Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 12th October 2021 Episode starts with Aai asking how did you get inside the room. Chiku cries. Milind asks her to answer. Chiku says I came by the window. Subodh asks did you come to steal, what did you steal.

Nupur says she didn’t steal anything. Kamini says maybe she has hidden the stuff hearing us come. Nupur says I trust her, Milind you trust me. He says you just see our mistake, not hers, I don’t know if she has stolen anything, but she has snatched my peace, keep her away from me. Aai and Subodh ask Milind not to get angry.

Milind says leave me alone for some time. Subodh and Kamini smile and say this happened right for us. Nupur hugs Chiku and says sorry, I m really sorry for their behavior. Subodh talks to his sons. He says you both are perfect, you can’t do wrong. Kamini says go and make Aai happy, she is sad. Aarav says she is angry also. She asks them to go and do something cute. Nupur pacifies Chiku.

Chiku says I wanted to see what’s inside the room, is this girl Payal, was she your daughter. Nupur cries and nods.

Nupur says she was the most beautiful and nice girl, when I hugged her, I used to feel at peace, like there is no problem in the world. Chiku asks where is she, I didn’t see her. Nupur says I didn’t see her since 7 years, I lost her due to my mistake, some people has stolen her and took her away. Chiku consoles her and asks her not to cry, its not her mistake, its the mistake of the child kidnappers.

Nupur says I m waiting for my Payal, why are you crying. Chiku says I m sorry for misunderstanding you, I have troubled you a lot, sorry. Aai hugs Aarav and Nivaan. Chiku says my real mum has thrown me in the bin, I feel sad, I m also looking for my real mum, I want to know why she did this. Nupur says you will meet her soon, I will pray for you. Chiku says I will pray that you get Payal. Nupur hugs her and says you are the best, your mum will say the same when she meets you. Chiku says Rangoli didn’t say that till now, I thought I m bad, its my mistake that mum had thrown me.

Nupur says Rangoli doesn’t love you. Chiku cries and says no, she loves me a lot. Nupur asks her to calm down. Chiku says she loves me a lot, I will show you a pic, we have a big family. She goes to the room and sees her pic. Nupur smiles seeing Payal’s pic. Chiku collides with Kamini and gets scolded. Chiku says I wasn’t doing anything wrong, sorry, I will take my pic and go.

Kamini asks which pic, I can’t see it, you did this to spoil my kids’ dinner. Chiku says no, I just came to take my pic. Kamini stops her and asks her to go. She says I don’t like you. Chiku runs to Nupur and hugs. She says my childhood pic with Rangoli is lost, Kamini made me run from there. Nupur calms her down and asks her where did the pic fall. She asks Chiku to come with her. Kamini scolds Vinod. She gets Chiku’s pic.

She gets shocked seeing Payal and Rangoli. She recalls Payal. She stumbles and cries. Vinod gives her water. She asks him to go and do his work. She thinks Chiku is Payal, Payal has come back.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Milind says I don’t know you love me or not, I don’t matter to you. Nupur says I have 20 days to make Chiku’s life better. Chiku says I will not let Nupur get separated from Milind and family.


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