Channa Mereya 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 12th July 2022 Ginni asks Adi to leave. Gulabo says don’t misbehave. Adi says it’s okay, when you come down your horse then call me. He gives his card to Gulabo who takes it. Ginni says your bill is remaining for the food.

Adi gives her some money with a tip but Ginni gives a tip back and says we serve food and take money for that only. Adi gives her money for tea and says now we are equal, he leaves with Armaan. Goldi asks Ginni to think about it. Gulabo says you shouldn’t have reacted like that. Ginni says this dhaba is our life.

Chachi comes to Gurleen’s room and finds her unconscious. She says Chima’s family can’t find out about this, so she calls the doctor.

Adi tells Armaan that this girl will agree soon so I am not worried.

Chacha calls the hotel and says where is the food? Send it fast. Adi comes back home and bumps into a girl, she smiles at him. Darji says he has just arrived from Canada. Chima’s mother Namneet notices her daughter smiling at Adi.

She asks them to bring Gurleen there. Chachi says she is still getting ready. Amber tells Chima that we should expand our empire through this proposal. Adi shakes his head and thinks where is Gurleen?

Ginni shouts at Gulabo why were you entertaining that guy? Gulabo says we have a lot of responsibilities. Ginni says you are worried about me then sell me off instead of this dhaba.

Gulabo shouts at her to stop it, this dhaba is like my child too, I am angry at everything but I don’t know what to do. Ginni says don’t worry about anything, God will help us and I will get married when the time comes. She hugs her and is worried.

Darji and Chachi come to Gurleen’s room. Darji asks Gurleen to wake up. He says we can’t stop Chimas more. Chachi gives medicine doze to her.

Chacha is waiting for the food but the servant brings food from Adi’s car. Chacha says maybe he arranged it.

Adi is trying to leave but the girl Farnaz holds his hand and says I can come with you? Supreet says why don’t you show her the house? Adi glares at her but nods. Farnaz offers her hand to him but he leaves. Farnaz goes with him. Chacha comes there and says food is here. Amber says it’s from our hotel so you will like it.

Ginni recalls Adi’s words that they need money. Goldie comes there and his hand is burned. She asks what happened? She applies for medicine to his hand. Goldie says Jagga’s men did this. Why don’t you accept that man’s proposal?

We will pay off our loan and we will get you married. Ginni says we don’t need to sell our dhaba, I will find a way. Goldie says so you will be responsible for anything that happens to me.

Chimas eat food and tell Amber that food is delicious. Supreet says I will send out the head chef to you.

Gurleen wakes up and Chachi is relieved.

Farnaz is walking with Adi and says you are an amazing cook right? Adi says I am a chef. Farnaz says I should show you around this city, she comes closer to him and says try me. Adi moves away.

Chacha tells Darji that everyone was praising our hotel food. Darji tastes the food and thinks why do I feel I have eaten this food before?

Chachi brings Gurleen there, she greets everyone. Adi thinks why is she looking weak? Chima’s son likes Gurleen. Nami says this proposal is done, I just have to find a good boy for Farnaz. Supreet says you have a boy in front of you. Amber says yes this is a complete package. Supreet says he is a Canada return and suitable for Farnaz. Adi is angry and tries to leave but Darji stops him.


Channa Mereya 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Amber tells Adi that your mother and has no place in this house. Adi gets angry and goes to an underground boxing ring, he gets beaten up so Ginni takes him to the dhaba and treats him.


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