Bigg Boss OTT 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update


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Bigg Boss OTT 26th August 2021

Day 18 8 AM
Everyone wakes up. Milint says ask them who left us alone. He reads a poem. Milint says he called us liar.. We didn’t apologize but so much shallowness.

9:45 AM
Gaba says one person is enough to give you a lesson. Raqesh says I believe you should forget and forgive. Shamita says say what’s in your heart. Raqesh says you don’t even need to talk sometimes. Raqesh says talking would increase the fight. She did it because she had to. Milint says she’s selfish. Shamita says she wanted to make it work. Don’t forget all the good things in one person because of one thing. Say what’s in your heart. That will help you move on. Milint says I have let it out.

11 AM
Neha says Gaba I am sorry. Talk to me. He says you are not. Neha says I have my reasons to be sorry. He says there was respect from my side. There’s no respect from your side. There’s no place for people like me here. Nishant says they are fighting. Moose says they keep doing it. Akshara says I hope Neha gets better. She doesn’t deserve it.

11:15 AM
Nishant says I apologize if I have ever hurt you Neha. Neha says I am sorry. She hugs him. She says I know that’s why I came to speak to you. He says it was all destiny. Akshara is in tears. Milint says we had to discover ourselves. Milint hugs Akshara. Neha hugs her too. Pratik says to Akshara I know you felt bad. So do I. Pratik cries too. Akshara says leave it. He says I did what my heart said. I never got a chance to choose. She says it’s okay.

11:30 AM
Nishant says to Pratik I am giving names to everyone. You are an angry bird. Shamita is madam X. The bigg boss of the bigg boss. Moose is Snowhite. Moose comes in. He says Neha is.. Mystic from X-men. Raqesh is jiggly puff. Pratik says and you? Nishant asks Moose who am I? Pratik says you are super Mario.

2:45 PM
Milint says Shamit and Pratik hated each other. Akshara says we and Pratik always were together. they broke it and became friends.

3:15 PM
Divya says it’s time for the next task captaincy. It’s called red flags. Zeeshan and Divya will give their rules and red flags to people if they think some rules are broken. They can give it on behavior as well. There is a whiteboard. Zeeshan and Divya can write new rules there. Everyone claps. Divya says they can give the red flag to someone who breaks those rules. They have to give all the flags. The contestant will keep flags in the bag behind them. If you play well you can become contenders.

Divya writes the rules.. If you damage any property it will be considered. Divya writes on the board. Raqesh reads. Zeeshan says rule no. 1, if you destroy something your count would be reduced. Zeeshan says let’s make the rules on the go. Zeeshan and Divya say we will call you one by one. Zeeshan writes no one will speak English. Milint says Nishant spoke in English. Nishant says I can’t understand these rules. Can not. He says Bigg Boss they shoved me. They broke the rules. Zeeshan says we can write the rules anytime.

Divya says who wasn’t grateful for cooking? Pratik says I said it for myself as well. Moose says if you do misbehavior in the tast you will get red flags. She says the task is in 4 hours. Divya says we can give flags to anyone. Moose says they can’t be fair captains. Divya gives her a flag. Divay says everyone has to be with their pairs. Zeeshan says to Divya let’s switch the pairs. Divya says let’s do that. Let’s have some fun.

Neha says what nonsense is this? Divya says Raja and Rani will make new pairs. The first pair is Shamita and Nishant. everyone laughs. Divya says the second pair is Zeeshan and Pratik. Pratik says he will help me find the people who break rules. Divya says Divya will have her favorite Neha. gaba and Moose. Raqesh and Akshara. Neha says very creative. Nishant says to Shamita this isn’t making sense. Zeeshan laughs.

Nishant says will you take a flag if I dance? Divya says yes. Bigg Boss says you all want immunity but we can’t see the passion that is required. Divya says give us 15 20 minutes. Bigg Boss says Divya you and Zeeshan don’t even get this task. Zeeshan says we do. He says you are made captains where you can make rules. You didn’t do your responsibility. Zeeshan says let’s do something. Raqesh says let’s take it seriously.

4:15 PM
Zeeshan and Divya say we can give red flags. We will make new rules. Pratik says to write them then. Divya says why did you remove it? He says Nishant did. Divya says I gave him a red flag. Zeeshan says who took the marker. Nishant says what will you do if there are no flags.. Pratik says we can destroy the flags right? He breaks it. He says that rules are wipes. We won. They pick the flags with Praik and throws them. Divya says I will throw them in your mouth.

Pratik breaks the ladder. He says I can fix it so I broke it. It’s not the rule. It’s nowhere. Zeeshan takes out the board from the pool and says now I will write all the rules. Pratik says there are no flags. will you use nail polish? Nishant says I don’t understand any words. What will you write? Pratik says there are no flags left. Zeeshan takes it from him. Pratik says you can’t use your hands. Zeeshan takes to snatch it from Nishant. Nishant says you are hurting me Zee. How did you shove me. Zeeshan says now you see what I do. Zeeshan shoves him. Nishant says why did you pull? You can’t fight. Zeeshan shoves Pratik too and says I will break your face. Moose stops them.

