Bigg Boss OTT 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update


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Bigg Boss OTT 24th August 2021

Day 16 8:AM
Everyone wakes up. Nishant asks Pratik how is there smoke without fire. Pratik says there can’t be smoke without fire. Nishant says so you are the fire? Pratik says we are not doing anything that would hurt any sentiments. Pratik says she’s married and I have the connection as well. Nishant asks Neha. She says we are two headstrong people trying to be friends. We are trying to figure it out. I had a problem. Nishant says you get better. Neha says to Pratik I make friends. You said a very bad thing about me. I am married. Akshara says so single girls have no respect? You call me his wife. Neha says I said sorry. Akshara says I was only joking. Neha says your joke is a joke? Pratik says listen.. Neha says Milan and I are friends. It doesn’t matter who he is close to. Nishant says their connections are to be strong with each other. Pratik says like you are married.. Neha says if I make friends I stand with them. Everyone claps. Nishant says they might also have a connection outside. So it can be wrong.

1:30 PM
Moose dances. Moose sits with Pratik. She says why are you mad? He says I am not. I am sorry about my tone. He says it wasn’t right. She says why did you leave my hand? She kisses his cheek. Moose laughs. Akshara says I am seeing. Moose says your wife.

3:00 PM
Divya says if she says one day then what? connections exchanged? Akshara says he will poke. Milan says it’s been three days. It will be difficult to make connections from start now. Akshara says, poor guy. He asks Akshara would you change his connection? She says I won’t. We can be friends.

3:30 PM

Bigg Boss says connections are the most important in this game. Karan and Ridhima had to leave because their connection wasn’t strong. You have been together for two days. You know everyone now. You know who is strong and who is weak. Connections can help each other grow. The weak one can pull their connection back as well. If you don’t have a good connection, you can pull each other back. Thinking that in mind, we are dissolving all connections. Everyone is shocked. Bigg Boss says now you are all free. You can go ahead on your own and make a new connection for yourself. You can choose a new partner for yourself who can make your journey better. They all laugh and say what a joke. Bigg Boss says this is your chance to choose your new connection. Previous connections were chosen by girls. So this time they will choose their connection but men will finalize if they agree or not.

Shamita read the new rules. Bigg Boss says guys will sit on the stools and girls will decide who they want to make a connection with. The girl will pick a heart and give it to the guy. The guy will decide if he would keep it or break it and throw in the bin. This will keep on going until all connections are made.

Shamita goes first. She says I want to go with Rakesh first. Our first week was tough but we did it better in the second week and we have a good connection now. I am competitive and can take you forward. It’s up to you if you want to go with someone easy. You can keep it or break it. Raqesh says let me think. It’s important. Shamita says take your time. Everyone giggles. Raqesh says I have always been loyal in my life. So I wanna keep this heart. Shamita says you took so long. He says the important decision. Shamita hugs him.

Moose comes next. She says I don’t want to give it to Pratik. I will give it back to Nishant. I have started understanding. We are honest with each other. It’s comfortable for me. So.. She gives it back to Nishant. Nishant says I am definitely accepting it. She’s getting the mad child out of me. I want to keep this connection. It will only get better. I accept this. Everyone says aww.. They laugh.

Akshara says our mentality matches. I like him as a person. I want to keep it. She gives the heart back to Pratik. Everyone claps. Akshara says I am very confident. He says will you trust me if I make a move? She says yes I stand with you. He says even if you don’t like it. Will you give me another chance? Akshara says I will. Pratik goes to the bin. He says I am kidding. He hugs Akshara. Everyone claps. He says can’t take a risk.

Neha says for connection understanding is very important. Milan judges me. I was hoping someone would hold my hand. I have seen other people supporting each other. He keeps calling me wrong and right. I might be bad. But for some reason, he’s very conclusive. I don’t understand it. I wanna take a chance. I don’t wanna be connected to anyone at this point. It’s my call. I don’t wanna give this heart to anyone. She throws it. Neha says to Milan I called you my friend on day 1.. but.. She gets emotional and starts crying. Neha says judging me can’t be a partner. I stood with you even if you didn’t take a stand. Connections are made from heart. I won’t make it even if I have to walk out alone. Milan says saying things how you feel isn’t being judgmental. If you tell me I don’t take a stand, I don’t call it a judgment. You say if you don’t get another connection, you will choose me. I would have accepted your heart and fix our connection and grow it. It was a seed when we entered. Neha says you said they are laughing at me. He says let me speak. SHe says this shouldn’t be the tone you should use with me. Milan says ask them. I don’t shut you up. She says you do. I can’t be silenced. Even if everyone hates me.

