Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 12th July 2022 Episode starts with Ritesh smiling and looking at Indu. Rahul asks if laddoos are getting distributed here and you want to eat. Ritesh says that girl wearing earrings. He turns and don’t see her there. Rahul says she must be a ghost which is seen to you. He asks him to reserve her dreams for night.

Ritesh turns to look at her. Indu comes out of doctor’s cabin, but Rahul takes Ritesh with him. Ritesh says I want to meet the girl. Rahul says I don’t tolerate unprofessionalism. Ritesh says I am your boss and says he will be back soon. Rahul thinks which romeo insect bit him.

Vivek comes to Indu. Nurse asks Indu to make baby rest. Vivek gives bill to Indu. Indu says I gave you my card. Vivek says your card doesn’t work and says I will get the money back from you with interest. Indu says ok. He says I have to get injection and other stuff. Indu says she will get it. She says if Prashant was here, then he wouldn’t have helped me like you. She goes.

Sunita asks Rajendra why Indu took the baby for vaccination. Rajendra says it is needed. He reminds her of her time when she took Anjali to doctor in night. Sunita says I am her mother, what is Indu and that baby’s relation.

Rajendra says of humanity. Sunita says if Prashant and bahu Asha would have stayed here then they wouldn’t have let her do this. She says I will go to my son, then you shall stay with transport company. Rajendra asks what you are saying? Door bell rings. She opens the door and sees Mahesh standing. Mahesh shouts where is Indu? Ritesh comes to the doctor’s cabin and thinks where are you Ms.

Earring, come infront of me once. Indu is coming back to the baby, when Mahesh stops her. Indu says you. Sunita calls Vivek and informs him that Mahesh had come home. Vivek asks Nurse to take care of baby and goes out to talk to Sunita. Sunita says Mahesh had broken the things in the house, as his wife left him.

She says she got scared and told him that Indu went to hospital. She asks Vivek to bring Indu home. The nurse leaves baby alone and goes out. Ritesh comes there and asks the baby if she wants to go to Mamma.

He asks if she wants to come to Ritesh, and takes baby in his hand. He gets smell and says you have done potty. He says I will clean you. He takes out her diaper and cleans her with wet wipes. He says I will scold your Mummy Papa for leaving you alone. He sanitizes his hand and takes diaper. He makes baby wear the diaper.

He says diaper changing is done, but I will scold your parents. He asks if she will watch his film and become his fan. He says my youngest, prettiest and cutest fan. He does hifive with her and says that’s my girl. Nurse comes there and asks who is he? She doesn’t see his face. Rahul comes and takes him. Nurse thinks where is her Mummy?

Mahesh takes Indu to a hospital storeroom, and says I had trapped a rich girl Mansi, but she left me due to you. Nurse comes there and shouts. She calls ward boy. Mahesh hits him and he falls down. Mahesh drags Indu. The guards come there. Mahesh leaves Indu and says it is our personal matter.

Nurse comes there and asks Indu what is she doing here, it is time for baby’s vaccination. Mahesh hears and snatches baby from Nurse’s hand. He threatens to kill the baby with the scissor. Indu says leave my daughter and folds her hands. Mahesh asks if she is your daughter and says you used to be sati savitri and got the baby after I left.

He says you was showing love on me, as you wanted me to accept this baby. He says I was right about you, you don’t deserve to be bahu of good people’s house. Indu says enough. Mahesh says you didn’t feel ashamed to give her birth and says you have ruined my life and did this. He says I swear I didn’t see such a shameless girl. He says I will make you famous overnight. Indu asks him not to do anything to baby. Mahesh runs with the baby.

Indu says don’t harm my daughter and shouts Mahesh. The guard inform others to lock the hospital door as the man is running away with the baby. Ritesh gets his hand bandaged. The guard comes there and tells Ritesh and others that a guy has kidnapped a baby and running away with her.

He tells Ritesh that he will take him out through emergency exit. Vivek is looking for Indu, when someone informs him that a guy ran away with the baby. Ritesh is going and sees Mahesh going with the baby and threatening to kill her. He identifies him and asks whose baby it is? Mahesh says this baby is of that cheap woman who ruined my life. Ritesh asks him to stop.

Mahesh asks him to stay away from his personal matter. Ritesh says I will ask hospital not to file complaint against you, and asks him to leave baby. Mahesh asks if he has an affair with his ex and if this baby is yours. Ritesh asks have you gone mad and says if I come up then will throw you down. He says I will talk to Mansi and will make her understand. He asks what you will get by harming the baby. Mahesh says this is my ex baby, I will take revenge from her.

Indu says someone break this door. Ward boy tells that Mahesh went upstairs. Ritesh says ex will cry for some days and will get normal. He says but you will be jailed. He says I will bring her, you can scold her. Mahesh says I will throw the baby. Indu, vivek and others come and are standing downstairs.

Mahesh sees Indu and throws the baby in the passage between the stairs. Indu closes her eyes. Ritesh jumps and holds the baby and falls on the other stairs. Mahesh hits Ritesh. Ritesh beats up Mahesh. Vivek tells Indu that someone saved the baby. Ritesh kisses the baby. Police comes there and arrests Mahesh. Rahul asks Ritesh if he is fine? Ritesh looks at baby, who is holding his finger. He smiles.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vivek asks someone about the guy saving Indu’s daughter. Indu says she made kheer for him. The guy gives kheer to Ritesh. Ritesh says I don’t want it and want to ask why do they give birth to kids, if they can’t handle.


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