Channa Mereya 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 7th September 2022 Adi comes in the gym and calls his manager, he says I am coming there in an hour. He starts working out and feels dizzy but continues exercising. He tries to walk but drops a glass.

Ginni comes there and asks what happened? He says I am fine.. he is about to fall down but Ginni holds him and says you have a high fever. She brings him back to the room and puts him on the sofa. He stares at her, dil diyan gallan plays as they stare at each other. Adi feels dizzy so Ginni wipes off his sweat with care. Adi says I have to go to the office.

Ginni brings his t-shirt and says I will bring your medicine. Adi tries to wear it but can’t so Ginni helps him in buttoning up the shirt and puts him on the bed. Adi goes to sleep, Ginni checks his fever.

Sharja comes there and asks what happened? Ginni says he has a high fever, Sharja says you must have done something. What did you do? Did you do any black magic? Ginni asks her to take care of him, she is going to bring some kadha for him.

Supreet comes to Ginni in the kitchen and asks about Adi. Ginni says I am making soup for him so I told the cook to let me do it alone, I gave them an off. Supreet says I decide who will have an off in this house but it’s okay, just be careful.

Ginni nods. Supreet says Adi won’t have this soup, he has his special soup so go and take care of him. I will make the soup, I will feel good that I did something for him. Ginni nods and starts to leave. Supreet tastes her soup and says it’s so tasty, I am sure no one can take care of Adi better than you. Sharja hides and hears that.

Sharja comes to her husband and is angry, she says Darji is giving business to Adi and that Ginni wants to hold power in the house, Supreet is also supporting her. He says we have everything so why do you worry? Sharja says we beg for money from these people. If Adi, Ginni and Supreet make a team then we won’t get anything.

Ginni is putting wet cloth on Adi’s head and says he doesn’t listen that’s why he has high fever. Adi wakes up and asks her stop talking, he takes off the cloth and says water is going in my ear. Ginni puts cotton in his ears and asks him to rest. Supreet brings soup for him and sees him sleeping.

She tries to check his fever and recalls Adi’s hatred for her and stops herself. Ginni notices it and says I will bring his medicine, till then you can feed him soup. Supreet says but I.. Ginni says you can work on reducing the gap by trying. She leaves from there. Supreet sits there silently and doesn’t wake Adi up.

Ginni comes back and asks Adi to wake up. Supreet feeds soup to him while he is dizzy. Adi murmurs Maa… Supreet is elated hearing that. Adi wakes up and sees her there, he pushes her away and says how dare you? Ginni tries to calm him down but he glares at Supreet and says you can never take my mother’s place to get out.

Supreet sadly leaves. Adi asks Ginni to stop acting like his wife, why did you ask her to make soup for me? Ginni says I thought you both had some misunderstanding but there is no respect between you both and you seem to hate her. You can talk to me about it, you can take out anger if you want.

Adi says it’s not about anger. Your father is important for you right? God forbid if you find out someone was behind your father’s death then will you be able to forgive your father’s murderer? You tried to make Supreet feed me soup but she is the reason why my mother died. Ginni is shocked.


Channa Mereya 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi drags Ginni to the lounge and says I don’t know why you try to pick on my wounds but don’t try to act like my well-wisher. Don’t even think that you can be my wife. We have no connection. He leaves from there. Ginni looks on


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