Channa Mereya 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 4th August 2022 Gulabo slaps Goldie and says your wife is not coming back, you can fight as much as you want with us but stop creating problems for us. I will remove memories of your wife from your life. She tries to burn her photos, Goldie tries to save the photos and his hands get burned.

Ginni stops him. Goldie says you people have made me crazy, I am sure that my Simran will come back to me. Ginni says yes she will. Ginni asks Dimpy to clean his wound.

Amber likes the jewelry that Supreet chose. Chachi comes there and asks what’s happening? Amber says let’s call everyone. Adi is leaving the house. Amber tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen. Amber tells him that Chimas is coming tonight to fix your marriage with Farnaz. He shows the jewelry to him.

Supreet congratulates Adi but he moves away from her. Adi says people make fun of marriages in the house but I don’t believe in marrying so I won’t do it. Amber says you will do as I say, this marriage will happen at any cost. Adi says I know you are doing this to save your business but I don’t need it so good luck. He leaves.

Ginni is cleaning the dhaba. Adi comes there and Ginni mistakenly makes him wet with a hose. He says stop. Ginni asks what are you doing here? Adi says I am here to give you the cheque. Ginni says we don’t need it. Adi says you are egoistic but people work with money, you are crossing the line between ego and self-respect.

I am just here to give you the cheque. Ginni says I don’t need charity, I just want my payment. The deal was for 25 lacs and you paid 3 lacs before. Adi says so this cheque is for 22 lacs, I committed 5 lacs to Goldie so I will give that to him separately. Ginni says that your trick is not commitment.

Dimpy comes there so Adi gives the cheque to her. Adi tells Gulabo I know your kids keep creating troubles, you should get them married. Ginni asks him to leave, she is about to slip but Adi grabs her. They share an eye lock. Ginni moves away. Adi leaves from there.

Adi asks Armaan if he talked to Sam? Armaan says no, I don’t know where she is. Adi says why did she call me suddenly? A new girl arrives at Adi’s house. She runs to Adi’s room and hugs him tightly. She says I love you, I missed you so much. Adi pushes her away and says met 2-3 times only, don’t say all that. I told you no strings attached. Sam says you are right but I missed you so much.

Ginni comes to Goldie and asks him to wake up. She shows him a gift. It’s his wife Simran’s portrait, it’s the same girl who is meeting Adi as Sam. Goldie gets happy and says I am sure Simran is here, he leaves from there.

Adi tells Sam I made myself clear, why did you come here? Sam says I love you so much. Adi turns to see all the family members there. Sam greets everyone and gives a gift to Darji. She says I am Adi’s girlfriend from Canada.

Adi says she is a friend only. Sam says yes and I am a girl so I am his girlfriend. She says I have to find a good hotel. Darji says you are Adi’s friend so you can stay here.


Channa Mereya 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni comes to Adi’s house. Adi bumps into her and they both fall down. Sam sees them and hides.


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