Channa Mereya 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 11th August 2022 Ginni celebrates Raksha Bandhan with her siblings. Gulabo tells Ginni that I sent Goldie to pray at Gurudwarah because he was restless.

Sharja brings Sam to the market and says we come here for your tailor. Goldie is in the market and passes by Sam. Sam’s dupatta falls on Goldie. He comes to her and is shocked to see her. Sam runs away from him. Goldie says Simran? He runs behind her but she tells the police that he is harassing her so they beat him up. Sam runs away.

A woman brings Goldie back home and says he was injured and calls out to Simran. Gulabo shouts at him that girl left you but you are going crazy for her, your sister was hungry and waiting for you.

Goldie apologizes to Ginni and says I am sure Simran is in the city. I am begging you to find Simran for me, bring her back to me. If I don’t get her back then I don’t know how I will survive. Ginni ties rakhi to him and says I promise to bring Simran back into your life.

Gurleen comes back home. She asks Darji if she is still a part of the family? Darji says you are our daughter always. Gurleen tells Adi that I thought we can tie rakhi to you. She gifts him a Kurta and asks him to change. He says okay.

The Raksha Bandhan starts, Supreet asks Sam to sit with Adi. Gurleen and Manveen tie rakhi to Adi. Akash gives gifts to her sisters. Amber taunts that Adi won’t gift them as he is poor. Armaan brings the gifts and says Adi selected these gifts. Adi tells Gurleen and Manveen that I don’t about your choices but I selected these.

Gurleen says you being here is a gift for us. You were my responsible brother in my marriage so thank you. Manveen thanks him for coming back. Gurleen says we will always be there for you from now on.

They hug Adi. He smiles. Darji gets emotional and says God has listened to me, he tells Adi that see people love him here. Adi comes to Sam and asks why does she look stressed? She says I am fine. Gurleen tells Sam that my inlaws were angry at first but they are fine now. Amber tells Darji that Chima told me he won’t invest in our business anymore.

Darji asks him to stop talking about business all the time, we will figure something else out. Supreet asks Amber to calm down. She tells Darji that I have asked Guruji to tell us a date for Adi and Sam’s wedding date. Amber glares at her and leaves.

Sam tells Darji that if all agree then we should arrange wedding fast. Sharja says Adi is not running away, have some patience. Sharja takes Gurleen aside and asks if she is taking the medicine? Gurleen says I fainted some time but I took the medicines.

Ginni is cooking in her dhaba, she recalls meeting Simran and promising Goldie to bring her back in his life.


Channa Mereya 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni comes to Sam’s room and says you can’t run away from the past, she shows her and Goldie’s marriage photo. Adi comes there so Sam gets tensed.


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