Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 2nd November 2021 Episode starts with Milind and Nupur arguing. Kamini sees the string and hides it. She asks Subodh to take the carpet out. Subodh goes with the man. Shashi gets worried. He stops the goons. Aai holds him. Nupur says you don’t care for my happiness, I have to find Chiku, I signed the papers which you gave to me, go from here. They hear kids shouting for Shashi.

They rush to see. They ask what happened. Shashi signs towards the carpet. Nupur asks what do you mean to say. She sees the carpet. She asks the men to put the carpet down. Subodh says focus on dad, not the carpet. Nupur and Milind ask the men to keep the carpet down. The men keep the carpet and open it. Everyone gets shocked seeing Chiku inside. Aai covers Aarav and Nivaan’s eyes.

Nupur shouts Chiku. Nupur and Milind check her. The men leave. Milind gets water for Chiku. Shashi cries. Nupur says please open your eyes. Chiku gets up. She hugs Nupur. Milind asks how did you come here, what happened. Kamini says she will blame us now. Chiku says I don’t remember anything.

Nupur says I don’t know why she isn’t anything, but you don’t want her to stay here, so you did this, she could have died. Aai asks do you want to accuse us. Milind says I know wrong happened with Chiku, you can’t tell anything to them. He asks where are the cleaners, maybe they did this. Nupur asks him to open eyes and see, they are the culprits, they have planned this. He asks what happened to you. She asks what happened to your family, they hate Chiku so much, why.

She scolds Kamini. She says you will bear the punishment of your deed. Milind says stop it Nupur, you won’t say anything against them. Nupur says fine, ask your Aai to swear on Aarav and Nivaan, and tell that she didn’t know anything about this. Milind says I know my mum well, she can’t do this cheap thing. He asks Aai to tell that she didn’t do this. Aai gets silent. He asks her to say. She says I have done all this. He gets shocked.

Nupur asks shall I clap now, do I need to say who had supported Aai in this cheap thing. Milind asks how can you do this, she is a ten year old innocent girl. Aai says I had no way, Nupur is hurt for this girl, I m hurt for your sake.

He says you were getting this girl kidnapped, you forgot that Payal got kidnapped, you are doing the same thing, it will affect her heart and soul, just because you had love for me, I can’t sleep at nights thinking of our Payal, my soul gets shaken, we can’t do this with any kid, you are justifying it. Aai says I also regret Payal’s leaving. He says you can’t justify it.

Nupur says everyone used to call Chiku a thief, call the police now, why is everyone silent. She scolds them. Subodh says Milind will not call the police, don’t worry. Nupur scolds Milind. She says you all always insult and hurt Chiku, this house has become a danger for her. Aai says we don’t need both of you.

Nupur cries. She says I know one’s bad thinking can’t be cleaned. Aai says if we did anything wrong, then you are responsible. Milind shouts enough, are you not tired of the fights. He asks Shashi do you also want our family to stay united. Shashi nods. Milind says dad also hopes for this, this is the most shameful thing, you forgive each other and live. Nupur says sorry and thanks, we are not a part of this family. Aai says you both can’t be a part of this family, never. They leave.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai tells about Chiku’s journey. She says Chiku called her special friend and made plans to unite everyone.


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