Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 24th August 2022 Episode starts with Ritesh saying bharat mata ko jai after hoisting the flag. Indu asks Ritesh if he is fine. He asks what will happen to me and says he is just late.

He asks Rajendra and Sunita if he can take Zoon with him for sometime. Sunita says surely. Ritesh takes Zoon inside Indu’s office. Zoon says I knew that you will come and asks why did he bring her to Moj’s office.

Ritesh says I just wanted to spend sometime with you. Zoon asks are you sad? She notices tears rolling down his eyes and removes his googles. She asks if he is crying. He nods no. She asks him to say why is he crying, and asks him to tell what is his problem, and she will then talk to Ganu bhaiyya.

Ritesh says Ganu bhaiyya. Zoon says Moj says Ganu bhaiyya is my brother and will solve the problems, some problems fast and some late, as he have much laddoos. She says she wants to get fine so that she can dance. She says did you understand who is he? She says she will ask him to solve his problem.

Ritesh says first he shall make you fine, and then you can dance. Zoon prays that Ritesh’s problem seems big so he shall solve his problem first. Indu comes there and sends Zoon out to Vivek. She gives milk to Ritesh and says she will bring the snacks. Ritesh throws the milk tray. Indu is shocked and asks what did you do? He holds her hand. She says leave me, I am feeling the pain.

Ritesh asks what is this drama? Indu says she has the feeling that he is not fine. He says you came to my house and acted to say sorry. Indu tries to clarify. He says he came for Zoon and not for her. Indu looks at him.

Vivek comes to Indu’s house and tells Asha and Zoon that he has brought prasad from Siddhivinayak temple. Zoon says Modak and is about to eat it, but stops. She says she wants to give it to genie Ritesh, as he was very sad today. Indu comes there.

Ritesh comes to see his mother in hospital. He says first I was away from you, due to my guilt, but when I came to you leaving my guilt behind, due to Zoon, you are going away from me. He says Maa, please don’t leave me, I miss you and Papa.

He says after that accident, something is broken in me which hurts me and I get mad. He says he does his duty well as a superstar, don’t tell anyone that he is lonely and sad. He says don’t leave me alone. He says he can’t lose her again and cries. He says when I don’t use to wake up to go to school, you used to whisper who is Maa’s favorite.

He says I miss that even now and knows that my mother will get up and hug and kiss me. He asks who is Rishu’s favorite? Maa. He cries. Rahul comes there and asks if he is fine. He asks him to go home and rest. Ritesh insists to stay with Maa and hopes she gets fine. Rahul says she will be fine.

Indu asks Zoon, so you want to give this prasad to genie Ritesh, so that he gets happy. She asks her to get ready and says they will go to genie Ritesh’s house. Asha says I will get you ready. Indu stops Zoon and asks whom you love the most, Genie Ritesh or Me. She asks if you will give me prasad if I am upset.

Zoon says yes, I love you the most and asks her not to get sad. She says you take half and we will give other half to Ritesh. Indu hugs her and says I love you. Zoon says I love you too. Indu asks her to get ready. Zoon goes with Asha. Vivek asks what was it? Indu says insecurity of a mother.

Vivek asks if you are jealous as Ritesh is coming closer to Zoon. Indu says he is special for Zoon and she is special to me. She says Zoon is my epicenter of my life and says the thought that my daughter loves someone else is very scary for her. Vivek says this is normal. Indu says Zoon is my everything.

They come to Ritesh’s house. The security officer tells that Ritesh is not at home, as his mother met with an accident in the morning and is hospitalized. Indu thinks he came to the function for Zoon, even after the accident. The officer tells that he will make pass. Zoon tells that she wants to go to loo.

The lady security guard takes her to use washroom. Kaamna asks Pankaj if he don’t want to say anything. Pankaj says nothing. Kaamna says you are behaving this way with me. She says you can atleast thank me.

He asks why to thank you, as you cancelled my trip. Kaamna says for saving you from Ritesh, as bhabhi fell down due to you. Pankaj says it all happened as you cancelled my trip. Kaamna asks why didn’t you say. He says I was silent because. They see lady security guard and Zoon hearing them.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaamna threatens Zoon saying she will lock her in dark room, if she tells anyone. Zoon pee hearing her threat. Later she gets fever and tells in sleep that she will not tell anyone. Indu cries and says this is done by Kaamna ji, and says if you are responsible for my daughter’s condition, then I will not leave you.


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