Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th September 2022 Episode starts with Indu knocking on the door and comes inside Ritesh’s room. Ritesh says it is limit, if anyone will hear me in this house. She sees him shirtless and turns her face.

He covers himself with towel and says you can turn. Indu turns and asks what happened? What is the problem in the clothes sent by me. He says 4 mts cloth is sent instead of pajama. He says he will wear elastic pajama or jeans. Indu says it is dhoti and asks if he will not wear dhoti for the role.

Ritesh says he is The Ritesh Malhotra and says nobody can force him. Indu says I will tell Zoon and will bring her here. Ritesh says I am not scared of anyone. Indu is going calling Zoon. Ritesh says we shall talk ourselves. She says she knows that he will agree with zoon’s sayings. Ritesh says there is a problem, and tells that he has problem and tells that once the dhoti opened out during the scene,

infront of unit and since then, I have dhoti phobia. Indu says this time, your dhoti will not open. Ritesh asks promise. Kaamna makes poisonous modak and thinks when Shakuntala have it, her mouth will bleed. She says the news will be killer son etc. She says Ritesh and Indu’s love story will end.

Indu takes the cloth to tie dhoti to him. He removes his towel and throws on bed. She is holding the dhoti cloth and he gets pulled closer to her. Main tera banjawunga….plays…..Indu makes him wear dhoti and then gives him kurta. He tries to wear it. She makes him wear it and then makes him wear the dupatta.

Vivaan comes to Sameer and says you are looking very smart today. Sameer says my life is sorted, if she likes me. Vivaan says you have invited her, Ritesh said that no media shall be called. Sameer says she is my friend and must be coming.

Kadambari is leaving from her house, when Kapadia uncle comes there and informs her about her Papa’s demise. She says I am sorry for his death, but he didn’t do anything for me. She says he had thrown me out of the house when I needed him. He says I know everything, just read his will once.

Rahul calls Pandit ji and driver and collides with Anjali. The colors fall on Rahul and Anjali, which she was taking. They say sorry to each other. Rahul says you made my boring clothes colorful. He says I will bring tissue for you. Vivaan wipes her face with his handkerchief. Ritesh comes out and sees Zoon. Zoon takes off bad sight from him and tells that Nani used to do this.

She says Moj gave you nice clothes and asks Ritesh to go and bring Gannu bhaiyya home. Zoon comes to kitchen searching Indu and sees Modak in the plate. She picks the modak and is about to eat it when Servant takes it from her hand. Zoon says I came to search Moj and was hungry so was trying to eat it.

Servant says first it will be kept as bhog. Zoon says Gannu bhaiyya will not feel bad if I eat it. Servant says ok and gives modak to her. Indu is about to eat it, but Indu comes and stops her. She thinks Dolly made it and goes with Zoon.

Kadambari is upset seeing her father’s will. Kapadia uncle tells that her father was regretting and was aware that the guy with whom she was staying had thrown her out of the house, and also knew that she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby. Kadambari says what nonsense, I have no child. He asks her not to lie and call him. He goes.

Ritesh and his family men bring Bappa home. Shakuntala is brought near the door to see Bappa. Indu stops Ritesh and others and tells that they will first do the puja and take off bad sight from him. Ritesh says we bring him like this. Indu says this year, Bappa will be welcomed with all the rituals.

Ritesh asks what to do. She says I will do and washes his legs with water. He asks what was it? Indu says I was washing your feet and welcoming everyone home. He asks if it is done. Indu says evil sight shall be ward off. She takes off the evil sight off from Bappa and does his aarti. Shakuntala smiles. Ritesh also smiles. Indu says now, you, Bappa and everyone are welcomed here. They bring Bappa inside.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ritesh, Indu and Zoon do the aarti. Rahul gives aarti to everyone. Kaamna asks Rahul to give modak to Ritesh, so that he can make bhabhi have it. Ritesh makes his mother have the modak.


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