Pratik comes again. They try to take the flag from him. Raqesh says leave it Pratik. Don’t use your hands. Zeeshan and Praptik fight. Pratik says you, coward. Zeeshan says see who’s speaking. Everyone calms them. Neha says stop it. It’s going against us. Shamita says Zeeshan you are bleeding. What’s wrong with you. Calm down. Divya says make him shut up Neha. Moose says to Raqesh go there.

4:30 PM
Pratik takes out something and says it has alcohol. She says no fighting. Protecting yourself, no hitting. He says yeah okay. Pratik says he started it. Raqesh says you could calm down. Pratik says didn’t you see? Zeeshan says don’t use hands.

Zeeshan says we can make any rules. Pratik says don’t come in front of me. Divya says stop it Pratik. you are a threat. Divya says you are brainless. Pratik says wait for you to go out. See how people support you. Divya says your craze will be supported. Pratik says at least I don’t badmouth Salman and Karan Johar. She says I say the truth. You can please them to get work. Pratik says don’t you won’t work? Moose says you called him a threat? Don’t play then? You don’t get the game. This is why you don’t have any friends. This is why no one is with you. You illiterate. Divya says as if you are educated. Go from here. You can go please people.

Pratik says I will take out your eyes. Zeeshan says do it. Do what you say. Divya stands in front of him and says say to me. Divya stands in front of Pratik and says I am not fighting. Zeeshan shoves Pratik. Pratik hits him back and says he is crazy. I wil break his face. Moose and Nishant stop him.

Bigg Boss says you can’t use hands. Pratik shoves a table. Moose says they are provoking you. Divya says, you brainless people. Zeeshan says shut up. Raqesh says stop it Zeeshan. Nishant says you are provoking Zeeshan. Milint says he isn’t. Zeeshan says can’t you see? Divya says shut up Nishant. He says I was talking to him. Divya says he’s my connection. Pratik says get out of here. Divya says you go. Who are you to tell me? Pratik says get out. You fake actor. She says you are fake. Kick me out if you can.

Divya says, dirty players. They will do anything to save themselves. Neha says enough. Nishant says you don’t have a brain to play with. Divya says yeah you’re emotionless. You left Akshara twice Pratik. Now keep asking her do you trust me? Akshara says don’t get personal and don’t call people abnormal. It hurts. There’s someone special in my house. Pratik says I am not talking to you. Milint says to Moose stay quiet. Divya says go from here. Divya claps.

5 PM
Raqesh says don’t be physical. The harm would be on you. Pratik says he started it. He was on top of me. Akshara says to Nishant this was wrong. At least you are my friends. I had anxiety. Nishant says what did we do wrong? Akshara says see how Moose was talking to me. For me friendships matter. Nishant says we didn’t say anything to you. Akshara says it wasn’t my matter. How did I come in between? Nishant says he started shoving. Divya says who ruined the board? Zeeshan gives them a red flag.

5:15 PM
Nishant says they broke the flags. Raqesh says don’t get physical. What will someone get injured? Zeeshan says see my hand. Divya says he did it. Raqesh says do you want to play or go out? Divya says we have to do self-defense. No matter what they damage, don’t get physical. Divya says they didn’t hit you. They hit us.

Akshara says they are dirty people. Milint says don’t worry. Don’t feel small of yourself. We don’t deserve to be with these crazy people. They don’t have a heart. Bigg Boss says the task is rejected. Pratik says well done.

5:30 PM
Bigg boss says we gave you a chance to become captains. Divya and Zeeshan had to find out who’s breaking the rules. They had to protect the rules but what if the boss man Zeeshan broke the rules himself? And used power. The way Zeeshan used his hand and got physical. This isn’t acceptable. As a punishment, we ask Zeeshan to leave right now. Everyone is shocked. Pratik says wow. Neha says quietly. Bigg Boss says come out Zeeshan. Zeeshan goes out. Pratik says love you bigg boss. Divya says to Zeeshan listen to me. What is this? Say sorry or something. He says no. If he couldn’t see.. I would gladly laeve. Divya says say sorry once. Zeeshan says he asked me to leave. So I am leaving. Divya cries and says please say sorry once.

Moose hugs Zeeshan and says please say sorry. She cries. Neha says sit down. You can’t go like this. Zeeshan says sorry bigg boss. Divya says please, please.. He says they will punish you too. Zeeshan hugs Milint. Milint says say sorry. Raqesh hugs him. Nishant tries to calm Pratik down. Divya says for me say sorry. Zeeshan says chill out. He hugs Neha. She cries. Zeeshan says please help me pack Gaba. Zeeshan hugs Akshara. Nishant hugs him and says take care. He goes out. Divya says Zeeshan, please. Raqesh says go out and talk once, please. He says pack my shoes. Zeeshan laeves.

