Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 29th October 2021 Episode starts with Naresh arguing with Aai. Shashi looks on. Kamini asks Aai to see, how Naresh is scolding her. Chiku gets water. Milind asks Nupur to get up. Aai argues with Naresh and Abha. Milind gets angry. Shashi falls down the chair. Chiku attends him and calls out Milind and Subodh.

They are away. Chiku asks Aarav and Nivaan to come fast and help her. They make Shashi sit back on the wheelchair. The argument goes on. Chiku cries. Milind hugs Nupur, and gets enough of the loud arguments. Chiku goes to Milind. She shouts enough.

She asks what are you doing, you are a family, ask me, I have no one, you have good luck, but you all just want to fight, enough, I was better in the locality, I didn’t feel bad there, you all are one family, don’t you feel bad to fight and call each other bad, such family shouldn’t be there. She shouts on them.

Aai catches her and slaps. Milind holds Chiku. He asks what are you doing, what are you becoming, this is not you. Aai says this happened because of you, how dare she talks to us like this, she wants to teach us, she is just ruining the family, make them out of here, I don’t want to see their faces. Aarav says we should tell Dadi that Chiku helped Dadu and saved him. Nivaan says come. They go to Kamini and says Chiku helped Dadu.

Kamini says sit quiet. Milind says I request you, please, its enough. He takes Nupur. Doctor comes to check Nupur. He says she needs bed rest, there is a blood infection after her head injury, she needs to take food and medicines on time. Milind thanks him. Doctor goes. Milind holds Nupur’s hands.

He says I request you all, Nupur’s state is weak, don’t do any drama, until she gets fine, she will stay here. She asks Naresh and Abha to go, no one will snatch their house. She asks Aai not to say anything, he will take all the decisions, its his decision now. Nupur gets up and says we will find a house for ourselves. He asks her to take care, then do anything she wants, not now. He takes her to the room.

Chiku smiles. Milind asks Nupur to take medicines and rest. Chiku comes with Naresh and Abha. Milind says Nupur won’t go until she gets fine, take care. Chiku kisses Nupur and Abha. She gives bananas to Naresh and Abha, and says its simple to eat. They laugh. Nupur gets conscious. Kamini says Aai, your health is imp. Subodh comes and says we had an imp meeting today, we have another meeting after lunch, Milind is with Nupur, shall I go if you say. Aai says you have to say, Milind isn’t able to see anything.

He says you have handed over the business and property to Milind so soon, he is making mistakes, he is letting Chiku stay here. Kamini says she is taking revenge on me. Aai says she will lose to me. Nupur says I can’t leave Chiku alone. Naresh says your values and goodness are our success. Abha says you shouldn’t punish Milind, you can take care of Chiku here, why this divorce.

Nupur says its Milind’s decision, he wants to move on, so I agreed to him, Chiku is the one who has given me peace. Chiku says you are my life’s heroine. Abha says you take care of her after we leave. Chiku says yes, I will become her mummy after you go. Nupur cries. She says we all are together, right. Abha says yes. Nupur says everything will be fine. Naresh asks her to take care. Abha hugs her. They go.

Nupur hugs Chiku and promises to take care of her. Milind sends the healthy food for Nupur. Kamini says its first time, I m seeing some man loving his would be ex wife so much. Milind says its about humanity, Nupur is ill, I m taking care of her. She says its my plan to end your love, no one should know that Chiku is Payal, I have to separate you all. She smiles.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nupur and Chiku talk about Payal. Shashi learns that Chiku is Payal. He tries to speak.


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