Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 13th September 2022 Episode starts with Ritesh telling Lawyer that Zoon shall be separated from that family. Lawyer Jatin tells that he will do something and will bring back Zoon to you.

Rahul asks how, as Ritesh is single? The lawyer says Indu didn’t adopt Zoon in 5 years and asks Ritesh to do everything legally. Ritesh goes to do visarjan. Rajendra is with Zoon. Sunita asks him to come for visarjan. Lawyer Jatin tells Kaamna that he has given fake assurance to Ritesh that Zoon can be his,

and says it is a lie. Kaamna says you will get money in your account. Sameer says Ritesh will not get Zoon easily. Kaamna says Ritesh shall not know else whatever is going to happen with her, will not happen. She says Zoon trusts Ritesh other than Indu. Sameer asks if Ritesh will believe you.

Kaamna says he trust her a lot. Indu tells Anjali and Asha that they will not go for visarjan, and will clean the kitchen. Vivek asks them to go and says he will bring them. Indu asks Zoon to clean the utensils with cloth. Vivek asks Indu to let him take Zoon, and says he will take care of her. Indu says I am sending her on your responsibility, nothing shall happen to her. Vivek says ok.

Vivek asks Zoon to come to the Pandal. The CAA come there. Indu opens the door. The lady tells that they got complaint that Zoon is kept here illegally. They ask if she is Indu Raina. Indu nods no. They get Inspector’s call and ask to come there. Indu is shocked. The lady asks where is Indu and Zoon,

we have to pack Zoon’s clothes and shall take from here. Indu says she is inside her room and asks them to come. She thinks Ritesh might have sent them. I can’t let them take Zoon. They go inside the room. Indu pushes the guy, locks the door and runs from there. The lady asks her to open the door.

Indu comes to the Pandal. The lady asks the assistant to call driver, but he couldn’t hear the ringtone due to the bhajan, Indu searches for Zoon. The lady calls Police and asks them to arrest Indu. Indu finally sees Zoon. She says we are going to Lonavala as you like it. The lady Nirmala and others see Zoon.

She calls Inspector and asks him to help her catch Indu. Indu misses Zoon in the crowd and gets worried. Zoon shouts Moj. She finally sees her, takes Zoon in her hands. She prays to Bappa and asks him to help her, and sign that he is with her. Zoon asks Bappa to do whatever her Moj wants.

Someone keeps color plate there. Indu says I understood your sign. Zoon thanks Bappa. She takes color plate and splashes on Inspector and Nirmala. She takes the color and smears on her face. Nirmala says I will not leave Indu Raina. Vivek looks for Zoon. Zoon comes to the road and tries to take auto or taxi. Zoon asks what is the problem? Indu cries and says I will tell you after reaching Lonavala.

Zoon says she will call Ritesh. Indu says he is busy. They sit in the auto. Nirmala and Police see her leaving. Nirmala calls and informs Kaamna.. Kaamna says until when the lamb’s mother will be relieved. Auto driver asks her to go by walk for the remaining distance. Indu thinks she doesn’t have money.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Zoon sees Ritesh and calls him. Indu sits down to hide. Sameer and Kaamna tell Ritesh that Indu fled with Zoon. Ritesh says I know where she went.


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