Channa Mereya 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 8th September 2022 Adi tells Ginni that you wanted me to reunite with Supreet who was behind my mother’s death? Ginni is shocked and asks how is she responsible? Adi says you want to know the truth?

He says I had a good family, I had loving parents but then this madam Supreet entered Amber’s life and he started fighting with my real mother. The flashback shows how baby Adi saw slapping Gurkirat and fights with her.

Adi tells her that his mother started feeling sad, she went into her shell because Amber had an affair with Supreet. He brought Supreet home. The flashback shows how Amber brought Supreet home and Gurkirat tried to attack her. Amber pushed her away so Gurkirat runs from there. Baby Adi sees all that.

Then Gurkirat took her life and died. Baby Adi cried hugging her body. The flashback ends. Adi says my mother was broken because of them. He says I don’t know why you like to probe my wounds but let me make it clear that you are here till Darji comes back, we have no relationship so don’t try to act my life and keep your thoughts to yourself.

He leaves from there. Ginni recalls Adi’s hate for Supreet and is in thought. Supreet comes there and says Adi is right about his hatred for me but I can never talk about my pain. Ginni says Adi told me everything.

Supreet says I was not as strong as you. I had to take care of my family but I couldn’t then Amber came in my life and I became selfish. Amber was stressed so I started taking care of him and then fell in love with him. When Gurkirat died, I held myself responsible and wanted to take care of Adi as his mother but he hates me.

He is not wrong but we were not either, it was the situation that was wrong. I couldn’t become Adi’s mother even if I tried so much. She sadly leaves from there. Sharja hides and thinks I won’t let them rule over me, she leaves from there. Ginni says Adi’s hatred is not wrong for his father and Supreet but Supreet is not a bad person.

Sharja screams and calls everyone to the kitchen. Ginni and Supreet come there. Sharja says I fell down becuase of this stone chopper here. Ginni says I brought it from my house, I am sorry you tripped on it. Sharja says I know you are trying to hurt me. Ginni says I will make kadha for you.

Sharja says shut up, you have no right to bring your items here. She is about to hit her with a shoe but Supreet stops her. She glares at Sharja and says Ginni is our daughter in law, if you don’t like her then it’s not her issue. Ginni has a right on this kitchen too. Sharja says Adi hasn’t accepted her as his wife. Supreet says but Darji has and his decision is final. She asks Ginni to use her stone chopper and make kadha for Adi.

Adi is sleeping and dreams about Gurkirat. He wakes up and sadly looks at her photo. He recalls how she used to play with him. Adi cries and says you shouldn’t have left me. Where are you Maa? He silently cries. Dinni comes there with kadha. Adi gets angry and says you should have knocked before coming here.

Ginni says you keep anger inside you that’s why you are irritated. You can’t stop me from coming in this room because I am like a cold breeze. Adi says you can fly as much as you want but you have one month only. Ginni says I know that, you keep fighting with me but you need power to fight so eat this kadha.

Adi says its smelling like your dishes. Ginni says you have to eat it to become fine. Adi says I won’t.. Ginni suddenly makes him eat it and says I am sorry but I had to make you eat it. Adi glares at her and says you are crossing your limits now. Ginni says thank you for taking the medicine. She says I am not scared of your anger because you are angry at yourself, you are broken inside so you try to act tough. She smiles and leaves from there.


Channa Mereya 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Amber shouts at Akash for not getting good results. Akash says I am not interested in this subject. Amber is about to slap him but Adi stops him and says I won’t let you treat him like you did with me, there won’t be another Adi in this house. Amber says I don’t need another Adi, he leaves from there. Akash hugs Adi for saving him. Adi gets emotional and hugs him. Ginni sees that and smiles.


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