Channa Mereya 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 7th July 2022 Adi comes to the kitchen and recalls Amber praising Supreet. The chef comes there and says I will cook whatever you want.

Adi says just leave from here. The chef says Amber wouldn’t spare me. Adi throws him out of the kitchen and says just be quiet. Armaan comes there and asks what’s going on? Adi says my mom used to make breakfast for everyone but they have all forgotten that, I won’t let them do that anymore.

Ginni prays to the Lord to help her in solving this issue. Gulabo comes there and offers her breakfast. Gulabo says you are like your father, I wish he was here with us. Ginni says God is with us and papaji too. We have to go to Gurudwara also. Gulabo prays to the Lord to help Ginni.

Ginni comes to her siblings and asks them to get ready for school. Gulabo glares at Goldie and leaves. Ginni asks Goldie to stop getting into the problem, he says yes and leaves. Ginni tells Gulabo that I have prepared a list of customers who might need catering services. She starts calling the customers. Gulabo also helps her.

Adi is making breakfast when Gulabo calls him. She gives the phone to Ginni. He says I don’t want to buy anything. Ginni says I run a dhaba and I can make anything, I am a good cook.

Adi asks her to shut up, I don’t need your menu. Ginni says I got your number from the newspaper and it was by some Nehal. Adi says stop disturbing me and ends the call. Ginni tells Gulabo to not worry.

Ginni and Gulabo come to the Gurudwara. Ginni imagines coming there with her father. She told him that she would go and get parsad. She wrote the address in his hand. The flashback ends. Ginni looks at the address written in her hand and cries.

Amber comes to the lounge and praises Supreet. He says you look beautiful every day. She smiles and thanks him. Chachi comes there and says they romance like a young couple. Chachi says I have called Chima’s family for my daughter Gurleen’s marriage proposal. Supreet is surprised.

Amber says if this marriage happens then it will help us in the business. Chachi says I have thought about everything. Supreet says marriage is a big matter, and they should know about Gurleen’s illness. Darji comes there and says no.

Gulabo comes to Ginni and says you come here to recall your memories with your father. Ginni says yes, this place gives me strength to fight all the issues. Gulabo says your father fell ill and started forgetting everything.

The flashback shows how he told Gulabo that he would write his recipes for Ginni and put that diary in a fund account. He trusted that his Ginni will be a great chef. The flashback ends. Gulabo says your father wrote all the special recipes in that diary. That diary had gems.

All family members sit to have breakfast. Adi brings breakfast there, all look on. Darji says you cooked it? Adi says I had to make everyone remind me of my mom. He glares at his father.

Ginni tells Gulabo I wish I had my father’s diary. Gulabo says I remember someone did fraud with your father and took his diary. Ginni says how? Gulabo says I am sure someone close to your father must have taken his diary. Ginni says the Lord will help us in finding it. Gulabo says that a diary is a gem and you deserve it. Ginni prays to the Lord for the diary.

All family members sit to have breakfast. Darji says it’s so tasty. Amber says there is no butter here. Adi says you can leave it if you want. Amber says this is my house. Adi says you should remember that this is my mom’s house too and I am her son, you might be able to change your wife but you can’t change the facts. The fact is that you had a first wife and that was my mother. Amber glares at him.


Channa Mereya 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni is in the market when it starts raining. She flicks her hair and splashes water on Adi’s face who is there too. Adi says don’t you have manners? Ginni says don’t comment on me. Adi says you are judgemental. Later on, Adi offers 10 lacs to Ginni to buy her dhaba.


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