Channa Mereya 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 5th September 2022 Darji blesses Adi and Ginni, he says you both saved my honor today. Adi says thank you for trusting me, I told you I will make everything fine. Darji hugs him and says let’s have dinner together, I am hungry. All leave from there. Supreet stops Ginni and says I want to talk to you.

Supreet tells Ginni I know a lot of things happened but Adi accepted you as his wife today in front of everyone so forget everything and start your married life with him. Ginni says but Adi and I..

Supreet says we have done all the rituals so live here as Adi’s wife and our daughter-in-law now. She gives Gurkirat’s jewelry to Ginni and says you should keep them now. Ginni says no no, this is a big responsibility, Adi’s emotions must be linked to them and my relationship with Adi is at a cross-road so I don’t deserve them.

Supreet says God must have thought something by making you Adi’s wife and that’s the truth. Sharja comes there and thinks this Ginni is winning over everyone, I will lose power like this. Sharja takes the jewelry and says Adi should decide what he will do with his mother’s jewelry. Supreet says you are right,

this is Adi’s and his wife’s decision to make. She gives it to Ginni and says it’s not a burden but a proof of responsibility on you, you will handle your relationships here so don’t worry. Sharja thinks they will destroy my life if Ginni wins over Adi. Supreet tells Ginni that I will make you wear these now.

Ginni says I don’t want to insult you but I am requesting you to not make me wear these today. She thinks I can’t insult Adi by wearing his mother’s jewelry when our relationship is for namesake only. Sharja says don’t force her. Supreet says okay, you can wear them some other time.

Armaan sits with Adi and says I want to say something. He says you accepted Ginni as your wife which is good. Adi asks what does he mean? Armaan says I know Ginni married you to save her brother but all your family members kept insulting her but she didn’t stop, she kept trying to bring Sam’s truth out. If she has done this for you then you should thank her. You are blessed somehow. It’s a sign that you got married to her and it was a right decision. Adi says what should I do? Armaan asks him to go to his bedroom.

Ginni is dressed as a bride and comes outside Adi’s room. He comes there and stares at her. Ginni looks away. Adi opens the room to find it decorated with candles and roses. Ginni enters the room with him and locks the door. She says you didn’t do the right thing, why didn’t you complain to the police about Sam?

If she can fool you then she can fool anyone. She can do anything with Goldie, he is blinded by her. Adi asks her to relax and says you should know what’s Sam’s importance for Goldie. I hope that Goldie’s love will change Sam, he is a good man so I want him to get happiness. Ginni thinks I kept thinking about Goldie’s safety but he understands about Goldie’s emotions. Adi says I want to say something.

Ginni says don’t shout please. Adi says I just wanted to say.. I actually.. Ginni says do you want to shout? Adi says you think I always shout? I just wanted to say.. Ginni says you are welcome. I know ‘thank you’ is stuck in your throat.

Adi says yes, thank you. Ginni says what about now? Adi says I can sleep on the sofa tonight. Ginni says I am talking about life now. Adi says you married me to save your brother and I got married for a reason which is invalid now. If we both get married with wrong intentions then our relationship can’t be right.

Ginni says you are right, I don’t want a shallow marriage. Adi says it will be difficult to tell Darji about it, our pictures will be used in the media now so Darji won’t listen now. Ginni says then what will we do now? Adi says for the first time we are on the same page so maybe we can talk to him that this marriage is not for us.

If Darji agrees then family will agree too. Ginni says then it’s about this night only, there will be no husband and wife from tomorrow. Adi nods and goes to the sofa. Ginni says I can sleep on the sofa, you are not used to uncomfortable situations like me. Adi says why do you keep glorifying your issues? Ginni says I am just saying you are used to luxuries. Adi says I am going to sleep so don’t disturb.

He lies on the sofa. Ginni sits on the bed and sees Adi struggling on the sofa. They both go to sleep. Adi falls down from the sofa in his sleep. Ginni wakes up and sees him lying on the floor. She says he fell down, he should have slept on the bed. She says he is in deep sleep so I can’t wake him up. She puts blanket over and puts his head on the pillow but her hand gets stuck under his head.


Channa Mereya 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Darji tells Ginni that he is leaving Adi with her so she has to take care of him. Later on, Adi tells Ginni that we decided on something else but what did you tell Darji? Total opposite of that. Ginni says listen I was never interested in staying in this house. Adi asks if she is sure about that? Are we done then? Ginni shakes his hand and says yes.


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