Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th July 2022 Episode starts with Indu rushing Rajendra to the hospital. She says nothing will happen to you, and asks him to keep his eyes open. She says you will be fine. He is taken to the ICU.

Indu sits outside and cries. Sunita tells Vivek and Anjali that Rajendra and Indu haven’t called her after reaching there. Vivek asks her to have vada pav and not to take tension. She asks him to be quiet, else she will vent out her anger on him.

She says something had happened there. Anjali says we shall go and watch Ritesh’s new movie. Sunita is worried for Indu and Rajendra. Anjali says she is going to sleep. Vivek asks Sunita not to worry and tells that Indu must be fine, today is the life changing day for her.

Doctor checks Rajendra and asks Indu how did he get so much hurt? Rajendra says I fell down from stairs. Doctor says I have to get his Xray and MRI done. He asks Indu to pay the bill and says he will get him ready for the tests. Indu gives insurance card to the receptionist and asks her to pay the bill.

The receptionist asks her to sign on the papers. She gets a call and picks the call. Sunita is on the call and says you both are not picking the call. Indu says Mahesh was fighting with us, that why we didn’t bring you with us. She says Manoj has finished half of the sweets box. Receptionist hears her lying.

Vivek takes the call and asks her, when the happy ending is going to happen. Indu cries. Vivek says I will talk to Mahesh. Indu says he is dead for me and asks him to take care of Sunita. Vivek is shocked and tells Sunita that Indu is hanging out with Mahek.

Sunita says she said that she is in the party, and tells Vivek that she is not weak, though she has fought with the cancer, but her family doesn’t let her stand with them. Vivek says it is not like that. Sunita says I am her mother and knows that something bad has happened there.

The receptionist gives the receipt to Indu. Indu takes it and keeps it in the purse. She looks at the ring in her purse and keeps it back. She asks Peon to give file to Doctor and asks him to start the MRI. She says she will be back.

Ritesh comes to Mahesh and Mansi’s house. Mansi gets happy to see him and says you are hero. Ritesh says your husband might be earning much money. He is her friend. Rahul comes there and says she chooses her hair pin carefully, so her husband must be good. She says I will make you both meet my husband.

Mansi tells Mahesh that many girls proposed Ritesh, but he refused them. She says he wants simple and Indian girl. Rahul says all girls are after my stardom, if I don’t have stardom then they will run away.

Rahul says God has stopped making genuine girls. Mansi says God must be sending special piece couriered to him. He says delivery might be on the door. Indu comes there and shouts calling Mahesh. The guards stop her. Mansi and Mahesh come out. Mansi says you are here Indu?

Indu says first you was behind me and now behind your wife. Mahesh says you are old type even now, I don’t care. Indu says if you had cared then wouldn’t have beaten the old guy whom you referred as your father in Mumbai and wouldn’t have hurt my feelings.

Mahesh asks what feelings and asks do you think that you are Ms. World that I will roam around you, says you are incompetent and aimless girl and asks if I shall get my destiny break by loving such girl like you. She says my destiny was bad that I loved you, and says you are a cheap, vulgar and street guy, and says I brought my Bob ji here due to your fake promises.

She says I swear if anything happens to my Bob ji then I will not leave you. Mahesh asks Shankar to throw her out. Indu says I will kill you. Mansi tells Indu that guests have come here and says we will talk tomorrow. She says she will give money for her father’s treatment and will bring it.

Mahesh asks Mansi to give the money and says she is acting to love me for money. He says her home will not work with her father’s tiffin business and says she needs extra money. Indu says you are talking about money, who stayed in my house for rent free, had free food and took money from my wallet to pay phone bills. He says I had bad phase, but I am not playing games like you.

She says you played a more big game of humanity, love etc. She says I have realized that the love which I thought as my life is betrayal and thanks him for making her realize that love is the mask of lies and betrayal. She says I have less money, but I don’t live life on debt. She empties her purse and takes out the ring. She throws it on Mahesh and asks him to take it for whatever he spent on her.

She says I will break your ego one day. Mahesh asks her to go from there. He goes inside and sees Ritesh and Rahul standing and hearing them. Indu looks at Mansi and goes out. Mansi calls her. Ritesh comes out and sees her going. He goes behind her. Mansi, Mahesh and Rahul look at him going behind her. Indu cries thinking of Mahesh’s harsh words. Ritesh is walking behind her and asks her to stop.

She sits in the auto and leaves, though he tries to stop her. Rahul comes there and asks Ritesh where is he going? He asks why you started running behind strange girls? Ritesh says that girl is broken and lost trust on love. He says nobody deserves this and says that blo*dy Mahesh.

Doctor appreciates Indu for getting her father treated in a stranger city. Indu asks can we travel by bus. Doctor says yes. Rajendra says we have tickets booked for tomorrow. Indu says she don’t want to stay here even for a moment.

Ritesh asks Mahesh what is that? Mahesh says sorry and says she was after me since he was in Mumbai. He says she came to know about my marriage and came here, she is gold digger and is disgusting type of girl. He says I tried to avoid her in Mumbai also, and says I didn’t see such cheap girl, who can do anything for money.

Ritesh sees ring on the floor and says whoever is after money, doesn’t throw gold ring like this. He says if you was not Mansi’s husband then I would have buried you right here. He says your wife used to take 400 reviews even if she wanted to get nail polish applied. He asks if she didn’t take feedback from people, before marrying him.

He says you are college topper and smart than us. He asks why you didn’t check his background. He says I am an actor and knows the difference between acting and reality, that girl tears was real. He says your psychopath husband ruined her life. Mahesh asks him to be quiet and says it is my personal matter.

Ritesh says personal matter, and asks Mansi to rectify her mistake and leave this cheap man. He says once a cheater, always a cheater and asks Mansi to leave him. Mahesh gets angry and raises hand on Ritesh. Ritesh pushes him and says I am stopping myself due to Mansi, if I don’t then the world will forget you. He pushes Mahesh. Mahesh looks angrily at him.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Indu sees a lady abandoning her baby. A guy asks her to leave the baby in the PS. Indu leaves the baby in the PS, when the baby holds her dupatta. Indu stops.


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