Pratik says can I say? Milan says you are being disrespectful. Does anyone think I am shouting? Even if Akshara or Divya came to me, I would have chosen you. That’s my connection. I speak where I think I should. Neha says judgments are a sensitive point for me. I married my husband because he doesn’t judge me. You said people laugh at me. He says I wanted to open your eyes. She says I came here to take a stand. Neha says I will leave but I won’t take these statements. Your game is becoming weak because of me.. Choose who makes you strong. You said it.

Pratik says I chose Akshara’s heart. Everyone sees Akshara and Milan have a bonding. Neha and I have a bonding too. I took this heart but my heart isn’t accepting it. This show is about emotions. I really like and respect Akshara. I don’t want to do anything that would put me in guilt. I wanna break this heart. I am doing what my heart says. Akshara says you can’t say who do I become friends with. Don’t judge that. Pratik says I did what I thought was right.

Divya says I want to give this heart to Zeeshan. He is like the guy in my real life. He never silences me. He lets me do what I want. I said a lot that I will change my connection if I can, I said that to Nisho too that I will choose you. Because he’s my friend. But I am thinking from the heart.. I don’t know how long will this idiot support me. Our energies match and we are s*xy. She gives him the heart. Zeeshan says a lot of people think I don’t take a stand and get influenced by Divya. Divya and I always agree to disagree. As a friend, as a connection, she’s my friend. I accept this heart. Divya claps.

Akshara comes again. she says I can’t change my nature. I will be what I am. Honestly, it will be Pratik from my side. It’s his decision to accept or not He matters the most to me. She gives it to Pratik and says this is what I am. Pratik says you have a clear heart and you have always been there for me. You have been where I was. You held my hand but.. I can’t accept this heart because we are good friends and we will be. If you don’t take it personally. For the time being it’s better that we.. I don’t know how to justify it. I can’t accept this heart. He throws it in the bin.

Neha comes. She asks Pratik what are the three reasons you would want to play with me? You don’t understand me. Pratik says if you give the heart to me, you should stand with me. I take a stand for you whenever it’s required. I know we disagree a lot. But you have to see it open heart that I take a stand for you. I was speaking up for you in the morning. Neha says to Milan please be honest with me. He says I am not wearing any mask. You call me judgemental and it’s very wrong. I give you space to question me. You can give your advice and opinion. But you should always be ready to listen as well. You call it being judgmental. She says you don’t agree with my heart. He says the decision. She says so we can keep breaking each other? He says we supported each other that’s why we are in the third week. I came to you to apologize and so did you. Being with a partner is about balance. I am ready to leave my journey for you. Neha says you said I am hated and not you. Pratik is also hated. So we can be together. Milan says you were being close to Pratik. Neha says you also were close to Akshara. You all stained me.

Akshara says you better not talk about accusations and stains. Neha says to Milan you said I am making your game weak. Neha I stood with you for the whole week. I agreed with everything. Shamita says you got two weekends to speak. Milan says everything is about you. Neha says then I will do what I have to. She gives it to Pratik. Neha says I will be selfish. I am a difficult person. You can decide Pratik. Pratik says tell me one thing. We disagree. Neha says you think you are right. He says if we are on a common ground with mutual compromise. Do you accept it? Neha says do you? Milan says she gave you a heart. She is ready. You say yes or no. Neha says I am taking a risk. Pratik says based on past few days.. I don’t know what to say. I will still give it a chance. I don’t know if we can change it later. Neha says we might ruin each other’s games. I want to go out alone be with someone that lets me be my own person. Thank you. She gets teary.

