Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th August 2022 Episode starts with Indu asking teacher, how did she send Zoon from school, today she was having test. She asks who will take up the responsibility. The teacher recalls Ritesh’s words and says she can understand her situation and asks her to take her medicines on time.

She holds her hand and says we will handle if your daughter don’t come to school for 2-3 days. She says sometimes medicines have a bad effect on the mind. Indu shouts enough. Teacher asks did you forget to take medicine? Indu asks what medicines. Teacher says Ritesh ji told me about your mental condition, your father’s broken hand and your mother who is in hospital. Indu thinks what is Ritesh’s problem.

Zoon asks Ritesh what is his plan? Ritesh and Zoon are in the car. They listen to the music. They get down the car and enjoy the food at the roadside stall. He makes her have food. Bum bum bole song plays….Zoon likes the teddies and takes them. Ritesh gives money. Zoon kisses on his cheeks.

Vivaan tells Sameer that Kadambari Patel got the best entertainment editor award. Deep asks Vivaan to show her pic and says she is Kaddu. Sameer asks if he knows her. Deep says she was in my college. He says she had affair with her batchmade. Sameer asks about his name. Deep says he was not popular.

He says they were caught in the corridor of the college and then they were about to marry. He says he is getting late and goes. Sameer says once I get the pieces of this story, Kadambari will be on my fingerprints.

Kaamna sees Pankaj’s phone beeping. She checks Shanaya Reddy’s message and gets shocked. Zoon asks Ritesh to come to school daily. He says no, they can’t bunk school daily, as studies is important. Indu calls Ritesh and asks if Zoon is with him. Ritesh says yes. Indu asks him to drop Zoon home right now. Zoon asks if Moj was angry and says today genie Ritesh is gone.

Kaamna asks Rahul, about Ritesh’s interview with kadambari. Rahul says Ritesh cancelled it and went to Zoon’s school. Kaamna gets upset. She then asks if he knows Shanaya Reddy. Rahul says she is struggling model and shows her pic. He says he is searching the girl for Ritesh’s item song. Kaamna asks when is the shoot? Rahul says 2 days later. Kaamna gets an idea and thinks Pankaj has to cancel the Bangkok trip.

Indu is furious with Zoon and tells her parents. Zoon returns home and asks them to see the gifts given by Genie Ritesh. Indu asks where was you? Zoon says with Genie Ritesh. Indu asks where is he? Zoon says uncles are taking selfie with him. Indu thinks to teach him a lesson and comes out.

She collides with the flower pot and falls on Ritesh. They fall on the ground and have an eye lock. The watchmen call Ritesh. Indu says I want to talk to you. Ritesh asks this way. Indu gets up and asks why did you make my daughter bunk her school today. The guard asks for selfie. He takes it. Indu asks Ritesh to come. Ritesh asks himself to control his anger. Indu tells ritesh that his behavior is unacceptable.

He says I don’t teach lie to my daughter. Ritesh says even I don’t teach her this, she was upset and that’s why called me. He says she taught a lesson to a boy, and I took her for a treat. He says she needed a break and celebration. Indu says today it was her class test. Ritesh says I will ask Ms. Bhagat to take re-test.

Indu says my daughter don’t want special preference, and says she is normal middle class girl. She says she is her mother and will decide. She asks him to stay away from her daughter. Sunita says it seems they are fighting, this thing will not work after marriage.

Rajendra asks her not to break her hand. Sunita says let me hear what they are talking. Ritesh says it was small test, what’s the big deal if I took her out. Indu says it is bunking. She says Zoon needs punishment, but not outing. She says for middle class people, education is important to us since nursery and says we didn’t get wealth from childhood. He asks what is she saying?

Indu asks him to stay away from her daughter and says she is your fan, but why you are giving importance to her, and asks him to focus on his life. He asks how to focus, when you are a bad mother. Indu says enough. Ritesh says even Zoon knows that you are a bad mother and that’s why come to me.

Indu says you couldn’t become a good son, and giving me lecture about parenting. Ritesh says don’t say anything about my mother. Indu says God has made her helpless with her body, and you made her helpless by heart.

She says your mother is living life with the help of house help, though there is a big family, but she is sad and the emptiness is clear in her eyes. She asks if she gave birth to you, for this day. She says it is easy to point finger on others, and says 4 fingers are on yourself. Ritesh says enough Indu, I will forget that I am Ritesh Malhotra.

He says your own sister insult your mother, and you don’t say her anything. He asks did you tell Zoon, that you are a divorcee, why you have separated her from her father. He says that girl searches her father everywhere. He says you will not become her papa if sticks moustache.

He says you made me criminal as I took her out and asks her to have shame. He says you couldn’t be a good mother and raising finger on others. He says it would be good for Zoon to stay with step mom, rather than you. Indu shouts asking him not to meet Zoon. He says I will meet Zoon, I will see who will stop me. He sits in his car.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Indu’s friend asks her to say sorry to Ritesh. Ritesh tells Rahul that he will not say her sorry, and if she says him sorry then he will think of saying sorry. Indu says I will not say him sorry. Guard tells Ritesh that Indu has come.


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