Channa Mereya 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 22nd September 2022 di looks at the sindoor box and recalls his marriage with Ginni. He looks at Ginni who is tense. Adi is about to apply sindoor to her but silently asks for her permission. He applies it on her forehead, they both share an eye lock.

Adi is in the hospital and recalls everything that happened. Adi thinks that I was scared when I lost my mother, I felt the same fear when I thought I would lose Ginni. He recalls Ginni taking care of him, taking a bullet for him and then Armaan asking him to think about his emotions. He looks at Ginni sleeping and thinks I need to understand what my relationship with her is.

Adi brings Ginni back home. Akash comes there and hugs her. He says I prayed for you, you are a real angel to save this monster’s life. Adi says she needs to rest. Akash says don’t disturb her like before. Ginni laughs.

Supreet tells Ginni that we are all with you. Amber welcomes Ginni and asks how are you feeling? She says I am fine. Ginni looks Adi and thinks he might try to ignore his family but he looks nice with his family. She starts to leave but trips so Adi holds her and asks if she is okay? Ginni says I felt dizzy. Adi lifts her in his arms.

Ginni blushes and says I can walk. Adi doesn’t listen and takes her from there. He brings her to their room and puts her on the bed.

Channa meraya plays. Ginni thanks him and says I can walk. Adi says you need to rest so just do that. He sees confetti in her hair and start cleaning it. Ginni smiles at him. She cleans his shirt too. Adi says I will get the soup ready for you, she thanks him. He leaves.

Adi comes to the chef and asks him to make soup for Ginni. He sees Sharja there, he tells Sharja that Ginni needs rest and peace so I hope you understand that, he leaves. Sharja says this might the calm before the storm.

Adi comes to Ginni and asks if she remember her shooter? Amber comes there so Ginni shouts that he is the attacker, I saw his face before shooting. Adi glares at him and says you tried to my wife killed like you did with my mother…

it all turns out to be Amber’s dream. He wakes up and says Adi can’t find the truth, this Ginni is dangerous but I have to take care Mrs. Randhawa first. He calls his hitman and asks him to meet him.

Sharja is angry that Adi ordered her around for that Ginni. She goes to the kitchen and puts spice in Ginni’s soup.

Adi gives the medicine to Ginni, she says I don’t need this. Adi says you are scared of the medicne? He makes her take the medicine and then gives her water. Ginni says it’s so bitter. The chef brings soup for her. Ginni says I will eat it later on. Adi says just eat it, he caresses her face and makes her eat soup. Ginni silently keeps eating it. She suddenly coughs so Adi gets worried, he asks what happened.


Channa Mereya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi sees Ginni tries to close her dress zip, he says I told you that call me if you need help. He starts tying her dori and zip. Ginni feels shy.


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