Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st August 2022  Episode starts with Pankaj telling that so much happened with our family in the past few days, we have to make things fine, court verdict will come later, but for now we have to stay with Ritesh as a family,

that’s why we need to be careful during the press conference, and shall say whatever Lawyer asked us to say. He says Press will try to make us speak, but we shall be careful as our one mistake can ruin Ritesh’s career.

Kaamna says all my eyes will be on everyone and says if anyone does any mistake, then nobody will be bad than me. Deep asks if it is okay if I don’t attend the press conference. Kaamna says we shall stand supporting Ritesh. Deep says his work is effected as he didn’t go to site since 3 days. Kaamna says I said.

She then asks Dolly to make breakfast for press and asks her not to eat it, rather serve it. She sees Ritesh and says today is the big day for you, and asks if he is ready to tell truth to the world. Ritesh says what to tell, when I myself don’t know from where drugs came in my blood. Sameer says it was success party,

you would have taken it. Ritesh says I don’t take drugs, you know it. Sameer says you can tell the family. Ritesh says truth is that I don’t take drugs and says when I can’t convince my family, how to convince others. Kaamna says when he said that he didn’t take then he didn’t take. Sameer thinks nothing can save Ritesh.

He tells Kaamna that she can ignore his report, but not him. He says he will lie for her and goes. Kaamna asks Servant to organize hall for the press conference.

Sunita gets a call and asks Anjali about Indu. Anjali says she went out for work. Sunita comes to rajendra and says dot com called and said that a family like Indu’s profile and will come to see Zoon, as the groom is going to Dubai tomorrow. She says she called them in the evening. Rajendra asks if it is needed to be done today, as Zoon is recovering. Sunita says 5 years passed because of Zoon. She says she is not insisting for marriage soon. Rajendra says ok, talk to Indu.

Deep asks Servant to serve water to the Media. She asks them to call her if they need anything. Rahul comes and asks them to be seated. The media asks what is the point to call this press conference. Kaamna asks who called them here. Pankaj says they are the ones who were against Ritesh, they shall come to his side. Ritesh comes there. Kaamna says you will never lose hearing me.

Ritesh says I am doing this for you. He sits on the sofa. Rahul says Ritesh will give his statement about the drugs case involvement and says no other questions. Ritesh thanks media for coming there and says many of you have written the news and claimed that we were using drugs in the party. He says I want to clear that nobody took drugs in my party and says this is happening to ruin my image, all the accusation on me are false.

Indu tells Vivek that they will get late and asks him to drive fast and not at a tortoise speed. He says this is a problem of CNG car. Sunita calls Indu and asks if she can come home. She says someone is coming to see you, and says I am your mother and wants you to marry. She asks her to come and meet the guy. Indu says ok, I will come. She asks Vivek to drive fast.

Ritesh says this is tough time for our family and we also gets hurt. He asks them to respect their privacy and leave them alone for sometime. He says drug dept is enquiring and the truth will come out. The reporter asks if you are scared that if you talk to us, then your truth will come out. Ritesh asks who said. The reporter says I said. Ritesh asks why will I get scared. Other reporter says that your truth might come out.

Ritesh asks did any negative news came regarding me and asks why you didn’t think before publishing the news. Reporter says the report was confirmed by drugs dept. Other reporter says who said that only bad people take drugs. Reporter says if you have an idea that what young generation will do seeing you, and asks how you will look at them. Ritesh is angry, but keeps calm.

The Politician comes there and you have betrayed people. Rahul says it is a misunderstanding. The politician asks him to move back and tells Ritesh that he will blacken his face and will make the video viral on social media. Vivek gets a call and tells that he will come. He tells Indu that he has to go to Sangeet math. He asks can you go to Ritesh’s house alone, and gives her pendrive. Indu looks for auto and starts walking.

The Politician says you will provoke the people and I shall stay quiet, no. Ritesh asks who is he, how did he enter my house and calls Security. Sameer smiles. The Politician says you are a cheap actor and asking me who am I? He says I will ban your films and you can’t come out of house, you will shaken up.

Kaamna says Ritesh is innocent, he didn’t do anything. The Politician asks for proofs. Indu is walking on the road. The Politician asks her to move and asks the lady to tie her. Ritesh hits the Politician and says don’t touch his house’s women and says he will cut him. The Politician goon keep knife on a lady reporter’s neck.

Ritesh asks him to leave the girl. Rahul tries to control Ritesh’s anger. Kaamna calls Ritesh. Indu is walking still. The Politician gets up and says you raised hand on me, now see what I will do with you. Kaamna and Dolly are held by the Politician’s lady goons. Pankaj asks what is this nonsense?

The Politician says the Industry people think themselves are wise and think others are foolish. He dips his hand in the black ink. Kaamna and Dolly ask what are you doing? The Politician asks him to be quiet. Ritesh asks the goon to leave the reporter girl and says then I will make you run away from here naked.

The Politician is about to blacken his face, when Indu comes there and shouts asking them to stop.….and says I can prove that Ritesh is innocent. She asks the goon to leave the reporter girl. She shows the pendrive and asks Ritesh if I can talk to you alone. The Politician says I am leaving your respect for 5 mins, not a minute more. Ritesh goes inside. Indu goes behind him. Kaamna goes. Sameer gets worried.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ritesh, the Politician and the some reporters watch the video in which Indu is asking waiter Rajesh if he tells her truth then she will request Police not to be strict with him. The waiter says I will tell. Sunita gets angry and asks Indu to choose between Zoon and her.


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