Channa Mereya 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 14th September 2022 Ginni tells Adi to find out what makes people happy before trying to make them happy. Adi says you can take a blank cheque if you want. Ginni angrily leaves.

Ginni is angry with Adi’s words, she bumps into Akash. Akash says I am sorry, you look angry like the monster. Ginni says you are right, he is making me like him. Akash says no, I saw goodness him so an angel is working on him. Don’t let him affect you. He leaves from there. Ginni recalls his words and looks on.

Sam shouts at Gulabo for scolding her all the time. Sam says I can never cook like Ginni so she should come here for some time daily and cook. Gulabo says I will not spare you, she tries to burn her but Goldie stops her.

He says Ginni doesn’t need to come here. Sam says we can’t run the dhaba without Ginni. Gulabo says I can’t ask Ginni to come here when she has her house to manage. She gets Ginni’s call and leaves from there.

Ginni is out of home and is angry with Adi’s words. Gulabo comes there and sees her angry. She asks what happened? Ginni says Adi and I had a fight. Gulabo says these fights increase love. Ginni says I called Randhawa and she said she saw papaji with a man, he might be his partner. We have to find him.

If we find the diary then our dhaba will become successful. Gulabo starts crying. Ginni asks if everything is fine at the dhaba? Gulabo says yes, I just miss your papaji. Ginni says I can see that you are lying. Gulabo says I am not, we just have to find that diary. She says once he lost the diary, I saw your father dying every day, whoever took his diary is responsible for his death. Ginni says I won’t spare the person who took his diary.

Amber takes the diary and comes to the firepit. He says I will burn this diary and all secrets will burn with this. He sees Ginni coming there so he hides the diary. Ginni says I saw a diary.. it’s my papa’s diary.

Amber says I don’t have any diary. Ginni says I saw it in your hands. Amber shows his hands to her and they are empty. The flashback shows how he hid it in the sweet boxes before she could see. Amber says you must be halicuninating. You should take some rest. Sharja comes there and takes the sweet boxes. Ginni leaves from there.

Ginni recalls seeing the diary in Amber’s hand. She is confused and recalls how his father used to write his recipes in that diary only.

Amber finds the sweet boxes gone, he asks the servant. He says we took them to guradwarah. Amber runs to get it.

Ginni is crying in her room. Adi comes there and sees her weeping alone. He asks if she is okay? Why are you crying? Ginni says everything is a business for you so you won’t understand. Adi says I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.

Ginni says I don’t need your help. Adi says I have to take care of you till you are here as Darji will question me. Ginni says my problems are mine. Adi says you can just share it with me. Ginni says I won’t, she tries to leave but Adi says I can solve your problem, just tell me.


Channa Mereya 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mrs. Randhawa tells Ginni that she can recognize the partner if she sees him again. Amber hides and hears that. His phone rings, Ginni is about to see him.


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