Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th August 2022 Episode starts with Zoon telling Ritesh and all his friends were teasing her that one day father is not hers, and that’s why she was upset and wanted to meet him.

Ritesh says no problem and says my friends used to tease me calling me lambo, giraffe in my school. He says if anyone teases you, then call on my number, I will take his class. He writes the number and gives to Zoon. He says he will wash his hands and goes to wash basin to wash his hand, the tap breaks and the water falls on him.

Zoon calls Indu. Indu tries to fix the tap and she also gets drenched in water. She says sorry to Ritesh and says tap was not working, we called plumber, but he didn’t come. She says such things happens in middle class homes. Ritesh says again middle class. He says alteast you can place a board here, that tap is not working.

Indu says sorry. She says she will iron his hoodie and asks him to give. He sneezes. She says if you get unwell then I will be blamed. He says yes, because of you. He is about to remove his hoodie and looks at Indu. Indu turns her face. Ritesh removes his hoodie and gives to Indu. Song plays….

She plugs the iron in the switch box and it sparks, she falls. Ritesh holds her. She moves away. He signs her that her shirt button broke. She turns. He gives her safety pin and says he will iron his hoodie. Indu says she will iron it. He asks her to dry herself first and says he will plug the iron. She opens her hair and wipes it with towel. She says I will iron. She irons his hoodie, while he stands looking on.

Sameer tells Kadambari that he has invited her for dinner so let him pay. She insists to pay and says I don’t know that you are so fun loving, so this treat will be from my side. He says thanks to muddy water, we have become friends. Kadambari says this is just meeting, and tells that she has paid a heavy price.

Sameer says it seems you don’t trust men. She says dogs are faithful unlike men. Sameer says we will meet soon. He thinks she can make his career, and says Ritesh Malhotra, I am coming to take your place. Indu returns hoodie to Ritesh. Ritesh wears it. Indu apologizes for whatever she said to him in hospital seeing Bob ji in that condition. Ritesh says its ok. Vivek comes there and says aunty is calling Indu.

Vivaan sees Kadambari’s pic and says she is ordinary, how she reached on top. Sameer says there is some major problem in her past. He says he will find out her secret to trap her. Ritesh calls Vivek and asks can I ask you something? Vivek says yes. Ritesh asks about her husband.

Vivek says marriage happened, but they got divorce after Zoon is born. Ritesh asks if Zoon’s father doesn’t come to meet her. Vivek says no and asks him not to ask anyone in the house as Uncle and Aunty doesn’t like. Ritesh says sure and thinks Indu is stuck in her own problems, how she will take care of Zoon. Asha comes there and gives gawa to Ritesh, made by Indu. Ritesh looks at Indu.

Zoon asks Ritesh to tell her a story. Vivek pulls Indu to side and says Ritesh asked me about your husband, and says I told him that you are a divorcee. She asks why did you lie? He says if Ritesh tells the truth to Zoon, then? Indu says if this lie will prove costly.

Servant comes and says Pankaj sir asked him to keep the suitcase. Kaamna asks him to keep it. Rahul comes there and greets her. Kaamna asks Rahul if Ritesh’s film shoot is in Bangkok. Rahul says no. Ritesh comes there and asks for food. Kaamna asks him to sit. Servant serves him keto diet.

Kaamna asks until when you will eat this. Ritesh says until I have superstar tag. She asks why he came late, if shoot extended. He says shoot ended soon, he went for personal work. She asks what? He says do you remember school girl and says he went to her house. Kaamna says seriously, if that fan is important for you.

Ritesh says she is lovely. Kaamna asks if he wants to praise her mom too. He says I met her mother 2-3 times in 5 years, and felt some connection with her. He says Zoon is the connection. He says I am confused about her mother.

Indu tells Asha that when she saw Ritesh in his house, he was nice and perfect man. She says when I went to return his phone, he said that I don’t deserve to be called as a mother. Asha says you have never taken anyone’s words on heart and asks why you are feeling bad of his talks. She says you made him Zoon’s Papa in talks, and asks if she loves him. Indu says she has no place for love in her life.

Ritesh tells that he is confused if she is good, bad, stressout and today I come to know that she is divorcee. He says I am really confused. Kaamna says you talked about a girl with me. Ritesh says there is something in her. He drops the food on his jeans and goes to wash. Kaamna gets angry and thinks Ritesh told about a girl for the first time.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ritesh lies to teacher about Zoon’s mother and takes her from there. Later Peon informs Indu that Zoon went home with Ritesh Malhotra.


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