Channa Mereya 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 12th September 2022 Adi comes closer to Ginni and blows on her eyes, she thanks him. Adi asks her to go and wash her face, he will grind the spices. Ginni says no, it’s okay. Adi asks why are you griding them with your hands?

Ginni says it brings out the taste, you can try it yourself. Adi starts grinding on the stone. Sharja watches them. Ginni laughs at Adi and shows him the technique, they both hold hands and start grinding spices together.

Ginni says this is a stress buster, you can calm your anger. Adi smells the spices and says it’s authentic, he asks her to go and wash her eyes. Ginni says keep grinding like I told you to. She leaves from there.

Ginni calls Randhawa and says I want to talk about my father’s diary. Randhawa says it seems like Khushwant’s partner knew about the diary. Amber comes there and hides. Ginni says my papa wrote all his recipes in the diary, I have to revive the dhaba so I need to find that partner and that diary.

Amber thinks she can’t find that diary. Ginni ends the call and sees Amber standing there, he asks her to bring water. She brings it. Amber says you seem stressed, is there anything you want to share? I know I am not that friendly but you can share your worries with me, I am like your father.

Adi might think I don’t care for him but I do, I love him a lot but I can’t just show it. I think things will change as you are here now. Ginni gets emotional and says you reminded me of my father now. I will share what’s bothering for me.

My father’s passion was cooking, he worked hard to make new recipes and he wrote all those in his diary but then he got ill and we lost his diary. We tried searching for it after his death but we couldn’t. Amber says what will you do now? Ginni says he had a partner and he must know about the diary. Amber thinks Ginni find that diary. He says if you had to find then you would have done it by now, diary is just a piece of paper,

you are talented so just move on and forget about it. Ginni says I can’t move on without finding the diary, it’s not about the recipes but my father’s memories, that is my heritage so I will find that diary at any cost. Amber says I will help anyway I can but don’t discuss this with anyone. He starts leaving and thinks she is stubborn, I can’t let her find the diary.

Ginni is sneezing, Adi comes there and says you must have a viral now. He offers whiskey to her and says it will help you. She says I don’t drink such kind of things. Adi says you are scared like your family. Ginni gets angry and drinks it. Adi says God bless you and leaves.

Adi calls Armaan and asks him to come home and discuss business deals with him. He ends the call and says where is Ginni? He comes to the garden and sees Ginni dancing under the rain in a saree.

Adi tries to stop her but she ignores him. Adi tries to pull her away but she pulls him in the rain and smiles. Adi tries to drag her away but she is drunk and keeps dancing. She falls in Adi’s arms, he smiles at her.


Channa Mereya 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi gifts an expensive necklace to Ginni and says it’s pretty right? I got it for you because you took care for me so I had to pay you back. Ginni gets angry and says I did out of care so you can’t just pay me like this.


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