Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th September 2022 Episode starts with Indu telling Ritesh that she wants to talk to him. Just then Rahul tells Ritesh about someone’s call. Indu asks Rahul about Anjali, says they are getting late to go home.

Rahul says I will give your message to her. Vivaan asks Anjali if she will come with him for bike ride. Anjali says ok. Rahul comes and sees them talking. He comes to Anjali and says Indu is searching you. Vivaan says I will drop you. Rahul says your friends are searching you. Anjali says she will go.

They come home with Vivek. Indu asks Anjali to take Zoon inside and says she will come after talking to Vivek. Vivek asks what happened? Indu asks him not to tell anyone about the jewellery and says tomorrow after Visarjan, I will talk to Ritesh.

Vivek says I hope there is logical reason for this. Indu says I am thinking how did the stolen jewellery come on Ritesh’s Bappa, who might have done this. Sunita hears them and gets angry.

Rahul tells Ritesh that he has called Akhil Kashyap for Ganapati Darshan. Ritesh says he went outside the country. Rahul says he has come back. Ritesh says they shall throw the party to welcome him and goes to his room. Kaamna tells Sameer that until she ruins Ritesh’s life, she won’t be at peace.

Sunita asks Indu if she saw her jewellery on Ritesh’s Bappa. Indu asks her to listen. Sunita shouts yes or no. Indu nods her head. Sunita says you didn’t bring that necklace and didn’t tell anything to Ritesh. She says you asked Vivek not to tell anyone. Indu says I don’t want any drama in Ritesh’s house. Sunita says but you wanted to play with my emotions. She pushes her. Asha holds her.

Sunita imagines Indu standing in bridal dress without wearing jewellery and neighbors calling her inauspicious, and asking who will marry her now. She imagines them laughing and says my daughter will marry, she is not inauspicious and I will bring back her jewellery. The security guard tries to stop her as it is raining.

Kaamna invites someone for Ganapati Visarjan. She sees Sunita coming there angrily and thinks it seems she will blast the place. She thinks to call guard and asks him to let her come inside. Indu sees the door open and wonders why? She thinks where is Moj, takes umbrella and comes out, calling her. The security guard tells Indu that she went to Ritesh Malhotra’s house in auto. Indu is shocked.

Rahul and Ritesh are meeting Kashyap. Sunita comes inside and takes out jewellery from Bappa. Dolly sees her taking off the jewellery and asks her to stop. She calls Ritesh and says thief is running away with our jewellery.

Ritesh says Aunty, you. He says she is Indu’s mother and asks Dolly to leave her hand. Dolly asks why are you stealing with our Ganesh ji’s jewellery. Sunita says I am fine, I got whatever is mine and is leaving. Dolly says but why are you going with Bappa’s jewellery. Ritesh notices jewellery in Sunita’s hand. He says Aunty came here to do darshan. Sunita says I came to take my jewellery. Kaamna and Sameer smiles.

Ritesh says this jewellery is of Kaamna di. Sunita says it is my jewellery. Deep asks Rahul to take all the guests and Kashyap Sir to lounge. Rahul takes the guests from there. Ritesh says aunty, you are drenched fully in water, sit down, I will get coffee or tea for you. Sunita says she don’t want anything, says I got my jewellery and is leaving.

Ritesh says we shall sit and sort it out. Sunita says I am telling that this is my jewellery and I am taking it. Ritesh says it is not yours, but it is of Kaamna di. Kaamna says I sent it for polishing two days back. Sunita says it was stolen last night. Ritesh says you want to tell that your stolen jewellery is here, you are indirectly calling us thieves. Sunita asks him to think whatever he wants to.

She says my stolen jewellery came here, and asks him to ask Kaamna. She says I don’t know with which thief, she has bought this. Sameer gets angry and says they are very respectful people. Sunita asks him not to tell the word whose meaning he is unaware of. He says you was keeping someone else’s jewellery on your God and saying this. Ritesh says Kaamna di has the proof that this jewellery is hers.

Kaamna says ofcourse I can prove and asks Vivaan to call Jignesh bhai, says he will come. Vivaan pretends to call. Sunita says I don’t care whoever you call, I am taking this jewellery.

Ritesh says until it is proved that it belongs to whom, you can’t go. Vivaan says Jignesh bhai is coming. Indu comes there and asks what are you doing here? Kaamna and Sameer smile. Sunita says you saw my jewellery here and then also you came home, and didn’t tell anything to Ritesh.

Ritesh says you saw these jewellery here, then why didn’t you say anything. He says that time itself matter would have settled. Indu says I tried and I have filed FIR also. Kaamna asks if similar jewellery can’t happen. Indu says that’ s why I didn’t tell. Ritesh asks if this is the right time to talk. Sameer asks her to tell that she don’t want to ruin her relation with Ritesh and that’s why didn’t tell.

He says I swear that Raina family is bad. Indu says I agree that my mother came at wrong time, but that doesn’t mean that you can say anything to my family. She says my mother is right. Ritesh says your mother entered my house forcibly and it is right.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ritesh asks Indu whose daughter is, Zoon. Sunita shouts that Zoon is not Indu’s daughter, she is an orphan. Ritesh says I never thought this, that you are not her mother. Indu says who haven’t raised any children, shall not question my motherly love. Ritesh says you are a black spot on motherly name. Indu slaps Ritesh.


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