Akshara comes again and says whatever happened between me and Milan.. Neha said I accused her. I know what Milan is for me. We are pure and honest to each other. Neha says you said I was trapping him. Akshara says what you did is in front of everyone. Milan and I are good friends. I can’t leave my friend alone. I will be with him. I am a fighter. I will push him. she gives her heart to Milan and says let the world say what they want. You are my lion. She hugs him and says God bless you. Milan says I had never been judgemental. This is my first one about you Neha. You are a hypocrite. I saw where I stand in your journey. You risked your life and journey. You changed your colors too fast. I will be the same with her too. You will see it. I won’t let you down Divya. Divya says to I told you she will change. Milan says we will be friends. You did a lot Milan. Neha talked about the accusation.

Neha says what is this? Akshara says as a connection from day 1, the way you were with my connection. I wasn’t the same with Milan. Neha says what is this.. Akshara says I distanced from Milan when I thought it would hurt you. Neha says I don’t think so. Milan says you are a hypocrite Neha. Akshara says the camera will decide. Neha why did you give him a heart then? Give it to Pratik again? Moose says she can’t stay single. Go and read the rules. Neha says stick to your ground. Milan says I would stay with you if you were loyal. Neha says I can’t stay under your thumb. Akshara says my connection is Pratik. You can’t break the Neha. Milan is my friend and I will stand with him. You can’t break my connection with Pratik. Neha says you keep him.

4:45 PM
Nishant says the changes will have repercussions. Don’t take it personally. The game will decide everything. Divya says they told their emotions. Milan says it would have been okay if she took Pratik’s name. Not saying all that. Nishant says she had to explain. She had a point. Pratik sits with Akshara and asks are you upset? She says no. She looks away. Moose takes her hand. Pratik says I am talking to her. Don’t pull her away. Moose says I was with her when you rejected her. Go from here. Pratik says I came to her myself. Seeing her, I came here to ask.

Moose says I can’t be with Pratik if Neha is with him. Nishant says it eventually had to happen. We will discuss it. Milan says you are a hypocrite. Neha says my dad has never been this loud to me. Milan says you have been disrespectful to me as well. Neha says to Shamita to see him. He says you are an escapist.

Divya hugs Akshara and says all my friends are together. I didn’t like that woman and Milan was my friend. She hugs Akshara and says don’t be emotional. Shamita says to Milan you have to come out stronger. He says I don’t speak a lot that doesn’t mean I am weak. People change. It hurts. Shamita hugs him.

5:00 PM
Pratik says to Milan I had to do it. I felt like it.. I didn’t push it. Milan says I know bro. Go for it man. They hug. Pratik says I am sorry if you are hurt. I am sorry brother. Milan says it’s okay. Nishant hugs Akshara. She says it reminds me of the world outside. Because of this nature, I have been shaken before. Nishant says this is a game. We are all friends. No one betrayed you. She says I am not mad at Pratik but I can relate it to the world outside. She had been saying from day 1 she won’t leave him. As a person, I didn’t leave him. I won’t. I am very strong. Nishant says Milan is shaken. Moose says emotions make you a better person. I am with him and Gaba. People would feel things. Nishant says she has to be strong. Akshara says I am a fighter. No one can defeat me.

Pratik comes. Nishant says she’s feeling bad, she isn’t mad at you. Akshara says I can only relate this to the past. We are all here to play. Pratik says I saw one point, you and Milan were friends. I don’t think we had that connection. Akshara says our perspectives are different. He says we disagreed a lot. Akshara says I need to speak to Gaba. She leaves.

Akshara hugs Milan and says we are friends. He says will ruin her game. Akshara says we will rock together. A door has opened for you. That woman has no existence. She changes colors all the time. We are all here to play. Milan says I am emotional. I feel bad.

Shamita says to Neha you are saying this out of guilt because you have hurt someone. But that’s good. You changed the game for yourself. Nishant says I always knew this is gonna happen. Moose says I just don’t like her. Pratik was my friend. I don’t wanna play with her. Nishant says then we won’t. She says we will have to. We have 3 weeks max. It is a game.

5:15 PM
Moose says to Neha it must have hurt you but okay. Good decision. It was difficult for everyone. I didn’t like it either but it was important for you. I know he didn’t understand you and he was being judgmental. He won’t understand. He’s feeling sick. He will understand when his fiances teaches him.

