Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th September 2022  Episode starts with Indu and Zoon riding in the auto. The auto driver tells that there is a big Jammed and asks her to give 75 Rs. Indu says I don’t have money.

He asks her to transfer it online. She says she left home in a hurry and tells that she doesn’t have money. The auto driver asks why did you sit in my auto then. Zoon asks him not to scold her Moj, and goes on praising her to be good etc. The auto driver sees their love and asks them to go.

They get down the auto. The Ganapati procession is happening there. Ritesh is there with Rahul. Zoon is thirsty so Indu makes her drink water. Ritesh asks Rahul about the pedas and goes to get it. Ritesh gets the peda and keep infront of Ganapati. Zoon sees Ritesh and calls him genie Ritesh. Ritesh looks for her.

Indu sits on the ground. Zoon asks why are we hiding? Indu says she will tell her later and asks her to come. Ritesh tells Rahul that zoon is calling him. Rahul says you are thinking about Zoon and that’s why imagining her. Ritesh prays for Zoon’s safety. Indu thinks how she will go to Lonavala as she doesn’t have money.

She tells the taxi driver that she don’t have money. The driver refuses to take her. She hears the guy asking the driver to take the stuff to Lonavala, and call him after reaching there for confirmation. The driver says ok. Indu hears him, sits in the truck with Zoon. Vivek comes home. Asha says they are not here.

Anjali says they are not outside also. Vivek calls Indu and finds her phone ringing there. Anjali says where did Di go? Rajendra and Sunita come home. Asha says Zoon and Indu are missing. Sunita says Zoon must have asked her to take her to Ritesh’s house, and Indu must have taken her. Rajendra says Indu will not go there.

Kaamna tells Ritesh that the matter is such, how to tell you. She says Zoon is in trouble? Ritesh asks what? Kaamna says Indu eloped with Zoon, when CAA reached her. She says they have been searching them with Police help and she was last seen on taxi stand. Ritesh says that woman is mad, I will not leave her if anything happens to Zoon.

In the truck, Indu tells a story to Zoon. Zoon says my energy is gone, and I am hungry. Indu says I will get something for you, to eat. She sees carrots in the truck. She asks Zoon to eat carrots and says whoever eats full carrot will get 10 mins, and whoever have more carrots will win the race.

She takes the carrot and gives to Zoon and one for herself. Ritesh says we can’t take risk and asks Rahul to call Commissioner. Vivaan says Indu might have gone to her hometown. Sameer gives hint that the taxis take the people to lonavala, etc. Ritesh gets an idea that she took Zoon to Lonavala. Indu thinks to cross all limits. The driver stops the tempo and comes behind to see them.

Indu tells that they didn’t get any transport, so they sit in his tempo. The driver threatens to call Police. Zoon gets scared. Indu says can we talk there. Anjali comes to Ritesh’s house and talks to Vivaan. She asks if Indu came here. Vivaan says don’t worry CAA and Police are searching her, and Ritesh went to Lonavala to search them.

Anjali is shocked and asks him what is he saying. Vivaan tells her that Ritesh had complained with CAA that Zoon is not Indu’s daughter and she has kept her without adoption. He says Indu had eloped with Zoon. Anjali is shocked. Vivaan says when ritesh hates someone then he gets extreme.

Indu gives her earrings to the truck driver when he threatens to complain to Police. Zoon sees everything. Indu hugs her and asks her to come. The Police Inspector asks Ritesh not to worry and says if Indu Raina will be in Lonavala then we will arrest her. Ritesh thanks him. Rajendra and Vivek are worried for Indu. Anjali comes there and cries hugging Anjali. Asha asks what happened? Anjali tells them that Ritesh complained about Zoon, and Indu eloped with Zoon, and Police is behind her.

Zoon asks Indu when they will go home. Indu says we can’t go home, as some bad uncles want to snatch you from me, as they think that you are not my daughter and wants to take revenge from me by separating me with you. Zoon says that bad uncle is stupid, I will tell them that you are my Moj. Indu thinks she will tell everything once she sorts out everything.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Indu finds Zoon missing and sees Police jeep. She runs behind the jeep and find Zoon with Ritesh and Rahul. Ritesh looks at Indu.


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