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Channa Mereya 29th September 2022 Ginni is making breakfast in the kitchen and recalls her moments with Adi. She smiles. Gulabo calls her so Ginni tells her that Adi caught the shooter, the man behind it was their ex-employee.

Gulabo glares at Sam and says some people are just thankless. Ginni asks if dhaba is working okay? Gulabo tries to stop herself from crying. Ginni says I know you are hiding something. Gulabo says you don’t need to come here, just focus on your family, she ends the call. Ginni looks on.

Akash gives a drawing to Amber which says good papa. He smiles and says this is nice.

Amber and Adi pick up the newspaper at the same time. All family members look on. Adi says you can take it. Amber smiles and says you can read it first. He starts to leave but Adi stops him and says you saved my life so thank you. Amber smiles and says I can’t tell you how I am feeling hearing this from you. I will be very elated if you make food for me. Adi nods, he leaves from there. Ginni smiles.

All family members sit to have lunch. Adi and Ginni bring food. Ginni says Adi made the food, I have made a desert. Amber says you both are amazing chefs. They all sit together. Ginni starts coughing so Adi gives her water. Supreet smiles seeing his care for her. Amber asks Adi if he is free then can he attend a meeting? Adi nods.

sam is changing the dhaba into a chinese restaurant. Gulabo pleads with the workers to not take off their stoves, it’s their heritage. Goldie says let Sam do what she wants to.

Ginni gets dizzy and mistakenly drops a plate. Adi rushes to her and asks what happened? Ginni says I am fine, you just go to the office. Adi nods and leaves. Ginni feels something is wrong. She looks at the chinese restaurant menu and is shocked to see it the dhaba address. She gets Santo’s call.

Gulabo scolds Goldie and says you don’t care about your father’s dhaba. Goldie says we need to change things. Gulabo tries to stop the worker from taking off the board but he doesn’t listen. Ginni arrives there with Santo and shouts at them to stop. Sam is shocked to see that.

Ginni shouts if anyone touches my father’s board then I will cut their hands. She takes board and tells Sam this is my father’s dhaba and this name will never be taken off from here. Goldie says that’s enough. Ginni says I will never allow to take off my father’s board. Ginni recalls how her father told her that he has given everything to this dhaba and he made her promise to take care of the dhaba.

Sam tells Ginni that we have to work here so you can’t interfere. She tries to push Ginni but Gulabo slaps Sam and says you should be put into place. Ginni and Shampy put the board back up. Gulabo cries seeing that. Ginni glares at Sam and says this dhaba will always be my father’s dhaba. Nobody can change that. She sees Gulabo crying and hugs her.


Channa Mereya 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni comes to Adi and says I heard that you were missing Ginni? She sits close to him and smiles. Adi gets shy and looks away, he asks her work finished at the dhaba? Ginni smiles and says can’t you say that you like my presence now? Adi looks on.

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Telecast Date:29th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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