Jay says we can’t think about one person only.

Shamita says Vishal that they are not even letting people talk, Pratik is fighting in everything.

2:15 PM
Bigg Boss calls Jay.

Jay: He takes Shamita’s name for breaking rules, he takes Tejasswi and Nishant’s names as he doesn’t talk in Hindi. They talk in regional languages. He takes potatoes, onions, and salt to keep for the house. He sacrifices yogurt, sugar, and sausages.

Umar says let’s decide what we can discard. He asks Afsana to come and listen. Karan says she is sleeping. Afsana says I know what to do. Jay asks her to come for a minute. Shamita says she is sleeping again, she is breaking rules. Afsana says I am not breaking any rule. She says I know what to do. I am not a fool.

2:30 PM
Pratik tells Tejasswi that we need more salt packets. Tejasswi says we don’t need milk that much. We don’t need more salt. Pratik says give up milk and take salt. Tejasswi says I would take chilies instead of salt. Nishant tells Pratik that we need chilies more than salt. Pratik says you can’t cook without salt. I have done rationing so I know we need more salt. Tejasswi says I am taking the responsibility so let it be. Umar tells Vishal that Pratik likes to be a dictator that’s why I took him out of rationing duty.

2:45 PM
Vishal tells Umar that Afsana is sleeping again. Umar asks her to wake up and says you can’t sleep. Afsana says I am not sleeping. Umar says please get up, don’t sleep. We are getting punished because of all this. Let the task end and then do anything you want.

4 PM
Bigg Boss says you people keep breaking rules and you are fighting for basic ration because of that. Even after that, you people don’t seem to repent anything. Even during the task, you people were breaking the rules. Afsana was sleeping during the task while Shamita was talking in English. If they don’t care about ration then we will reject this task. He says they will work with the items they got till now. They won’t get more items now. Jay screams at Shamita and Afsana. He says how will we work now? Vishal says don’t corner them now. Jay says we are hungry and they are breaking rules now. Pratik says it was a mistake. Shamita says they can take all my gluten-free food. I have seen so many people not talking in Hindi. She angrily leaves from there. Afsana says I told sorry to Bigg Boss. Jay says we lost our food because of you. Afsana says you are getting everything, don’t shout at me. Jay says you have done a mistake and even shouting still? Afsana says don’t blame me only, Shamita has broken the rule also.

Shamita tells Raqesh that I was being conscious of talking in Hindi only. I should leave the house.

Afsana gets angry and starts throwing her bottle. She shouts why they are charging at her? Karan asks her to calm down. Afsana shouts that he is blaming me only. Karan says you did a mistake so accept it. Neha tries to calm her down. Afsana falls on the floor and shouts to not charge at her. Umar asks her to calm down. Afsana says I was not alone, we all have broken rules.

Shamita tells Rajiv that we told Afsana to not sleep but she didn’t listen.

Pratik tells the inmates to not charge at Afsana. Tejasswi asks Pratik to stop provoking her. Raqesh hugs Afsana and asks her to calm down. Afsana shouts that I said sorry, why does he keep shouting at me? Jay says don’t do drama with me. Raqesh asks Jay to leave her alone. Afsana says you all are thinking about yourself. I will choose what I like to eat.

Shamita tells Jay that it’s not only me, a lot of people have broken rules. Afsana slept but others talked in English also. My problem is that I have been singled out. Jay says Bigg Boss took Shamita and Afsana’s names. Shamita says you can take my gluten-free food, what can I do more? Jay says your gluten-free food won’t be enough for everyone. Shamita asks him to leave. Jay says we all are in a trouble because of you, correct yourself. Be careful. Shamita says I wouldn’t be careful if you didn’t say so? Jay says I don’t talk in English like you.

Afsana shouts that Jay is always charging at me. We got punished because we broke the rules together. Umar asks her to calm down and says don’t worry. Afsana says Jay is not saying anything to Shamita.

Raqesh asks Jay to calm down. Jay says Afsana is blaming me for not saying anything to Shamita.

Afsana jokes that they all have eaten parathas and now crying for food. Neha laughs and hugs her.

4:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Pratik that this task was stopped because of 2 people. Pratik says this task started because we all broke the rules so don’t blame 2 people. Pratik says listen to me. Tejasswi mocks his way of talking. Pratik says don’t mock me. Tejasswi says why did this task got stopped? Pratik says Shamita and Afsana did a mistake but there is no point in charging at them. Tejasswi says we did mistakes so this task was given but even then we are breaking rules and Bigg Boss gave 2 names so we trust him.

4:30 PM
Vishal tells Neha that we should stand with our family in trouble and don’t play blame game. Shamita says there is no family here. Neha tells Shamita that we are all standing up for you, don’t worry. Shamita says we can’t even talk here. Neha says everyone wants to be seen here.

Afsana says I will accept my mistake if Bigg Boss says so but I was not sleeping. Jay tells Afsana that if we are suffering because of your mistake then I will speak up.

5 PM
Shamita says sorry to everyone. Pratik says it’s okay, there is nothing in blame games. We have all done mistakes so they can’t blame you. Nishant tells Shamita that we have all broken rules, you are not responsible alone. We all have to take this blame. The point is not that your name was taken, we are in a situation because we all broke rules.

Afsana tells Umar that Jay is looking for chances to charge at me. Tejasswi says but it was your mistake. Afsana says I understand but there was no point in charging at me. Vishal says Jay has started giving reaction as guests told him to speak

5:30 PM
Raqesh is making Shamita smile by kissing her face. She laughs. Vishal says we can use Rajiv to make butter and make food. Rajiv says don’t touch me, you people don’t have a bum like me. You guys just have biscuits but look at my voluminous bum. all laugh at him.

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