Channa Mereya 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 13th September 2022 Ginni wakes up and finds her clothes changed. She recalls drunk dancing in the rain yesterday. Adi comes there and ignores her. Ginni asks if he changed her clothes?

Adi doesn’t answer her. Ginni says you have to tell me. Adi says your clothes were wet. Ginni says so what? you didn’t need to do that, did you do anything else? Adi says I didn’t do anything with you, you were unconscious. Ginni says you gave me brandy. Adi says I asked you to drink one glass but you drank a whole bottle.

I changed your clothes as you would have gotten ill but you keep thinking wrong, he leaves from there. Sharja comes there and asks her to control herself, she says I had to change your clothes last night because you were drunk. Adi asked me to change your clothes. She leaves from there. Ginni says Adi was not answering me.

Manveen comes to Adi and shows him the video of Ginni puncturing Akash’s cycle. Manveen says why would she do this? She is cheap. Adi says I will confront her, she leaves from there. Adi recalls how he helped Akash and then he hugged him.

Amber says Darji kept Khushwant’s diary safe because he thinks he did wrong with him but if Ginni finds it then it will be trouble for us so I have to destroy this diary. He turns to leave but Sharja comes there and finds it. She is about to look at the diary but Amber shouts at her to stay away from his things and leaves from there. Sharja says I have to find out what this diary is about.

Adi comes in the kitchen and Ginni mistakenly touches his shirt with dirty habds. He asks if she doesn’t have hand-eye coordination? Ginni says you can change the shirt and go away. Adi says I came here to tell you to stop interfering in my family matters. Ginni asks what did I do??

Adi says why did you puncture Akash’s cycle? You wanted to reunite me with him? Ginni says you helped him and you both looked happy together. You find problem in everything. Akash thanked you for the first time and hugged you as well.

Didn’t you find it nice? Adi grabs her hand and says you are in my control now so you can’t do anything. Ginni blushes as he is close to her. Ginni says Darji? Adi turns to look but Ginni pushes him away and says no one can control me.

Taya ji thanks Adi for taking Akash’s side, he says you have found a good life partner who is trying to reunite you with the family and she took care of you when you were ill. Adi says she did a lot for me, I will do something good for her. Taya ji says she is taking care of everyone, you should do something special for her. Adi says I have to be fair with her, I have to payback her favors, I don’t know what I can do for her but I will return her favors at all cost.

Dimpy and Shampy are serving the guests at the Dhaba. Gulabo asks Santo to help Sam. Goldie is taking care of the guests. He brings some rotis but some guests say these are not even cooked. Gulabo says sorry and says I will bring another plate. The guests say we wanted Ginni’s food but we still gave you a chance, your daughter in law can’t cook like her.

Adi comes to Ginni and gives her a gift. She is surprised and says you were fighting befoere and now this? Adi says just look at it. Ginni finds an expensive necklace inside. Adi says I know you did favors on me and my family and must expect something in return. You can take this as a payment or reward.

I don’t want to keep anything due between us, you deserve this payment. Ginni gets angry hearing that, she gives it back to him and says I took care of you as a human. I don’t need this. Adi says I don’t understand what you think and say. Tell me what do you want? Ginni says do you have options to give me something valuable? Adi says what will make you happy? Tell me and I will bring it. Ginni says if you want to make me happy then try to find out what makes me happy.


Channa Mereya 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :A flour can falls on Adi, Ginni sees that and laughs. Adi glares at her. Later on, Amber tries to burn Khushwant’s diary and thinks Ginni won’t find it now. Ginni comes there so Amber gets scared.


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