Channa Mereya 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 6th September 2022 Ginni puts pillow under Adi’s head and says I will sleep on the sofa so that he can sleep on the bed when he wakes up.

Goldie brings Sam back home, Gulabo is angry and says there is no place for this girl here, can’t you see what she did with Ginni and Adi? She is a snake and can never change. You will enter the house without her only.

I am happy that she is out of Adi’s house so Ginni can take her place there. I can’t allow her here, she closes the door on them. Goldie consoles her and says she will calm down soon. Sam thinks I will take revenge for this insult.

Sharja is stressed and tells her husband that Sam was thrown out but that Ginni will take advantage of it, I am sure Ginni did all this to have a lavish life. If I get to know that she started her life with Adi last night then it will be proven that she is greedy for our money. Let’s find out.

In the morning, Adi wakes up and finds himself on the floor. He looks around and finds Ginni sleeping on the sofa, he is surprised and stares at her. Channa Meraya plays. Ginni wakes up and sees him staring at her. She says you fell down from the sofa so I slept here in case you wanted to sleep on the bed.

Adi smiles and says I had a deep sleep after years. There is a knock on the door, Sharja and her husband come there. She asks them to get ready. They go to get changed. She looks at the sofa and pillows on the floor and calms down. She tells her husband that I am calm now knowing that they didn’t share a bed.

Darji tells the cook that he has to serve best food now as Ginni and Adi are best chefs. All family members come there. Adi and Ginni come there too, Darji blesses them and says I want to talk to you. Adi says we also want to talk. Darji asks them to sit down. Adi and Ginni sit down together.

Darji says I have taken a decision, I wanted Adi to settle down here and now that has happened so I will go for a pilgrmiage for a month. Amber says why now? Darji says it’s a good time, he tells Adi that he will leave business responsibilities on Adi. Adi says I am not ready for this. Darji says I trust you to take our business to new heights. He asks Ginni to take care of his family, she looks on.

Supreet says this is your family now and we trust you to take care of everyone. Amber is surprised and says yes we will take care of her too. Sharja says yes yes, she is our daughter in law now. Ginni glances at Adi. Darji asks them to say something. Ginni says sure. Darji says I want to talk to Ginni alone. He takes her from there.

Darji asks Ginni to give him a promise that she will take care of Adi when he is not here. He is alone here and he doesn’t talk to anyone so you have to support him at any cost. You have to reunite my family like you did for yours. You have to take care of Adi. Ginni promises him. Darji hugs her and calls Adi. He asks them what they want to talk about? Adi says we will talk when you come back. Darji hugs them and smiles. Adi and Ginni look on.

Adi and Ginni come to their room. Adi glares at her and asks why didn’t she say anything to Darji and just promised to take care of me and the family. Ginni says wait, I couldn’t say no to him but what did you do? You didn’t talk to him. Adi says you could have said that you want to be fee from this marriage.

Ginni says I wanted to say that but Darji is like my father so I can’t hurt his feelings, he is going on a pilgrimage so I couldn’t stress him. Adi says I am stuck now. Ginni says I never wanted to live here and will never want to. Adi says then remember this, when Darji comes back then it will be the last day of our marriage.

Till then just don’t bother me, done? Ginni says fine, she makes a deal with him and shakes his hand. Adi tries to pulls his hand back but Ginni doesn’t allow him and says you have high fever. Adi says I told you to not act like my wife. I will take a medicine. He leaves from there. Ginni looks on.


Channa Mereya 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi is working out in the gym but he has high fever and is about to fall down. Ginni comes there and asks if he is okay? He says I am fine, leave me alone. He is about to fall down but Ginni holds him and brings him back to their room, she says I can see how fine you are, you have high fever, she puts him on the sofa and they share an eyelock.


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