Channa Mereya 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 16th August 2022 Goldie locks himself in the room, all the family members cry for him to open the door. Ginni arrives there and asks what happened? Gulabo says Goldie has locked himself inside and not listening to us.

Ginni pleads him to open the door. Pasha says he got to know that Simran is marrying Aditya. The flashback shows how Pasha showed him Sam’s photo with Adi, how all his friends taunted him that he couldn’t control his wife and she is marrying someone else.

The flashback ends. Ginni recalls Adi’s words that Sam is his would-be wife now. Ginni pleads with Goldie to open the door. She asks Pasha to break the door. They do it and enter the house to see Goldie hanging from the fan. All are shocked.

Sam comes to Darji and says I have a request, my mother had a wish to marry me like a hindu. Darji says Sikhs and Hindus are the same, we don’t differentiate based on their religions. You will get married as you want. Sam thanks him.

Ginni and Gulabo plead for Goldie to wake up, The doctor checks him and gives him CPR. Goldie coughs and wakes up. All have a sigh of relief. Ginni says why did you do that? Gulabo says don’t do this ever again.

The doctor says he is in shock and it has affected his mind so he can’t talk. Ginni says Sam’s wedding news has done this, if this wedding is done then he won’t be alive anymore. She says I promise to stop Adi and Sam’s marriage.

Armaan cones to Adi and asks what’s going on? Adi says Sam and I will get married tomorrow.

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In the morning, Darji gives his keys to the manager and says if anyone needs anything then give it.

Gulabo hugs Ginni and says you always try to solve issues. Ginni says I have to save my brother. Gulabo says I don’t want to put yourself in danger because of him. Ginni says I have to do something, she leaves from there.

Sharja is managing the arrangements. Supreet comes there and taunts her. Darji tells Sharja to not invite any press as Adi doesn’t want it. He asks Gurleen and Manveen to get ready. He asks where is Adi? They say we don’t know.

Darji comes to Adi’s room and asks where is he? Armaan says he is getting ready. Adi comes there and is dressed as a groom. Darji gets emotional and says you are the best-looking groom. he asks Adi if he wants to do this marriage? Why don’t you look happy? Adi is silent. Darji says don’t take the wrong decision.

Adi says I am happy with my decision, I can’t answer you but I am doing all this for a reason. Darji says I won’t question you but just remember that I am always with you. Gurleen and Manveen come there, they ask for shagun. They say we just want your hug. Adi smiles and hugs them.


Channa Mereya 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni tells Darji that Simran is Goldie’s wife, you have to stop her marriage with Adi. Darji says I can’t do that now. Ginni feels helpless and cries.


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