Divya cries. Akshara says Pratik hit first. Divya says why can’t everyone see? This si so wrong. Akshara says calm down. Divya says he was only protecting. No one saw two people hurting him?

5:45 PM
Neha cries. She says they don’t listen. Pratik says he started this. Nishant says yes. Pratik says this is how it works. Nishant says that’s how it works. Neha says I am not blaming you. I would have stopped him. Divya says to Nishant I told you to stop it. He says don’t blame me. It was his fault. He says it’s your fault. You all started playing dirty. Raqesh says calm down now, please. This isn’t the time Nishant. Pratik says stop it Nishant. Nishant says he shoved. If I shoved, I would have been out. It’s on camera. He did it.

Akshara hugs Neha. She says what can we say. Neha says to Shamita I told you they would escalate it. I always stopped him but I didn’t today. I stopped you. He’s gone now. Divya cries and says Raqesh I had been alone in this game. Why doesn’t anyone want to talk to me? I didn’t do anything bad. Poeple leave me alone all the time. You guys think only you get an anxiety attack. No one comes to you till you cry. I handle the entire house after my dad’s death. He says that’s your strength. She says there was one guy who was fighting for me from the entire house.

Shamita comes to Nishant. Divya says please go. People will say I am hitting on you. There are no humans here. Raqesh says don’t say that. she says please go. Raqesh says to Shamita please talk to her once. She says why are you talking to me right now? Did she stop the fight? Raqesh says I can’t see her crying like that or anyone. She says I am not human. I love people crying. Raqesh says Bigg Boss open the door for me. I can leave. Raqesh hugs Shamita and says it was just human behavior. She says I am also a human. He says he was a brother. She says go be human. He stands in her way. Nishant and Moose jiggle. Shamita hugs him. He says we will always be together. Don’t be so drastic. She says you think it’s easy for me to ignore her when she’s crying? She could have stopped him. I can’t trust her. Raqesh says but she was crying. I am hungry too now. Nishant laughs. Shamita makes him eat.

6:30 PM
Milint cries and says he was my brother. Raqesh says this happens. Akshara hugs him. Milint says I am sorry my brother. Nishant says you were good. This had to happen. There will be shocks like these. Shamita says we are responsible for our actions. Nishant says it could be anyone. You have to fight and win. Shamita says enough. Nishant hugs Milint and says we all are there for you.

8:45 PM
Bigg Boss says this time is for today’s report card. The audience thinks okay of your performance. They aren’t too happy. This will affect your day tomorrow. None of you can use the gym tomorrow. Pratik says that’s okay. There will be no gas after 2 hours.

9:15 PM
Divya says I have suffered all my life. I didn’t want to misbehave with Karan Johar. He said bad things about me. I couldn’t stop it. I had to say it. He can kick me out. I can work anywhere. I am an artist. He said he thinks I feel this way about you. How did he even? Who’s he to say that without knowing me? You know you are big. You are king of Bollywood. People would trust what they say. How can you say that? If he can he would understand me. Otherwise, be mad at me this weekend too.

Nishant says to Pratik you should also control your anger. Moose says yes. Nishant says I thought he would take your name too. You can do what you want but don’t lose it. Nishant says he wasn’t moving. Moose says I would have cried more than Gaba if that happened. Nishant says he shouldn’t have used power. He used hands.

9:45 PM
Divya asks Nishant what did you say to Moose that she said such dirty things to me. Nishant says I know my loyalties. Divya says but we had a conversation I told you I will stick to Zee. Nishant says I didn’t say anything to you. If she’s saying something I don’t have to justify it. Divya says I don’t want justification. But saying on character is wrong. She said you are fooling Zee. He’s nice. Nishant says she said did you say to Zee that you want him as a partner? Divya says why did she shout then? Nishant says it’s the context.

Nehaa says Divya wants to be in his good books for some reason. Who started all this? Nisho? No right? Divya says if you can convey this to your parter, I have no interest in you. Do what you want. I can go alone but won’t have connection with you.

10:15 PM
Divya says Moose do you want to talk? She says not for now. I was being defensive for Nisho. Divya says by assassinating my character? Moose says Nishant also felt like you wanted to make a connection with him. I didn’t get it. Divya says what about our friendship? Moose says that’s why I was confused. Divya says if I had to, I would have given the heart to him. I am not scared. moose says why did you say it after the heart task? Divya says he is my friend. Did I say leave moose? Moose says how would he make connection without leaving me? She says I said if ever there is a chance. And he said you are his priority. Moose says that I know. He never said he’s leaving you. Moose says I don’t trsut you or Akshara. Divya says okay. Divya says to Milint see their attitude. Akshara says they have a group.

11 PM
Shamita says I have done so many dishes today. Raqesh helps her. He says what’s on your face.. She says my night cream. He says it’s on my lip. Do you want it back?

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