Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd July 2022 Episode starts with Kaamna asking Indu on whom she was spying. Vivek comes there and tells Kaamna that she is not the guest, we let her come inside with the phone intentionally.

Kaamna says you will lose the job and will not get job anywhere, and will beg for money. Vivek gets worried and tells that she is not my guest, but a journalist, you had told security about B time’s journalist, she is the one. She asks Indu if she is journalist. Indu nods yes. Kaamna asks why didn’t you tell me before and calls her sweetheart.

She says she will send her to Ritesh’s room and asks her not to ask any personal questions. She says your boss has to do a big favor on me inexchange of this interview. She asks Vivek to send her to Ritesh’s room and goes. Vivek asks Indu to take Ritesh’s interview as it is the matter of his job.

Indu asks about Zoon. Vivek says I will take care of her. Ritesh tells his guest about Zoon and says don’t know where is she? Servant comes there and says reporter is waiting for you in the room for the interview. Ritesh says bedroom? He thinks to send reporter soon and comes to the room.

He looks at her and gets surprised seeing her. He recalls seeing her many years ago and asks if she is a reporter? She says yes. He says hi and forwards his hand. Song plays….Indu hesitantly shakes hand with him. He smiles. She takes back her hand. He asks her to sit. Indu sits on the sofa in his room.

Ritesh says you can ask anything, I am free fully today. Indu says hi…panics and asks for water. Ritesh says ofcourse. He looks for water in his room and finds the bottle empty. He thinks he is rich superstar, but is poor with water. He takes out the flowers and takes the water glass from under it.

He turns and sees her standing. He says it is for me, my protein drink and drinks. He says he don’t have water, but have soft drink. He asks her not to worry and says it is soft drink only.

He asks if this is her first interview. She says no, she had taken many interviews. He asks if she is nervous. Indu says she don’t want nervousness spelling. She then says that she is a graduate and learnt nervousness spelling first. He says you are nervous because of me, I will hide my face as you are getting scared seeing my face,

She says now you are cute. She panics and gets up again. She says she is a reporter, but an ordinary person. He asks for which newspaper you are covering this interview. She says magazine and says Duniya. She then says kutton ki duniya. Ritesh asks do you think that I am a dog. She says no, we take dog’s interview. He asks if she is taking his interview as his companion is stray dog.

She says yes. Ritesh tells her about the story and says hero comes from different planet and wants to become a biker on this earth, and stray dog helps him in his journey and becomes his best friend and guide. She asks who gave licenced to Alien and asks what will be the address on his Adhaar card.

He says we didn’t think. She says you people make films, but don’t follow basic rules and regulations. She says if you don’t do then what to expect from ordinary people. She asks from where the biker got the bike. He says sports bike and says he has a lover and chase 180 kms to protect her. She asks on which road, you was shooting.

He says we were filmy in film city. She says speed limit is 40 there and you was riding with 180 speed and says you shall be careful, you are a superstar and people gets inspired by you, if you don’t follow rules and regulation, then what we shall expect from ordinary people.

Ritesh asks if you are traffic police indisguise of a reporter. She asks what? The heroine of the film takes the drink from Sameer. Sameer tries to flirt with her. She says she is drunk, but will not go with him. She says Ritesh is a superstar, but you are superflop and Malhotra surname doesn’t suit you. He asks how dare you?

She says she is the successful actress, gave 3 superhit films, and signs 15 deals and has 3 million followers, not like you who uses brother’s money. Deep asks Dolly what is in these chits. Dolly says it is the names of the guests who will dance. Deep says he will only dance with her. She shows the special chit with her name and tells that Ritesh is giving interview now, and now we will dance. Sameer hears them.

Ritesh asks Indu to take water and says I was joking, I didn’t get the vibe of a journalist, and it doesn’t look like I am talking to you for the first time. She says we are not talking for the first time. He asks did we talk before.

She says you had said something some years ago, which changed my life. He says during shooting. He says I have your thing with me. She gets up and the glass falls down and breaks. She says I am sorry, I will clean it. She injures her hand while picking the call. Ritesh holds her hand and sucks her finger.

Song plays…Sameer comes there and asks if this is the exclusive interview. He laughs and says you might be angry that I spoiled it. Ritesh asks him to go and says you are drunk, we will talk later. Sameer says he came to talk to Reporter and asks her to take his interview. Indu says I will come and is about to go. Sameer says we will enjoy so much that you will not remember any name. Ritesh gets angry and shouts at Sameer.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vivaan tells Sameer that if he boils his anger, then he will only get brain haemorrage. Ritesh and asks him to do something. Ritesh and Indu dance in the party. Sameer adds some meidicine in Ritesh’s drink to malign his image.


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