Channa Mereya 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 6th July 2022 Darji tells the announcer to start the competition. Adi and Amber sit on the tractor to start their race. Chachi taunts Supreet that it’s bad to see a father and son against each other.

Adi and Amber start moving their tractors in an opposite direction and they are tied by a rope. Adi races his tractor and wins against his father. All people cheer for Adi. The host says he made Amber lose which no one could do before.

Darji dances with the kids. Chacha says it’s good to see Darji happy after years. The host says Adi has made his family proud by winning. Amber must be happy to see his son win. Amber glares at Adi and says you are paying for the defeat at the chef competition?

Adi says I left that myself and I had to break your ego by making you lose. Amber says you try to misbehave to hide your defeat. Adi says I didn’t do anything but you are reacting like this? Chacha and Chachi come there, the bless Adi.

Chachi taunts that this must have upset some people. Supreet says congrats Adi, won’t you take your mother’s blessings? Adi glares at her and burns the board with her name on it. Supreet says you are not my mother so don’t try to act like one.

He leaves from there. All look on. Amber tries to go behind him but Supreet says it’s okay, he will calm down. He leaves. Chachi taunts her to keep her other hand safe as Adi burned her one hand in childhood.

All people are celebrating Ginni’s father’s birthday. She dances with the kids and imagines her father there. She gets emotional.

Scene 2
Adi arrives home in anger and asks the servant where his mom’s stuff is? He says Supreet has put it in the storeroom. Adi says she should have been there instead. Adi goes to the storeroom and opens the cupboard. He looks at his mother’s clothes and cries recalling his moments with her.

Ginni wishes happy birthday to her father’s photo and says everything is like you wanted. I have made the kheer and I am trying to walk the path you showed me. I always follow your advice. Ginni imagines her father blessing her.

Adi looks at his mother’s diary. He recalls his mom drawing a restaurant for him. He looks at the blueprint of it and it’s a dhaba. Adi says they might have locked her stuff here but her memories are with me always.

Gulabo shows the money box to Ginni and says see we earned a lot. Ginni says I told you this dhaba will support us as my father has blessed it. A woman praises Gulabo. Gulabo says Ginni is handling everything but I am worried about her marriage.

The woman says someone who understands her worth should marry her. Gulabo says she is handling everything so he will marry her? The woman says some golden guy is made for her so don’t worry.

A friend Ashir meets Adi and says there is a dhaba location like you wanted but they won’t sell it. Adi says just take me there. Ashir brings him to Ginni’s dhaba. Adi looks at his mother’s dhaba drawing and it’s same as Ginni’s dhaba. Adi says I want this dhaba. Ashir says the owner won’t sell it, they need it a lot. Adi says I don’t care about other’s needs, I need this dhaba at any cost.


Channa Mereya 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi makes breakfast for the family and tells Darji that whoever has forgotten my mom should eat this. Ginni shows a list of customers to Gulabo and says I will call them to ask for catering requirements. Adi comes there with a 10 lacs cheque and asks Ginni to sell her dhaba to him. She is stunned.


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