Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with Vivek and Indu coming out of the PS. Vivek asks Indu to come home. Indu says I can’t go home, and can’t tell anything to Bob ji.

Vivek asks her not to take tension and says everything will be fine. Indu says nothing will be fine, I have lost. She says today not just a mother failed, but a daughter too. She says that jewellery was very dear to Moj, and Bob ji gave to me trusting me. She says I didn’t take money for myself, but for Zoon’s treatment.

She says my account was empty, you was not here and I was forced to take money from Satish. She says she couldn’t give him installment since 2 months, and requested him for sometime, but he didn’t agree.

She says he had come home, and scared my daughter. Vivek holds her as she falls. He says you are my superhero, I will not let you get weak, I am your lifetime support and best friend. He sees Satish’s call and picks the call. Satish asks if she is fooling him and asks her to give the money, else he will sell her.

Vivek calls him dog and asks him to mind his language. He says I will return your money and asks him not to look at Indu. Satish asks who are you? Vivek says your father. He threatens to enter his house and beat him. Satish ends the call.

Ritesh tells Rahul that Zoon was very scared and hugged her. He asks Rahul to go and find out, what is happening there, what Indu is doing. Rahul says how can I go there, without any reasons. Ritesh gives him invitation card for Ganapati celebrations and asks him to go. Rahul goes.

Sunita sees Zoon in the society ganapati function. She asks Zoon what is she doing? Zoon says she is making a family pic. Sunita asks her to show. Zoon shows her pic with Indu and Ritesh. Sunita asks if he is your Papa. Zoon says he does all the things which a papa does. Sunita smiles and goes inside the house.

Vivaan comes home and collides with Dolly, the jewellery bag falls down. Ritesh sees the jewellery and asks Vivaan whose jewellery is this? Vivaan says he brought it…Kaamna comes there and says you have bought the jewellery from the jeweller and lies that she had given them for polishing.

She says she will wear it for the function. Sameer lies it is the same which Paa gifted you last year. Ritesh asks her to show the jewellery. Kaamna shows him jewellery. Ritesh likes it and says we will make Ganapati wear this jewellery this time. Kaamna says no, we will make him wear new jewellery. Ritesh insists. Kaamna says ok, but gets tensed. Ritesh takes the jewellery to keep near Ganapati ji.

Vivek brings Indu home. Rajendra asks did you give money to Satish. Indu says jewellery is stolen. Sunita comes and asks what? Rajendra tries to cover up. Indu tells her truth. Sunita gets shocked. Indu comes near her. Sunita asks her to move back and not to touch her. Indu says Moj, I am sorry.

Sunita says sorry doesn’t mean to you, you always get saved by saying sorry. She says you can’t put life in someone by saying sorry. Indu says Moj. Sunita says I am not your Moj. She says you had killed me when you had brought Zoon here. She says you had proved that I have no importance in your life.

Rajendra says I had given the jewellery to her. Vivek asks her to calm down. Sunita asks him not to interfere in her family matter. She says if I have no respect here, then throw me out. Indu tries to pacify her. Sunita slaps her and says you have made that street girl sit on your head and risked your life, didn’t think about your mother once.

She asks why don’t you understand that she will be of the street only. Indu says why you are bringing Zoon in this matter.

Sunita says this drama is happening due to her accident, you had brought her here and she is inauspicious since 5 years. Indu says she is my daughter. Rahul comes there and stops outside. Sunita says Zoon is an orphan and you didn’t adopt her due to the promise given by me. Rahul is shocked.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Indu asks Asha why Moj dragged Zoon in their fight. Zoon hears her and asks what did Nani tell about me? Kaamna tells Vivaan and Sameer that Zoon is an orphan and is not Indu’s daughter. Ritesh calls Kaamna. Indu says sorry to Sunita. Sunita asks her to throw Zoon out else think that her Moj is dead for her.


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