Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7th July 2022 Episode starts with Indu and Rajendra are travelling back. Indu says sorry to Rajendra. Rajendra asks her not to say sorry to anyone, says it is not your mistake, Mahesh is wrong.

He says you had loved him, and asks her not to apologize. Indu says I will get extra blanket from conductor and tells herself that she has snatched her father’s respect from him and lowered his head.

She opens the bus door and thinks of Mahesh’s words standing on the stairs. She falls down from the running bus. It turns out to be Rajendra’s dream. He gets worried and calls her. Indu is standing in the bus. He hugs her and gets emotional. Indu asks did you see a bad dream that I fell down from the bus.

She says I lost from love, but not from life. She says I will not let anyone stop my life. He says I expect you this. She says Moj has defeated cancer, you have mortgaged house for her treatment. She says you have taken loan to send Prashant bhaiya to Canada. She says you took voluntarily retirement from RTO office.

She says you didn’t fall, and was standing holding all of us. She says she will not lose and says you had taught me that God opens the other door before closing the first door. She says she will search that other door.

Just then the bus driver stops the car on the road seeing a lady standing on the road. The bus driver and the conductor ask her to move from their way. The lady is still standing. Indu and her father gets down from the bus.

Indu asks can’t you see that she is pregnant. The conductor says he can’t allow her as anything can happen at anytime. Indu says we can’t leave her alone. The lady says she wants to go to Mumbai. Ind says we will drop her. Rajendra gives money to conductor. Indu takes her inside the bus and makes her drink water.

She asks about her month. The girl says she is Kadambari and tells that she shall die. She says I married a betrayal guy, my mom and dad threw me out of the house, he impregnated me and left me for another girl. She says I bear his beating and everything. She says how to raise this baby and cries.

Just then she gets labor pains. Rajendra asks if any doctor is here? He asks conductor. Conductor says I told you not to help her. Rajendra asks conductor to take the bus to hospital. The conductor says there is no hospital near 100 kms. An old lady comes and checks Kadambari.

She says we have to do her delivery now itself. Indu asks if you are a doctor. The lady says she is a nurse. She asks Indu to do as she says. The lady helps Kadambari delivers the baby. Kadambari takes baby in her hand, looks at her and gives baby in Indu’s hand. She sleeps. Indu looks at the baby. Rajendra asks Indu to sit there for Kadambari and baby. Indu takes care of baby.

In the morning, Rajendra wakes up Indu. Indu asks if you are fine? Rajendra says yes, and asks where is Kadambari. Indu says she was here? Rajendra says baby is with you. Indu says she must be here. He asks if she fed the baby. Indu says she fed her once and then slept after giving baby to me. She says we shall get down and see. She doesn’t see letter left by kadambari for her.

Rajendra and Indu ask Conductor. Conductor says we had stopped bus once on the way for bathroom and may be she eloped then. He says I told you not to fall in her trap and asks her to open her eyes. He says give this baby to the bus depot and say that you found her in the bus. Indu asks how can I leave this baby alone.

Rajendra says we shall give and can’t decide about her. Indu is worried and walks towards the depot. Ritesh’s film shooting is going on there. Indu’s dupatta falls on his head. He turns and looks at her, but couldn’t see her face. He walks behind her. Indu is walking towards the depot. He smiles. Rahul asks why did you wear this shirt? Ritesh says yes. Rahul says shot is ready.

Indu comes to the depot and tells that the lady delivered baby in the bus and left. The lady asks her to keep the baby in the room and says I will see her later and has much work. Indu comes to the lost and found room and keeps the baby. She goes out and tells that this is baby and not lost stuff which I shall keep there.

The lady says orphanage people will come and take the baby. She makes a phone call and asks someone about the serial episode. Indu comes to the lost and found room and keeps the baby on the table and turns to go. The baby holds her dupatta. Indu cries and takes her dupatta. She goes out. The baby looks at her.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Indu comes out and hears Ritesh telling that the baby felt motherly love with you and you have left the baby. He is shooting for the film and says you will be in guilt all life. Indu returns home with the baby and Rajendra.


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