Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 26th July 2022 Episode starts with Ritesh getting angry on Sameer and asks him to close his mouth and leave from there. Sameer says if you do then it is Raasleela and if I do, then it is character dheela.

He says I want this girl only. Ritesh slaps him and Sameer falls down. Sameer gets up and is about to hit Ritesh, when his father Pankaj comes there and slaps Sameer. He scolds him for trying to raise hand on his brother. Kaamna takes Sameer away from there. Pankaj tells Ritesh that don’t know why he has done this.

Ritesh tells that today he has crossed all limits, and says such cheap thing happened again in my house, then I will forget all relations. Pankaj says I will handle and asks Indu not to let this thing go outside the room. Ritesh asks Indu if she is fine. Indu says yes and tells that she is getting late and will go. Ritesh thanks her and says glad to meet you. Indu looks at him and goes.

Kaamna tells Sameer, who will be responsible if Journalist writes something bad about Ritesh, and says his success party is going on outside. Sameer says he made us useless and calls her Maasi. She says you took my mother’s place, but couldn’t become my mother or my father’s wife, but became Ritesh’s Chamchi.

He asks if the truth is bitter. Kaamna gets teary eyes. Vivaan comes there. Kaamna asks him to make him drink black coffee, if he does any siyappa, then I can’t handle your father. She goes to Pankaj and tells that Sameer will be alright. He says he married her so that so could give good upbringing to them and give them good values,

but did the opposite thing. He says Sameer is a flop actor in the market, and people don’t want to take their name together. He says if I was not here, then Ritesh would have thrown him out. He asks her to cheer up ritesh and bring him out, as party is still on. Kaamna says ok. Pankaj goes.

Kaamna says I married you, as I loved you, Vivaan and Sameer very much after Didi left, but you didn’t value my love. Dolly comes there and asks her to taste something. She asks her not to take things on heart and says Deep. Kaamna says even a thief will not look at you and scolds her.

Sunita asks the neighbors why you didn’t call us to a function. The neighbor makes excuses and then tell that they didn’t call because of Indu and Zoon.

She says people taunt me if I call you all. Asha tells that people adopts kids. Other neighbor also taunt them. The neighbor tells that people tell that Zoon is the illegitimate child of Mahesh and Indu. Then they taunt Asha. Sunita says enough and praises Asha. She then praises Indu for giving good upbringing to Zoon. Asha asks her not to get upset and come with her.

Indu tells Vivek that she can’t think that Sameer is Ritesh’s cousin, and tells that they are poles apart. Vivek says sorry. Indu says Ritesh and his Chacha apologized to me on his behalf. She asks Zoon to come and says they shall leave. Zoon says she will watch couple dance and will go.

The girl tells that all the chits are distributed to the girls and guys, and says whoever number matches, shall come here on stage and dance. She says number 1, 2 etc. Kaamna sees Pankaj keeping hand on a young girl’s shoulder. Deep and Dolly also gets the same number and goes to dance. Indu tells that it is 10:30 pm, we shall leave. Zoon prays to God to do something and stop her Moj.

Next comes is Ritesh’s number 7. He says he is having number 7. The girl asks who is that lucky girl who got chance to dance with Ritesh. Zoon tells Indu that she has taken the chit and the number is 7. She asks Indu to dance with Ritesh. Indu says she don’t have time for all this, and will go and return the chit.

She goes to tell that she can’t dance, but is welcomed on te stage. Ritesh looks at Indu. Sameer says he will destroy Ritesh. Vivaan says if you boil your anger then you will get haemorage. He asks him to bring self in zero degree and attack like Cheetah, without giving warning. Sameer eyes Ritesh angrily. Ritesh forwards his hand towards Indu. She gives her hand. He dances with her.

Song plays….tere bin. Vivek looks at them. Sameer, Kaamna and Pankaj looks on. Ritesh holds Indu’s hand and strikes RK pose with her. Everyone claps for them. Rahul claps. Zoon says genie Ritesh, wow. Kaamna tells that she has to keep eye on this girl, she doesn’t seems to be right. Indu goes from there. Sameer thinks to ruin his image. Indu comes to Zoon and says we will go home. They leave.

Ritesh is dancing and turns to Indu, and sees her gone. Sameer stops waiter and asks where is he taking the drinks. Waiter says for Ritesh sir and his friends. Sameer takes him to side and takes some medicine from the hideout, and adds in Ritesh’s glass. He then gives money to the waiter. The waiter gets tensed. Sameer asks him to take the glass to Ritesh. The waiter says ok. Sameer looks on.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :A politician Manjeet Chawla tells that Ritesh was drunk in the party and was taking drugs, his right place is in jail. Ritesh watches the news. The reporter asks what Ritesh Malhotra was hiding.


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