Channa Mereya 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 18th August 2022 Ginni sits in the mandap with Adi, she has a veil on so nobody recognizes her. The priest starts the wedding. Adi puts his hand in Ginni’s hand, they exchange garlands. Adi and Ginni starts taking pheras.

Ginni cries recalling her father’s dream of marrying her. Adi makes her wear a mangalsutra, he applies sindoor to her and takes off her veil. The priest says the wedding is done. All are shocked to see Ginni there. Adi shouts what is all this? Do you know what you have done? Why did you do this? Ginni says I told you the truth,

I told you to not marry Sam but you didn’t listen to me. Amber asks what’s going on? Ginni says Adi knows the truth about Sam, she is Goldie’s wife already, she was cheating you all and Adi knew about it. Adi says you guys wanted to torture her but you are responsible for this mess now.

Ginni says I have done this for my brother. Adi breaks things around and asks where is Sam? Ginni looks on. Adi goes to check on her. Sharja burns the gath bandhan and shouts at Ginni, Amber says enough, she fooled us all so we don’t acccept this marriage. Sharja is about to break Ginni’s mangalsutra but Darji stops her.

He says Ginni is Adi’s wife now and nobody can change that truth now. All are shocked. He tells the family that we won’t take any decision in anger. Sharja says I am telling you to not fall for her trap, she is a greedy girl that’s why she has done this.

Ginni’s friend comes to Gulabo and says I have to tell you something. Ginni gave me a message to tell you about. Ginni married Aditya to save Goldie’s marriage. Gulabo is shocked, her friend says Ginni sacrificed herself for Goldie’s happiness, she just wanted to save her brother’s marriage. Gulabo screams and starts crying.

Adi comes to Ginni and shouts where is Sam? Sharja says what if she killed Sam to take her place? These cheap girls can do anything to become rich. Adi glares at Ginni and asks about Sam. Ginni says it’s not like that.

The flashback shows how Ginni came to Sam’s room before the wedding. Ginni pleads with Sam to not marry Adi, Goldie loves her a lot, he will die if you do this, she begs her to not do this marriage. You don’t know about Goldie’s condition. Sam says I don’t care about your brother but this marriage will happen at any cost.

Ginni says I don’t have a choice then. Ginni uses powder to make her unconscious and got ready as a bride. She puts Sam in the storeroom. She took on a veil and Sharja took her to the mandap. The flashback ends. Adi tells Ginni that if anything happens to Sam then I will not spare you and your family.


Channa Mereya 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni comes to Adi’s room and sees him sleeping on the sofa. She thinks I wanted to save some lives and I destroyed some people. She covers Adi with a blanket. Sam thinks Ginni failed my plan but now she is stuck with her guilt and Adi’s hatred.


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