Channa Mereya 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 2nd September 2022 Supreet is looking around for Ginni and finds a room locked. Inside Ginni is trying to jump from the window. She takes the curtains and makes a makeshift rope. She ties it to the window and jumps from there.

Supreet is about to open the room but Sam comes there and asks what is she doing here? Supreet says I am looking around for Ginni. Sam says she is not seen around, her family is scared so she might have run away as Adi is going to announce me as his partner.

The gala is on, Ginni arrives there and looks around. The video plays about Adi and his wife. Adi smirks. Sam thinks what’s going on? Sharja says he is playing a video of his wedding with Ginni, Armaan must be behind it.

Adi stops the wedding video before Ginni’s face is shown. Adi tells the guests that I know you all are waiting for me to announce my wife. The reporters ask who was the girl with him before? Who is his actual wife? Adi says life partner is the one who is my soulmate. The reporter asks what he expects from his life partner?

Adi says I have no expectations, everything will fall in place because truth brings peace and relief. He asks them to enjoy the night and they will have the answers soon. Adi sees Ginni there and recalls his wedding with her.

All look on. Adi turns and looks at Sam. Ginni gets scared that he will choose her. Ginni starts praying for a miracle. Adi passes by Sam and goes to Ginni. All are surprised. Ginni thinks what’s his decision?

Adi and all family members go to a room. Supreet asks Ginni where were you? Ginni says Sam made me unconscious and locked me in a room, all are shocked. She tells Adi that I couldn’t prove anything before but I have a half proof. She shows the fake divorce reports and says a lawyer confirmed that she faked her divorce papers with Goldie.

Sam says she is lying, I didn’t lock her. Ginni tells Adi to get these papers inspected, I don’t have any other proof. Sam tells Adi that she has always blamed me but I can prove these papers as legal and valid. I am leaving the choice on you as I am tired. Adi says even I am tired so let’s end this.

He calls Armaan who gives him Sam’s call log list. Adi shows it to Sam and says the thing is Ginni couldn’t prove herself right but that doesn’t mean she was wrong. I looked at your call records and we found out the truth. I will show it to you. He plays the call recording in which Sam says that Adi is not this baby’s father. Sharja slaps her. Supreet says I had my doubts on her from before.

Armaan tells Sam that you tried to manipulate my friend’s emotions. Darji tells Adi that you have proved nobody can fool you. He praises Ginni and says nobody was believing you but you didn’t stop trying to bring out the truth. Darji tells Adi that he took this decision using his heart and mind.

Ginni thanks Darji. Adi tells Sam that he has proof against her and I have even called the police, I can play it to them but I still have humanity. Why did you do all this? Your mistake is you thought you could fool me. Ginni kept trying to expose but failed.. even then she kept bringing out some of your truth.

Ginni can be anything she is honest. I cross-checked everything she said so your game is over. I kept thinking Ginni was wrong, you have destroyed so many lives. You are pregnant and you want to be a mother like this? I can’t believe this. Goldie hides and hears all that. Adi looks at Ginni. She wipes her tears and leaves from there. Darji tries to stop her but she doesn’t. Adi looks on.


Channa Mereya 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sam picks up a knife and tells Adi she will cut her pulse if he doesn’t accept her. Ginni stops and hears that too. Adi looks on.


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