Milan says I never spoke ill of her. Divya says correct. Divya says I have a respect for you. Milan says I always stood for her and never spoke against her.

5:30 PM
Raqesh says you took a stand and you put your point across. Pratik broke his connection. His connection was weak. She says it was. We could all see it. Raqesh says this game was being unfair. Pratik and Akshara together were being very loud. You will bring sense in all this. Neha says he’s taunting all the time.

Milan wears a t-shirt, I can see fake people. He says see I can. Shamita says it’s okay. He says I would dedicate this day to all the special ones.

6:45 PM
Akshara says to Moose the group broke? She came in my place? Moose says I was crying because it was important for me.

Pratik says Akshara did so much for me. I won’t expet that from you. Neha says bring your family here then. He says she’s a nice person. Neha says you are also nice.

Moose says I had no feelings for Pratik. I can’t have trust on her I trusted her. I will have to leave Pratik as well. It’s too soon. Let’s see. We will speak to Nishant. I won’t change with you. They hug. Akshara says stay like this.

Pratik says to Neha you can try as much as you want. She says your entire group is used to taunts. He says once friendship is over it doesn’t get the same. She says we have to make a connection. You can’t be with your wolf pack all the time.

7:15 PM
Divya says she always was with Pratik because she knew she would decide it one day other. Milan says she said Karan doesn’t speak to me much. Milan says I told her when I am wrong he would tell me. Divya says she says she doesn’t get the game. She will be appreciated for this move. It will be funny. Because this is a show about strategy and playing the game.

8:15 PM
Moose is upset. Pratik comes to her. She says done? Pratik says what you feel? She says how do you feel? He says it had to happen. I was with Akshara so you don’t get upset. Moose says I don’t like Neha. I can’t be with her the way I was with Akshara. It will become a game for me now. It was easy for me. Four of us. I wasn’t prepared. I am happy for you if you are but.. I don’t know.

9:15 PM
Milan comes out. Nishant says Mr. selfish here. He got only his own tea. Milan says yeah I am. They laugh and sing.

Bigg Boss says it’s time for your report card. The audience is happy with today’s performance. Everyone says yayy. He says nothing will change for tomorrow.

9:45 PM
Moose says I felt like he betrayed. I cried. I was shocked. Akshara says he thinks from one side. He thinks everyone cries ot be with him. He’s wrong. I think being silent is better. Friends and assurance, he rejected me after all that.

10 PM
Shamita says will you eat pakora for lunch? Pratik says if it’s good. Milan says pakora is tasty. Shamita says for breakfast? I was asking about lunch. Milan says just pakoras? Raqesh teases Akshara. Shamita says I hate cooking. Akshara says we will see. shamita says she’s back. Raqesh kissesm Akshara on cheeck.

10:30 PM
Neha says to to Milan.. he doesn’t respond. He says I don’t wanna talk to you. He ignores her. Neha tries to go to him and says can I hug you once? She says okay. He says it’s better to be away from people who change. People who stab you. Neha says that’s your opinion. He says it’s judgment. I am judgmental now. Milan says now you see what I do to her.

Neha says he has changed now. Shamita says don’t try now. Milan says she is such a hypocrite. She gave heart to Pratik who she always said bad things about. Zeeshan laughs.

10:45 PM
Pratik says to Akshara I am sorry. She says it’s a game. Don’t say that. Game should be like it. This house can’t make poeple friends. thank you. Friendship is a heavy word. You can’t let it go for anything. Anyway. This woman, I respected her. But I don’t wanna see her again. Even outside. She’s stooped low in my eyes. She told me I had eyes on her connection. She keeps saying she’s married. Are you here to play or to fresh start? Zeeshan comes there.

11:30 PM
Pratik says I feel bad. Moose says they knew it. nishanta says as per the game it isn’t wrong. It will feel bad when it’s on personal level.

Neha says to Pratik let’s talk. He says you are my mother. She says yukkk. He says I want my hands and legs massaged. She saus I wasn’t even trying. He says look into my eyes and fall in love. She says shut up. I don’t. For once you love me and I don’t.

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