Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th September 2022 Episode starts with Ritesh asking Rahul about the lawyer. Rahul says his call is not connecting. The lawyer comes there. Ritesh asks if everything is sorted. Lawyer says he got the papers ready as he said. Kaamna tells Vivaan that Ritesh is cooking khichdi with Deep and Dolly.

Vivaan says Ritesh is hiding things from you. Kaamna says he told me that he is going to adopt Zoon, but don’t know how. She says we will know about this, when we go to court. Indu’s lawyer comes to Indu and tells that Ritesh has also filed for the custody. Indu asks with what right, he is asking for Zoon’s custody.

Indu asks with what right, he is asking for custody. Sumant says all the best to Meghna. Meghna says you will lose another case of your career from me. They go inside the court. Vivek gets a call. Ritesh tells Rahul that he will come in 2 mins. He comes to Indu and says I need to talk to you about your advantage. Indu asks did you forget yourself? Ritesh says I am filing for Zoon’s full custody.

Indu says I will not let you separate Zoon from me. Ritesh says your bond is genuine and deep with Zoon, and I don’t want to separate you from her, though I think that you are not a good mother. He asks her to think that he can give her good life and says she will not be 6 years old always. Indu says this is your God’s syndrome.

Ritesh asks what is your salary? You have taken loans from many. He says he has resources and can give a good life to her. Indu asks do you think that Zoon will be happy with your money. She says I will not let my daughter separate from myself until I am alive. She says lets see whom Devi maa supports.

Ritesh says lets see, whom she will support, a stubborn mother or the person who wants to give good life to her. Indu’s holy cloth opens up and falls on Ritesh. Ritesh smiles and looks at the temple there. He ties it to his hand and folds his hand.

Anjali and Asha come there. Indu asks about Rajendra. Anjali says he is at home. Asha asks about the goodluck holy cloth. Indu realizes it was taken off and flied away. She says she will search it. Kaamna and Vivaan reach court and asks Sameer why is he here? Sameer says he has come for Kadambari, who is coming for Zoon.

Ritesh’s lawyer Samant tells the Judge that to give the custody of Zoon to his client. Indu’s lawyer Meghna tells that court doesn’t give custody to single father. Samant says I want to call my client and tells that Dolly and Deep are married and wants to adopt Zoon.

Zoon asks Rajendra if Indu got permission. Rajendra says not now. He is playing snowman with the tail and it breaks. Zoon says now we have to make it again. Rajendra says I will make it. Sunita comes there and makes it. Zoon says wow Nani, you are the best. Sunita goes without talking to her. Zoon asks if she will not talk to me.

Samant tells that Deep and Dolly don’t have their own children so they will give love to Zoon, and is financial stable than Indu. He says in Zoon’s matter, financial stability is most important. He says Indu Raina has taken loan from someone and couldn’t pay the loan, goons had entered her house, and to secure them,

Ritesh paid her loan. He says this proves that Indu Raina can’t give good upbringing to Zoon. Kaamna asks where is Kadambari? Sameer says she is not picking the call. Meghna asks Dolly about Zoon. Dolly says whenever I see her, I think that if we have a daughter then she would be like her.

Meghna asks if you will give her just money. Dolly says love is foremost important than money. Deep says she wants to say that love is equally important to financial stability. The lawyer tells that Indu has been taking care of Zoon since she was born, and for Zoon, Indu is her mother.

She says Indu Raina has sacrificed her life for Zoon, and is standing here for custody. She tells that Deep and Dolly can give financial stability to Zoon, but can’t say about love. She asks Judge to decide if mother’s love is important for the girl or money. The Judge tells that she has reached the verdict that Zoon’s custody will remain with….

Everyone waits for the judge’s verdict. Kadambari comes there wearing simple clothes, and asks Judge to stop. Indu gets shocked seeing her and identifies her. Ritesh is shocked to see her. Sameer smiles. Judge asks who are you, and how dare you to stop the court judgement. Kadambari says she is Kadambari Patel,

Zoon Patel’s real mother. Ritesh looks at Indu and kadambari. Kaamna tells that the drama is superb. Judge asks where is your lawyer? Lawyer Kalpana comes there and says I am filing adoption papers from Kadambari’s behalf.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ritesh argues with Sameer and tells that Kadambari is a bad woman. sameer asks him to mind his tongue and says who is ruining Zoon’s life, you or me. He says you can’t be right always. Ritesh tells Rahul that he can understand everything clearly and prays to Goddess that if Indu is mother for Zoon, then he will help Indu fully to get Zoon’s custody.


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