Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st September 2022 Episode starts with Zoon coming to Ritesh and Indu. Ritesh goes to her and asks why did you come out? Zoon says I felt as if you are fighting with Moj. He says we were just talking.

He says when I came here, some people was outside and they must be welcoming Gannu bhaiyya. Zoon says I will take you there. She asks Indu if she will come. Indu is crying and asks her to go.

She recalls Satish’s threat and says I will bring money from office. Rajendra says you are trapped in a trouble. Indu says everything will be fine. Zoon comes to the Ganapati Pandal. Nikhil asks if he is really Ritesh. Ritesh says yes.

The neighbors get happy seeing him. Ritesh asks if we can help you all to decorate the Pandal. The lady says sure. Asha comes home and asks Indu what happened at home. Indy says I will tell you later. Payal calls Indu and tells that Kamat sir is not in office and went out, so she can’t get the money.

Indu cries. Ritesh is decorating the pandal when he gets Rahul’s call. He says he was stuck in important work and will come there. Zoon shows her drawing to him. Ritesh asks shall I drop you home. Zoon says she will stay here for sometime. Ritesh asks what you will do if you have any problem. She says she will call him.

Indu tells Rajendra and Asha that she took money from Satish bhai for Zoon’s treatment, thinking she is Zoon’s mother and has responsibility for her. She says she thought she will handle all the responsibilities. She says the goons raised hand on my Bob ji and my daughter was so afraid that she called the stranger for help.

She says I have defeated. Asha asks her to get up. Rajendra asks Indu not to call herself as defeated and says you are always a fighter. He asks her to mortgaged the jewellery and repay the loan. Indu says this is Moj’s jewellery.

Rajendra says she has kept this for your marriage and didn’t let me sell it for her cancer treatment, but we need this jewellery at the moment. Indu refuses to take the jewellery. Rajendra says we will not tell your Moj, we will get it back later. He asks her not to think and go.

Indu comes out of the house and calls Satish, telling that she has arranged money and asks him to come near Chembur PS. Satish asks if you was fooling me, though you had money, you was not returning. Indu says she is bringing something else for him. Kaamna comes to Sameer and tells that Indu is going to sell her jewellery and repay the loan. Sameer says then all her problems will end.

Kaamna says she is going to sell, haven’t sold them yet. Sameer laughs and says nobody can hold your hand in cunningness. She says she can cross all limits of evil when the matter is about Indu and her daughter. She asks if he understood what to do? He says yes. Indu is walking on the road, when she senses that some goons are following her. She is walking still.

The goon calls Sameer and tells that they found the girl and is going behind her. Indu stops seeing the dead body going from there. The goon comes and stands behind her. Other goon is standing infront of her. She tries to go, when the goon behind her pushes her and she falls down on the road.

The bag falls down and the jewellery pouch comes out of it. The goon picks the jewellery pouch and gives to another goon. They run away. Indu shouts asking people to catch the thief. She runs behind the goons. They throw things at her and run. She runs behind them. Indu is about to get hit by the tempo,

when a lady saves her. Indu looks for the goons, but they have run away. She sits on the road shattered and cries. Vivek comes in his car and gets down. He asks Indu, why she is sitting on the road and crying.

Indu says everything is over. The goon comes to Vivaan and gives him jewellery pouch. Vivaan asks him to vanish from the city. The goon says this is not our first work for Sameer. Vivaan calls Sameer and informs him that he got the jewellery. Sameer asks him to come home.

Ritesh is doing the decoration at his house. Dolly asks who is the decorator. Ritesh says he is decorating himself. Kaamna asks what is the need? Ritesh says I have decided that the family will decorate together.

The Servant brings Ritesh’s mother there. Ritesh asks how is the decoration and says they will do it altogether. Sameer comes home and signs Kaamna. Kaamna says I will see the food arrangements and goes. Ritesh tells his mother that only Zoon can handle him after his mother. He says he don’t get angry on anyone, leaving one person. Rahul asks who? Ritesh says Indu Raina.

Vivek and Indu come to the PS. The Inspector asks why did you go there at night. Vivek asks him to file the Complaint. The Inspector refuses to file the complaint. Indu pleads infront of Inspector. Inspector asks her to go to constable.

Sameer tells Kaamna that Vivaan called and said that jewellery is found. Kaamna says we have to hide it. Sameer asks why Ritesh is doing the decoration. Kaamna says he is boss for few days, and says she will show his value to him.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sunita asks Indu what has happened? Indu tells that she had taken loan from local money lender 3 years back. Sunita gets angry and says since she came, she is spreading inauspicious affect. Indu says she is my daughter. Sunita shouts she is an orphan.


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