Channa Mereya 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 20th August 2022 Ginni asks Akash to leave, I will handle the monster, he leaves. Adi glares at Ginni and says you did what you wanted right? Did you get married to me to save your brother’s happiness? Are you proud to do all this? You act as if you care for others but you are selfish.

You thought you are stubborn but you will see my stubborn nature. You will bear the consequences now. Ginni says if you listened to me and were not stubborn enough to marry Sam then this wouldn’t have happened. I would rather destroy my life than destroy many lives. Adi says you don’t understand why I did that right?

I will show you something. He shows her Simran and Goldie’s divorce papers. Ginni checks the papers and says these are not real, Goldie will never sign these papers. Adi says yes, everyone is wrong but you? You have destroyed lives by doing this. Ginni says you knew she was Goldie’s wife but still you wanted to marry her, why?

Goldie wakes up and screams for Simran. He says I won’t let Adi marry Simran. Gulabo stops him and says Ginni didn’t let Adi marry Simran. Goldie asks how did she stop him? Gulabo says Ginni married Adi to stop Simran from marrying him. You forced her to do this, you destroyed your sister’s life and Simran is still not with you.

Goldie is shocked. Gulabo says Ginni will never be accepted in that family. She tells him everything and says Ginni is walking on lava now. Goldie says I will bring Ginni back. Gulabo stops him and says she is married in that house now, she is surrounded by fire now. Goldie says I didn’t know Ginni had to sacrifice for me. I will bring Simran back. Gulabo says you are still worrying about Simran? Ginni destroyed her life for you, just don’t go there now.

Adi tells Ginni you have made me the person that I hated the most and you are responsible for all this. Ginni asks which man? What are you talking about? Adi says I will tell you the truth. He shows her the pregnancy reports and says Sam is pregnant… that baby is mine. Adi tells Ginni you took that baby’s right,

I wanted to marry her for that baby. Ginni says I didn’t know all this, she says I am sorry, I did a huge mistake, I was selfish to save my brother’s life that I didn’t see anything else. If I had known about her pregnancy then I wouldn’t have married you. I will find a solution. Adi says stop it, you have already spoiled everything. He leaves from there. Ginni cries and says I have done a huge mistake.

Manveen tells Sharja that this shouldn’t have happened. Sharja says that girl shouldn’t marry our Adi, she is cheap. Gurleen says don’t judge her, she even advised me before my marriage. Sharja asks what did she tell you?

Gurleen recalls how Ginni told her to not make a relationship based on a lie. She thinks I can’t tell Sharja. Manveen says my friends are insulting me that my brother married a Dhaba girl. Sharja says just wait till the morning, Sam will wake up, and then Adi will throw her out.

Amber is drunk and tells Supreet that the cheap girl has become part of this family. Supreet says Adi and Ginni are husband and wife.

Ginni is in her room and recalls Adi’s words that she took a baby’s life rights. She walks on the flowers but gets pricked by the thorns. Jo Bheji thi Dua plays. Ginni comes to the kitchen and eats sweets to cope with her pain.


Channa Mereya 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni covers Adi with a blanket and says I have hurt a lot of people. She prays to God to give her some hope. Sam calls her accomplice and says I want Adi’s family to find out about the pregnancy. I can risk Adi finding out that he is not the father of this baby. She turns to see Ginni there.


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