Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th July 2022 Episode starts with Waiter serving drinks to the guests. He then goes to Ritesh and gives him the spiked drink. Ritesh drinks it. Sameer looks at him. Indu reaches home with Zoon.

Sunita, Rajendra, Asha and Anjali are waiting for them. Indu asks what happened, why you didn’t sleep yet. Sunita asks Anjali to take Zoon inside and make her sleep. Anjali takes her inside. Indu asks Rajendra if everything is fine.

Sunita asks when will you get married? Indu says since 5 years you are talking on this topic. She asks her to talk in low tone and says Zoon might hear. Sunita says let her hear, and says you are not paying heed to my sayings.

She says neighbors are taunting me and asks what sin I have done. Indu says if I get married then what will happen with Zoon. Sunita says you should have thought this before bringing that orphan girl here. Indu says she is my daughter, don’t say this. Sunita says I want you to get married.

Indu says I am ready to marry and says she will marry the guy on one condition, and says that guy shall accept Zoon too. Sunita says where to search such girl. Indu goes. Sameer asks the waiter about Ritesh. Waiter says he is in his room. Sameer keeps spy camera in the tray and asks him to do as he said. Ritesh and all his friends are drunk. Ritesh takes the drink and drinks.

Asha comes to Indu and asks why didn’t you sleep yet. Indu says nothing. Asha asks her to sit and tells that even Moj is not wrong, and says you have the right to be happy. Indu asks why you don’t want to be happy. Asha says Prashant’s love is for the lifetime. Indu says Mahesh’s betrayal is for my lifetime.

Asha says I have promised Prashant that I will take care of this house. She asks Indu to search that guy and tells that she will adopt Zoon and will make sure that she gives her all the love. Indu says I hate love now, and will get married so that Zoon gets a father. She says she don’t want to talk.

Asha says it is not easy to search father for Zoon. She asks her to sleep and goes. Indu searches for her inhaler and searches in her purse. She finds Ritesh’s pic and thinks I can’t give this pic to Zoon, and will ask Vivek to bring another pic. She thinks he is good and different.

Sameer goes to his room and calls rocky, asks him to make the video viral. He says Ritesh Malhotra, your money, stardom and attitude are over, I will see who will save you. Kaamna comes there and asks what did you say? Sameer says nothing and apologizes to her for venting out his anger on her.

Kaamna asks him to do anger management course and says I want to see you on top, but your anger…Sameer says I will mend my ways. Kaamna says she has talked about his photoshoot for the magazine cover page. He gets happy and hugs her.

Next morning, Rahul calls Ritesh and asks did you upload that video? Ritesh asks which video. Rahul says your room video, and says I asked everyone, but nobody made it. He says it is viral now, and asks him not to worry and says he will handle it. Kaamna comes there and reads the comments on the video.

She reads it was drug party, and says party leader wrote a open letter on social media. Ritesh asks what? Vivek talks to Indu and says they made the party as drug party. He says politician made it as drug party, as Ritesh rubbed his nose in the video. He says it is common in actors. Indu says I felt Ritesh is genuine.

Vivek says I hope so. He says Kaamna will take my job. Indu says that video was after party. She says I will pray for your job else you will get miser. He says you are getting shameless to have free food. She says I will pray for Ritesh, if he gets caught in this then my phuggi’s heart will be broken.

The reporter asks the heroine if she has taken drugs as well. Ritesh says I was rubbing my nose, and was searching my phone. Vivaan says Manjeet Chawla wants to uplift his career. Kaamna asks who made this video. Ritesh says I didn’t remember when I went to the room. He says I am sure that I didn’t take the drugs. Kaamna says she asked all the servants, but they don’t know.

Deep asks Ritesh to see Manjeet Chawla’s video, in which he tells that Ritesh shall be arrested. The reporter asks what was he hiding by rubbing his nose? Kaamna says she will scold this reporter. Rahul gets a message and says hashtags started on social media, hashtag boycott Ritesh, hashtag punish him.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rahul calls Pankaj and tells that they have taken my blood test and it came negative. Someone comes and informs Rahul that the result is positive. Sameer smirks. Vivek says Ritesh had taken drugs. Indu says if someone is playing with his life. Vivek says Ritesh is a player. Indu says I don’t care and is worried about my daughter. Zoon thinks to go to Ritesh and tell him that he is a good boy.


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