Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th September 2022 Episode starts with Episode starts with Ritesh giving modak to everyone. Sameer takes Kaamna to side and asks what happened, and says everyone had this modak. He asks if you didn’t mix it in it. Kaamna says she had mixed. The Servant sees everyone eating and gets happy.

Kaamna comes to her and asks what did you do with modak. She threatens to kill her. The Servant tells that Indu had asked her to keep the modaks, but the plate fall down from her hand and fell on the water bucket.

She says then she made modaks. Kaamna fires her. The Servant leaves. Kaamna comes to Pankaj and asks why are you upset with me, I know that you are hurt, and tells that they all will take revenge from Ritesh, that he will become like his mother, he will die being alive. She looks at Bappa and thinks how she can forget this. She thanks Bappa for reminding her about the jewellery.

She comes to Sameer and asks did you see Ritesh? Sameer asks why? Kaamna says we have still Indu’s stolen jewellery with us, which Ritesh would have made Bappa wear, but had forgotten. Sameer asks what will happen? Kaamna says a big fight will happen, when Indu calls Ritesh as thief, and Ritesh will be shocked. Sameer appreciates her idea. Kaamna says time for the sweet revenge.

Sunita comes to the society function with Asha. The ladies ask her why is she upset? Sunita does the aarti. The ladies gossip about Indu’s marriage and Sunitas challenge. They say if we can see Indu married or not.

Sunita gets upset. Asha asks Sunita not to take their words on heart. Sunita says Indu doesn’t care about me and went to Ritesh’s house with Zoon. Asha says it is not like that. Ritesh smiles looking at Indu and Zoon, as they talk to Shakuntala. Rahul comes to Ritesh and smiles. He tells Ritesh that Indu is a good and sorted girl,

perfect marriage material. Ritesh says yes and then asks him to attend the guests. He comes to Kaamna and tells that he has decided to do the arrangements themselves every year. Kaamna asks him to make Bappa wear the jewellery. Ritesh thanks her and goes. Sameer comes there. Kaamna says he is foolish and came in my talks. She says it will be fun when Indu sees the jewellery on Bappa.

Sameer says Indu is leaving. Kaamna comes out and asks Indu where is she going? Indu says they are going to their society function. Kaamna insists them to have lunch. They go back. Servant tells Indu that Deep and Dolly was searching you. Vivaan comes to Anjali and asks for her number. She gives her number. He asks her to come for bike ride. Anjali smiles.

Ritesh makes Bappa wear the Sunita’s stolen jewellery. Indu, Vivek and Zoon are coming there. Ritesh makes bappa wear the bangles. Sameer says I am excited when Indu will see Ganapati and when the real drama will happen. Bhajan is played. Ritesh makes Bappa wear the pearls necklace, and then folds his hands to pray.

Indu comes there and keeps something there. She prays to Bappa and is about to go, when she sees Sunita’s jewellery on Bappa and gets shocked. Kaamna and Sameer get excited. Indu thinks how did Moj’s stolen jewellery come here. Kaamna says Indu has seen the stolen jewellery, now see that the big dhamaka will happen.

Vivek comes to Indu and asks what happened? Kaamna says this puppet might ruin the matter and asks Sameer to hear what they are talking. Indu asks Vivek to see the jewellery. Vivek says it is the same jewellery, and nobody can steal from Ritesh’s house, how did it come here?

He asks her to talk to Ritesh. Indu says how to talk to him, so many people are around, if I talk to him now then a big drama will happen. She asks if he will listen silently, no. Vivek says Sunita aunty and your differences will end once the jewellery is found. She says we shall go home now and calls Zoon. Kaamna tells Sameer that she won’t get the drama wrapped up so soon.

Ritesh comes and tells that Zoon slept on his shoulder. Indu says Zoon is troubling you a lot. Ritesh says I am getting an achievement feeling like I am her Papa. Indu looks on. Ritesh says I like to do anything for Zoon. Indu thanks him for settling Satish’s loan, and tells that she will pay him slowly.

Ritesh says we will not talk about it, and tells that Kaamna di had given the money and asks her to thank her. He gives Zoon to her. Indu says I want to talk to you about something important.

Precap: Indu tells Vivek that how can the stolen jewellery will be on Ritesh’s Bappa, who has done this. Sunita hears her and gets shocked. Kaamna says my plan can flopped, just got delayed. She says until I ruin him, I will not be at peace. She says I am waiting for tomorrow.


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