Channa Mereya 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 8th August 2022 Ginni and Goldie arrive at Darji’s house. Ginni greets Darji, he says you should start preparing for parsad.

Adi brings Sam to his room and asks her to leave. Sam says you have to marry me. Adi says you can’t force me into it. Sam says I am pregnant and this baby is yours. Adi is shocked and says what?

Sam shows her reports and says this is our baby. She says I didn’t plan all this but it happened. I just want you in my life for our baby. Adi is shocked and looks at the reports. He gets Darji’s call and says I am coming. He tells Sam to not talk about this to anyone, he leaves from there.

The prayer starts, Adi comes there with Sam. Ginni is coming there too but doesn’t sees Sam. Sam is shocked to see her and runs from there. Darji calls Ginni in. Adi and Ginni take blessings from Guruji together.

Ginni sits in a corner. Supreet asks where is Sam? Adi says I have a call to make, he leaves from there. Ginni is preparing for Parsad. Gurleen arrives there with her inlaws. Darji asks Amber why did he call this girl again? Darji says she is a good girl, she has prepared parsad with love.

Scene 2
Gulabo offers food to Dimpy. She calls Ginni and asks if everything is fine there? Ginni says yes.

Ginni comes to Goldie and says we have to start cooking. Goldie says I feel like Simran is around. Ginni says we have to focus on work so don’t think about her.

Sam comes to her and says I ran away from Goldie, went to Canada to get free from him and change myself from Simran to Sam. I had to make sacrifices so I can’t let these siblings find me now.

Adi sits alone in his room and recalls Amber always insulting him. Armaan comes there and asks if everything is fine? Adi looks at the reports and says Sam is pregnant and I am the father. Amber is stunned and says how can this be possible? Don’t trust her. Adi shows him reports. Amber says we shouldn’t trust these.

Sam comes there and says you don’t know what happened between me and Adi. Sam tells Adi that I have decided to give birth to this baby even if you don’t support me. I know it would be difficult and if you don’t want your child to go through what you went through then please support me otherwise I will respect your decision and raise this baby alone. She leaves from there. Adi looks on.

Ginni gets a call from her friend and he tells her about Simran. Sam hides and hears all that.

Goldie is looking around for Ginni in the house when sees Sam there. He says Simran? Sam runs before he can catch her.


Channa Mereya 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi asks Ginni if I am at a cross-road then what path should I choose? Later on, Adi tells the family that he can’t marry Farnaz.


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