Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 10th January 2022  Episode starts with Nupur getting the girls to the hospital. She shouts for the doctor. She asks doctor to treat her daughters. Doctor asks what happened to them. Nupur says I fed them chocolates, they got dizzy and fainted. She says nothing should happen to them.

Nupur takes the form to sign. Tai comes and says you have no right to sign on this form, and call yourself a mum, you have fed poison to your daughter. Nupur says I added sweets for my kids. Milind says don’t blame her, we know she can’t do this. Tai says I m not blind, we lost Payal because of her, she is in danger today because of her. She accuses Nupur. She says she just loves Chiku. Kamini says I agree.

Kamini and Subodh also speak against Nupur. Milind says Nupur is a mother, she loves both the girls, she can scold them on mistake. Nupur says I love Payal a lot. Kamini says you got careless with all the kids’ lives. Subodh says we can’t trust her now. Kamini says yes. Tai says I thought Joshi family ended.

Nupur says Payal is my life, don’t say this, I love her and will always do, its not Chiku and my mistake, please don’t blame me, I didn’t do anything. She asks Aai to explain them, she isn’t such, she isn’t careless towards Payal. She says I m Payal’s mum. She cries. Aai says I think you should go from here, everyone is angry on you, I m also bit angry, how can you make such a big mistake, why did you lose this second chance. Nupur says trust me, I don’t know.

Aai says I don’t trust anyone now, if our girls get fine, then maybe my anger ends. Tai says ask her to go home and stay away from Payal, we will raise Payal. Aai asks Nupur to go home. Milind says Aai, what are you saying. Nupur says don’t say anything to Aai, she is right, I m a mum, its my responsibility to take care of kids, I should get punished, I m going, I will stay around and pray for the kids. She prays.

She cries and says I couldn’t handle Payal and Chiku, what shall I do that I become a good mother. She leaves. The reporters stop her and question her for poisoning the kids. Milind comes to answer. He asks the reporters to leave. Reporters ask the doctor. Doctor says its a case of food poisoning, the kids will get fine, Chiku and Payal are in danger now, they should get conscious.

Milind takes Nupur and says have faith, our girls will be fine, you are a good mum, stop doubting yourself, they are lucky to get a good mum like you, we got Payal back because of you, I will prove your innocence, come with me. Nupur says no. He says Payal needs us, I m standing by you, come with me. He gets Nupur back. He scolds Kamini. He says no one can snatch Nupur’s rights on the kids, she will stay here and take care of her kids.

Tai, Subodh and Kamini again create a scene. Tai says your focus is still on Chiku, not Payal, we don’t care for Chiku, if you have to save Payal, then pray for her. Doctor says Payal got conscious, meet her. Nupur goes to meet Mini. Mini turns away. She says I m better, I don’t want anything from your hands. Milind asks what are you saying. Mini says she fed me the bad chocolate.

Nupur says I didn’t know about the poison in it. Milind asks Nupur not to worry. Tai says Nupur isn’t her real mum. Milind and Nupur ask her not to say this. Mini says please go out of here. Nupur goes. Tai says Nupur should go away forever. Chiku gets critical. Nurse shouts and calls doctor. Nupur runs to see. Inspector comes and says you can’t go anywhere, you are under arrest. Nupur says leave me. Milind says please leave her hand.

Inspector says we will arrest you also. He says she is innocent. Doctor says we have to put this girl on ventilator. Nupur shouts and runs to Chiku. She goes and holds Chiku to calm her. Nurse says her pulse is getting stable. Inspector asks Nupur to come with her. Nupur says I will come after Chiku gets fine, why will I give poison to my kids. Kamini says maybe you have some motive, you did the limit.

Milind asks Aai to help Nupur, she is accused. Nupur says give me some time. Milind says she is innocent. Tai asks Inspector to arrest Nupur. Milind calls the lawyer to come fast. Doctor asks Nupur to go if she wants to save her daughter. He says how will we treat if this drama goes on. Nupur goes. Nurse says she is again getting unstable. Nupur stops.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nupur says congrats, you got jailed Hira, the truth has come out. Hira says you are living a big lie, truth is in front of you. Nupur says tell me the truth. Hira says I know Chiku’s parents and your daughter Payal’s truth also.


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